Monday, 27 October, 2008

Life from Holi to Diwali...'s been a long time i blogged,the last post of mine was--"happy holi," I wonder what made my write that "as a blog!":P
Life kept me busy from college to home,home to college,and then again from college to home,in the midst of it was my small insignificant world,in which i almost resided 2-3 hrs of my life...ya..and the span would increase if it was a holiday.the addiction got worsened day by day..any one can fall prey to this site, with it's colorful digital kept me hooked long hours..some times I couldn't even realize that i have missed my lunch,it was only when my mom asked me if i had my lunch,i realized that oops i missed it! the addiction so..had it's own impact--addiction called "ORKUT."Not many friends i had(have in fact),coz the few very close ones didn't ever allot me time to befriend any other fellow orkutians!
the journey was nice,but some thing weird happened through which i realized that i was missing the fresh air outside my room,i was missing the colors apart from the 1000's of pixels of my 19" LCD displayed,i ignored the people from my... don't know how many MM screen!
So, i finally thought i'd live life and balance that "orkut"act and draw the line between those Virtual identities and the beloved ones i iggied ...
wishing myself BeST oF LuCK!for the jurney ahead ,it's been 1 week from now i started practicing taht balance wasn't that difficult..did i miss my friends who live inside my COM...hmm ya..a bit..hee hee quite a lot..but i know i'll get outa it..


Anonymous said...

Silly Girl! you are so good you really care for people who dont care for ya ..take for I mean I do really care for you but not as much as you do:). I know how much you have asked me for things and I always kept ignoring 'em...but you never said "No"...well just sometimes when it wasn't really essential:P...I remember the first day of mine in college...I was so yet so stupid:P.
Anyway....things will be better soon and colorful. Life is not just about busyness:).

We all appreciate you and enjoy being with you...just wanted to let you know

Yours Sincerely,
-An Unseen Stranger :P

Anonymous said...

and admire you!