Friday, 12 December, 2008

Elated in the midst of tracks....


3:30 PM
.........watching people of different caste,creed,of different age groups,each different from other,each following a different trend..every one happy,minors excited......stoppppppp!not much than me...
where was i?
"railway station!!!!":p

I didn't knew i'd miss this crook this much,for i always wanted him to be away from me,be it com,be it T.V,or at the dining table!my bro!huh!am i writing a blog on him!forget it!!!!it's just about my visit to railway station...and yeah railway station is not less than air port ok...?!coz you get things here at a cheap rate,unlike the cafe coffee day or java green on the airports,haven't been to airports many times,but i know!trust me watching people at the railway station's better than on a airport,where you can find uncles sleeping with their lappys and women busy with their novels,magazines or tying their knot 101 times a minute,and find better chiks at the why giving yourself complex watching them?(this is only in my case..-exceptional):p...but one thing that attracts is-"the men at the counters ,properly dressed,hair parted...and all fair...!,"do they intake peole seeing their colr.. :P

this was after 7 great years i got this opportunity to visit a railway station,thanks to my bro...well went to drop him there he was starting for playing soft ball at nationals.i don't know how great he is at the game,but as i saw the team,my bro looked smartessssssst of all,may be every sister feels so..but no! he was really looking smarter than others...wearing a navy blue raising hell since 1985...ya..85! ed hardy t-shirt,his eyes gleamed through his frameless spectacles..well i don't know if it's gt a name..or it's just a frameless spectacle..let me know it if its got any,if any body reads this one!and then i thought of taking a round with him,for he was looking a bit smarter than others there!:p...saw foreighner with a gaint canon camera,taking snaps of both people and trains..i wonder what she'd do with them...we came at the end of the station.....and there i stood,at the end of the platform,a train beeped it's departure tune,seeti?'s final whistle..this was hyd to wadi train ..i don't know where wadi infact..:p..i said my bro...we'll wave at them na...plzzz plzzzz...memories flashed my mind...the way we used to yell"tata...tata...,"from the train when we used to go on tours in our mid holidays!i felt a thud!!will those...can those days come back....can i re- live them..?.well..if i'd get this chance of...-"which moments would you like to re-live.."then i'd love barge in to those days again!
Obviously he didn't allow me to wave at them..though we had only few lambadas sitting and smooking beedi there...then we switched to the other track of the platform..the other side,it had hyd-chennai express standing...we thought of a mischeif and went inside the AC coach and took a look at the chennaites(if u call them :p)...the boogies were empty...and we took the A.C ka mazaa for few minutes and came out!then their was a stall...attracting small kids with it's colorful wrappers of little hears,lays kur kure...and some pogo chips brother said--"hey i need little hearts..,"he bought them..and then i told him..." partiality..u took sweet na..then u should take some thing salty too...take alu bhujia also..,"and we picked few other items too...saying this that..finally ending with a big pack of..."sweet,salty,sour...goodies."
then we saw a stall,and a girl turning pages...looking at reminded me about my sis,and ya..if she would have been there,she would have surely buy some thing...unlike"double tinkle digest," which i bought for my bro!:p....few steps more and i could see mum!then i thought whta about a coffee/tea..and took a 100 rs note out and asked the shop walla ...and he told 10!
i gave him 20!he told...each 5!!! i felt like wowwwwwww i'll come here only and have a cup daily..if it's this!it didn't taste that well though,,...i wsa alert like a spy...when the announcement saying--"koi bhi anjaan vastu.....,"and stated looking around....if there was a bomb or some thing..hidden under the chairs,but i found none...:p
i reminisced all the scenes pictured in the hindi movies...DDLJ,saathiya...(my fav)and jab we met,i really wanted to catch that running ..:p
i remember my sis saying...enough of trains,buses...i donno why she said so..i found it good...and more over was after a long time..i got a chance to watch people ..that too so many..together..i se them regularly waiting for the autos ,buses,...but this had a different impact..i donno why i felt very very good,it would have been gooooooood if i'd have got the chance to travel in the :(...and last..........i left my bro embarrassed, i waved him bye.......till the time, i couldNOT see him...
... :)


Sameera said...

Almost relived the Hyd station.... makes me nostalgic :( Nd u all hv grown up so much dat it makes me feel dat i m growin old!!