Friday, 12 December, 2008

Elated in the midst of tracks....


3:30 PM
.........watching people of different caste,creed,of different age groups,each different from other,each following a different trend..every one happy,minors excited......stoppppppp!not much than me...
where was i?
"railway station!!!!":p

I didn't knew i'd miss this crook this much,for i always wanted him to be away from me,be it com,be it T.V,or at the dining table!my bro!huh!am i writing a blog on him!forget it!!!!it's just about my visit to railway station...and yeah railway station is not less than air port ok...?!coz you get things here at a cheap rate,unlike the cafe coffee day or java green on the airports,haven't been to airports many times,but i know!trust me watching people at the railway station's better than on a airport,where you can find uncles sleeping with their lappys and women busy with their novels,magazines or tying their knot 101 times a minute,and find better chiks at the why giving yourself complex watching them?(this is only in my case..-exceptional):p...but one thing that attracts is-"the men at the counters ,properly dressed,hair parted...and all fair...!,"do they intake peole seeing their colr.. :P

this was after 7 great years i got this opportunity to visit a railway station,thanks to my bro...well went to drop him there he was starting for playing soft ball at nationals.i don't know how great he is at the game,but as i saw the team,my bro looked smartessssssst of all,may be every sister feels so..but no! he was really looking smarter than others...wearing a navy blue raising hell since 1985...ya..85! ed hardy t-shirt,his eyes gleamed through his frameless spectacles..well i don't know if it's gt a name..or it's just a frameless spectacle..let me know it if its got any,if any body reads this one!and then i thought of taking a round with him,for he was looking a bit smarter than others there!:p...saw foreighner with a gaint canon camera,taking snaps of both people and trains..i wonder what she'd do with them...we came at the end of the station.....and there i stood,at the end of the platform,a train beeped it's departure tune,seeti?'s final whistle..this was hyd to wadi train ..i don't know where wadi infact..:p..i said my bro...we'll wave at them na...plzzz plzzzz...memories flashed my mind...the way we used to yell"tata...tata...,"from the train when we used to go on tours in our mid holidays!i felt a thud!!will those...can those days come back....can i re- live them..?.well..if i'd get this chance of...-"which moments would you like to re-live.."then i'd love barge in to those days again!
Obviously he didn't allow me to wave at them..though we had only few lambadas sitting and smooking beedi there...then we switched to the other track of the platform..the other side,it had hyd-chennai express standing...we thought of a mischeif and went inside the AC coach and took a look at the chennaites(if u call them :p)...the boogies were empty...and we took the A.C ka mazaa for few minutes and came out!then their was a stall...attracting small kids with it's colorful wrappers of little hears,lays kur kure...and some pogo chips brother said--"hey i need little hearts..,"he bought them..and then i told him..." partiality..u took sweet na..then u should take some thing salty too...take alu bhujia also..,"and we picked few other items too...saying this that..finally ending with a big pack of..."sweet,salty,sour...goodies."
then we saw a stall,and a girl turning pages...looking at reminded me about my sis,and ya..if she would have been there,she would have surely buy some thing...unlike"double tinkle digest," which i bought for my bro!:p....few steps more and i could see mum!then i thought whta about a coffee/tea..and took a 100 rs note out and asked the shop walla ...and he told 10!
i gave him 20!he told...each 5!!! i felt like wowwwwwww i'll come here only and have a cup daily..if it's this!it didn't taste that well though,,...i wsa alert like a spy...when the announcement saying--"koi bhi anjaan vastu.....,"and stated looking around....if there was a bomb or some thing..hidden under the chairs,but i found none...:p
i reminisced all the scenes pictured in the hindi movies...DDLJ,saathiya...(my fav)and jab we met,i really wanted to catch that running ..:p
i remember my sis saying...enough of trains,buses...i donno why she said so..i found it good...and more over was after a long time..i got a chance to watch people ..that too so many..together..i se them regularly waiting for the autos ,buses,...but this had a different impact..i donno why i felt very very good,it would have been gooooooood if i'd have got the chance to travel in the :(...and last..........i left my bro embarrassed, i waved him bye.......till the time, i couldNOT see him...
... :)

Friday, 28 November, 2008


what should i start this one with?
bloody!!!!!!!If there's a Pakistani hand in this, i 'll surely go and blast Pakistan!and yeah...would proudly hand over myself to the police..would surrender,probably,not like bloody losers hide inside,make the innocent people prey of their drama...don't know what name they'd give this to-"jehad"...bloody do you know what's jehad?I am a muslim ask me..what i go through in the communities of the social networking websites!who's it this time...?some say hand of Pakistan,some say HUJI,some say Lashkar people!what should we believe in?
The news -"breaking news" kept changing---
"34 hours of terror!"
"46 hours of terror!"
as of now the third night,the correspondents kept changing,journalism is a tough job well...i always thought it as blabbering in front of the camera,in a air conditioned room!heard many times barkha dutt reported continuosly during the indo-pak war! i thought what....??big deal!but it's different when you see it,practically..i was hooked to the telivision...the correspondents kept changing day after day....the news kept changing--
"final assult,"
"hostages released."
this that this that...the reporters kept reporting.."yes ,yes we just heard the rounds of fire.."
the news channels kept shifting places from taj to trident trident to nariman house,it would end now,it would end with in an hour or so..but 3 days!!!!!!!?
I don't know how tough it was to report continuously 3 days!!!! I don't know how tough it was for the commandos to fight for 3 days,not caring their lives,not caring about the fact that their must be a wife,a mother,a father,a sister, a brother...waiting,praying for them to see again alive,i don't know how tough one has to let their loved ones out to die..only to get that martyr tag!a tri color on the body at the time of funeral! and a blooody compensation of few thousand rupees,from the govt!
why can't we be like americans,we can send a satellite to moon...chandrayaan and all!we are ahead of americans on this..aren't we?but why not in terms of security? what's there on moon,why? why ?why? cant we spend the same money on tightening the security???CCtv cameras are there but no one to keep an eye on them!
recently our child and women welfare minister, mrs Renuka chaudhary it seems have spent just 15 -20 lakhs of rupees on just the food of her daughters sangeet!and she felt graceful that at this time of melt down she've provided jobs to many!!!!!!!! can't she see thousands of farmers dying year after year! just the amount of the food of her daughters sangeet can save a handful of farmers lives! can't she realize that? she can see the pressure on the kids working for the tele soaps and she opposes,takes out this rule that rule! can't she see those farmers committing suicide???????

how many trains? how many hotels?how many buses?how many people they wannnnna burn?>?????????
till when do they want to give their bloody so called-" condolence speeches!"
In between the trauma,Narendra Modi comes and says--"janata ko buhot ashayein thi pradhan mantri manmohan ji se..par manmohan ji ne zyada kuch nahi kahan..aur janata ko naraaz kia .."bangggggggg this.......fellow!!!! some one! people are dying!and he again starts the blame game here,delhi elections on 2 days from now,and this fellows trying to gain sympathy,by playing the regular blame game,by rewarding a bit more than the PM Manmohan,he said that the gujarat govt would reward rs 1 crore to the martyrs!does he know how many sacrificed their lives?did he try to even know,what he knew was -hemant karkare,vijay salaskar,ashok kamte!didn't the other commandos loose their lives or was their lives not that important to him?
The new reporter says-"this has become the issue of economy,as their are lives of foreighn delegates involved!"ECONOMY!!!!!!would it less effect you if it wasn't the foreighn delegates???

The Taj was the shaan of mumbai,i've seen it lighten up like a bride,in the normal days and never did i think that i would see it in my life time like this,burning,dark,with smoke coming out of the windows!

I know i can rant on and on and on on this!
but the only Question i ask is till when and why do the innocent people have to sacrifice their lives?

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008

post exam blues!!!!!!

Well must have heard about exam blues ,but post exam blues...yeah i did experience that too...
the first day after my first holiday obviously ,was i not suppose to sleep like a dog?
i woke up like i used to since past 3 weeks the day after my exam ,we used to get a break and then the next day another exam..(well its not called a break :p)at 6:00 am! as if i had to study..ok this was ok...i can say that i was much in to exams and got habituated to write exams..but the next day ,in the morning i woke up at 5:00 god!!!!!!i could here the prayers in my ears..i was rushing outa my mosquito net and then i realised it was all over!was i missing exams!? no!!!!!!!!! god who wants that terrible phase to come again..
so..what did i do when i was finally up..same thing as the sem break starts ,every time i do the same....i just plan every time (plan to do yoga) but i actually took the matress and went upstairs with my yoga guru -my mom!did yoga and mom made me do brisk walk...god my feet were all paining like hell that night( i thought i am ready to sacrifice my figure for this rediculous pains)
i woke up the next day..and ya..dint do brisk walk and the effect was observed i had no pains!!!
the bulb of my mind clicked-"no pain no gain"
the gain here i am talking is about the weight..not gain in weight reduction of course!(this was not needed to say but still to increase the length of my blogf i'd do any thing :p)

then i saw saif ali khans sis..whats her name...ah..this was nt to be forgotten but i forgot..for i aspire my figure to be like that of hers :p
and morning i was up again ..obviously my sibblings who were jealous seeing me sleeping ..wouldn't let me sleep..and der i went upstairs the weather was pleasant..coool....
i took my cell with me this time,to save it from going in to my bros hands..and inned the head fones and der it present favourite 7 things of miley cyrus...i even sang it loudly on the terrace ..i donno if any body saw me..i could see the front bunglow of the previous lanes windows open of 5th floor...
well...lets see how long i'd stick to the brisk walk much weight i loose!

Saturday, 1 November, 2008

I explore---the way techies live!

Known as the spy--i thought would explore some thing!
My tenants were out of station,out to celebrate Diwali.the keys were with us,and the cleaning and stuff was to be done,so i thought i too'd go and check out the way the techies live.i raised my eye brows,when ever i saw them leaving for their office.i always wanted to see the way they live and the way they eat!and here i got the chance today,so..there i went with my cell in hand..i entered and was shocked to see if it was some thing called"home,"or was it a store house ah...ware house...ah a techie house:P
I raised my eye brows and this raise was bigger than the one look i used to give them when they used to leave for their work place..
yakkkkkkkkkkkk....i yelled as i entered in to the house,is it the way the techies live...huh it was horrible,all articles thrown here and there rugs,books and the cartoons in which they brought their stuff,it was all lying it looked like- did they shift it here just now?but the home was clean and tidy when we gave it to them..and now..errr...the cloths dried inside the home,on a rope that runned in the hall,bean bags thrown,it looked as if there was no life in the were the ppl living in the home were they dead?:P
I know they'd sue me if they see the pictures of the mess they made..(i know this wouldn't come to their notice,unless and untill some enemy of mine would copy-paste the URL of this blog to 'em :P)what if even they file one ,i am already bankrupt..:P
maintaining some decency i apologize for this,in case you see it,please ignore..:p

Monday, 27 October, 2008

Life from Holi to Diwali...'s been a long time i blogged,the last post of mine was--"happy holi," I wonder what made my write that "as a blog!":P
Life kept me busy from college to home,home to college,and then again from college to home,in the midst of it was my small insignificant world,in which i almost resided 2-3 hrs of my life...ya..and the span would increase if it was a holiday.the addiction got worsened day by day..any one can fall prey to this site, with it's colorful digital kept me hooked long hours..some times I couldn't even realize that i have missed my lunch,it was only when my mom asked me if i had my lunch,i realized that oops i missed it! the addiction so..had it's own impact--addiction called "ORKUT."Not many friends i had(have in fact),coz the few very close ones didn't ever allot me time to befriend any other fellow orkutians!
the journey was nice,but some thing weird happened through which i realized that i was missing the fresh air outside my room,i was missing the colors apart from the 1000's of pixels of my 19" LCD displayed,i ignored the people from my... don't know how many MM screen!
So, i finally thought i'd live life and balance that "orkut"act and draw the line between those Virtual identities and the beloved ones i iggied ...
wishing myself BeST oF LuCK!for the jurney ahead ,it's been 1 week from now i started practicing taht balance wasn't that difficult..did i miss my friends who live inside my COM...hmm ya..a bit..hee hee quite a lot..but i know i'll get outa it..

Saturday, 22 March, 2008

happy holi

happy holi to aalll!!!!!!