Friday, June 29, 2018

It's more than a place where you live!

8 years, 6 moves and two temporary moves, makes it 8 years and 8 times I moved my house and myself. Sounds tiring! Moving is no fun and the more I try to avoid it, the more I have to do it..but luckily I have had people to help every time I moved. Friends calling for lunch/dinner and neighbors offering free chai/coffee 24*7. Thanks God for people around me so special!

Friends are friends for everyone. But for me friends are categorized, like friends who are actual friends, friends who you can put your head on shoulder and cry (almost close to 2.5 or 3 now, decreasing as I grow old..), friends who can drop you to airport, friends who can cook for you and friends who can help you move! Haha

As I just finished my move yesterday, I was telling my sister I feel home sick. Sad about not having my own stuff around. All my stuff is in storage, it will be in storage for a month now and I feel so useless and bored. When I was moving, I was happy that I don’t have to cook anymore, no dishes to do and no need to worry about the biggest question in the world - ‘ what do I take for lunch?’ 

There’s a trip waiting for me tomorrow, for Mexico and boy I am sad about not having pots to stir for a month and dishes to do. 

Now that I am writing this, it makes things simple and not weird. I did plan to catch up on all the Netflix on my list and watch all the desi movies which have been pending to watch in my list from almost last year, it goes back to Padmavat, so you know I have a lot of desi movies to watch haha!

Past 4-5 years, I lived in a heavily desi populated community and moving from the area makes me feel weird, the freedom to knock neighbors door and ask for an onion or sugar, you get it nowhere, I felt I wouldn’t do that even if I was in India. But, being in a country, which is not your own, by default desi neighbors become your to - go 24*7 grocery store and cafe where free chai is served anytime of the day.

As each room was getting emptied, I had flashes of memories with my parents sitting in the hall watching tv, sister cooking, brother demanding the food he wanted (as usual) and me just feeling stressed out about being planning things. This apartment was special because my parents spent their 4 months here, my sister lived with me.. my brother visited us every time something good was cooked 😛. In short, I had my family except my sister. It felt like we were at home, it didn't feel any different. It felt good to see papa relax watching Netflix all day. It felt good seeing mom bonding with the neighboring aunty. The only person who kind of suffered was my sister who loves cooking and was responsible to cook. I got away from cooking by cooking few bad dishes. Hahah. 

Moreover, this was the house where I got engaged and married. It will  always remain special, because it was in this house, I and siva exchanged rings. 

With all the furniture gone, I sat down on floor and ate my last meal in the house yesterday, it was so emotional, to be eating alone in a place where we had delicious feasts, parties for friends. It reminded me of all the good food I ate when mom and dad were there. The only bad memory I had was my sister being alone in the house, worried, always crying  when we were all gone to India and when dad was sick.

I felt I got detached from it once I made a trip to India with parents and when I returned there was no one, Parents went back to India, sister found a job and moved to Chicago. So, it always had those good memories and not having them around in the place made the place a little hollow.

All in all, I will miss it, I will miss the swimming pool and Gym view. It always had a lot of people coming and kept me entertained in fall and summer. Also, I will miss the free coffee I use to have every morning  with no guilt in leasing office,. 😛 I literally use to check from my window if the leasing office was open and I can go dunk my cup of coffee.

Anyways, I can't wait to make another place a home with beautiful memories, this time maybe live a little longer and try to break my own record of moving every year.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Eid time!!

I think this is the first time I am posting from my cell phone, so please ignore spelling mistakes and font issues.

I am sitting in a greyhound, going to Chicago like every weekend past 2-3 months post wedding. The commute is getting too much now, every weekend up and down, Monday’s are tough, waking up to leave for work after reaching home at midnight and trying to fall sleep for an hour, the whole process takes me up to 2.00 AM almost to fall sleep. The best feeling is to be back and be able to sleep in your usual space. Haha.

Anyways, I shouldn’t be complaining about traveling this time because I am going to Chicago  to celebrate EID! Yayyyyy!! So excited, this is my first eid after marriage and it's going to be great to be around so many people- sisters so many friends, some of which are my friends too now and it's on a gives us enough time to stay back and not leave without finishing the whole biryani. This time Eid is going to be at humaira's house, I wish husband had all the necessary equipments and masala's to be able to host dinner in his apartment..but... Anyways, it's good to not have all that responsibility haha. Specifically coz I am traveling. 

When I was packing for this trip, I made all my attempts to pack light but still I end up having 3 bags hanging on my shoulders. 😓 

I didnt bring my usual cabin bag, but ended up bringing  multiple carry bags. The white cloth shoulder bag, which mum gave was brought into use..haha. Jhola. ( The bags poets or artists carry with their stuff).

One unnecessary thing I had to carry and which adds more weight is my laptop, I thought I would put it in car but figured it was too hot to be left in car over the weekend. I sat in car for sometime to figure, how I can minimize my baggage - I removed the battery from the laptop and my brain worked like an engineer, let's carry the battery and leave the laptop in the car then I was too scared what if something else burst, then I switched to thinking as a normal human being and thought let's just take it in the backpack, it can be atleast used as a pillow. I left the charger in the car, I hope it does not harm..I looked at the label of the charger to see if there were any temperature specs, there weren't
This is what you do when you have too much time to kill and when you are too lazy. 

Coming back to Eid, this is going to be my first eid in Chicago with sibblings and future family members too..haha. Excited about stuffing food on Devon Street, this Chand Raat is going to be fun! 

That's all for now! Eid Mubarak! 🌙✨

Thursday, May 24, 2018

What I wanted to do, but what I ended up doing?

What I wanted to do, but what I ended up doing?

So, this title has been buzzing in my mind for past 3 days and I take my phone thinking I should write, rant about it but I let it go.

Anyhow, there's been a lot of activity about people protesting immigration reform the whole trump era, and I have been noticing a lot of it because I joined few groups on facebook which work on the social causes. Facebook is good for something at least, this is the #1 resource for me at least to know what organizations exist and what are they working on. I stopped using it years ago, but to know what events are happening in the city and for other groups etc, this is my one stop shop. I wish something better existed.

So, a lot of people have been protesting against what Mr Trump has been doing - new rules for deporting people, banning DACA etc. There have been rallies/ protests to stop this and every time I wanted to join one, I would either not be in town or the protests would be so far, like drive for an hour, which I am too lazy to do.

There's been pilgrimage's, a bunch of people walking holding sign boards, walking for a cause, to make people aware and stand up for a cause (Yes, exactly like how Gandhiji did it to shoo the Britishers). There's been 2 of them so far, both protesting immigration reform and I missed both of them. One was for Ded, from an Albanian family, fighting not to go back, there was a 90 mile march and I wished to join atleast a part of it, it was for 7 days and 1 of the days they were right by my house, in a temple, they stopped for lunch/dinner, I felt so bad when I saw this. I could have atleast met them, showed some support, but did not happen.

The second protest was for Shaheeda, a lady from Pakistan, who has been here for 40 years, raised kids, sent them to school here and worked here as caregiver. She was due to be deported in March this year, but she's seeking sanctuary in a Church and people of city where she lived are supporting her. There was a march for Shaheeda this tuesday, day time, I debated again if I should go, I looked up where the march was taking place, an hour away from where I live, in the capital. I thought I will take a day off from work and stand in support for this aunty, but I just woke up the next day and went to work like everyday.

Sometimes, it makes me think  until when we should just kill our thoughts and desires and just do the same routine which can wait the next day to be done unlike the opportunities to stand up and make our voice count.

If you would like to support Shaheeda, here's the link:

More about her..

I hope and pray she wins this fight.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What happens when you come back from india?

Hello fellow bloggers/ Readers,

It doesn't feel that alien'ish to be writing again. I think it's all about writing when your heart feels like.

So, here I am lying on bed all by myself at home on a cold dull's been a good eight months I did not live alone with no one around and all u can hear now is echos of the wall clock sound, been surrounded by family almost throughout the year and it feels so strange to be back alone single, specially after being married. (Announcing that I am married to the blogger world, doubting if any of the old readers still reading).

So confused what to crib about, about being alone or about not being with family around or about not being in India. I will start with the latter, it's weird how you get used to living in a place, every time I go to India, before I get used to living there it's time to fly back. This year after almost 7.5 years being in US, I got to spend 3 months in India. That's almost not possible to stay that long in your own country for the type of visa rules they have, if you reside in US not having a green card/ citizenship. But, this time because of a family emergency, I preferred staying back and being with family in tough times. Being there and sailing through all that just made me think every moment - ' would they be able to deal with all this if I wasn't there?' Not that I did much, but being there with family and making yourself count made me feel my existence. I kept thinking, if I go back, how can they deal with things like this?

When I was coming back, in the flight on the TV screen I kept going to the flight tracker and check how far I have gone. I kept zooming into India and tried zooming in where it spotted Hyderabad, how much ever I would zoom in, I couldn't see the streets or my house.

One day, I told my dad that I would install a CCTV camera at home in the hall, so that I can see what is going on at home and if papa is eating his food on time and not skipping meals because of some silly argument he'd have with mom.

As I sit in my bedroom or hall and look at things, it reminds me of things scattered's knitting kit, sister's laptop or random sweaters and shawls here and there, seeing all of it, I would complain and gather everything and put it back in place. The empty tables and chairs  look so boring and lifeless now. 

There's a lot I miss and a lot to complain, from having no luxury to keep manju ( maid back home) or our skinny short driver Arif. I am back to having to drive myself to work and clean the dishes that's been lying from the last supper I cooked. That craving of daal and chawal never fades away after you travel and you are back home wanting some comfort food. The responsibility to cook for yourself everyday and eat whatever to survive is no fun, I hardly remember going in kitchen and cooking or doing dishes past 6-8, sis would do it all. I miss the luxury of just going to the kitchen and scoop out food and eat and also complain if bhendi was cooked
or if mom messed up the kadhi. 

All in all, it is going to take me more time than ever to recover from this trip and I am going to miss every moment spent in the past 8 months. I would re- live bits of it by scrolling on to the pictures on my phone and that is all.

Hope it wasn't that sad of a post for you all to read.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Random things.

This guy has his travel mode ON. The shades he wore had lense of two colors, one blue the other green. How cool is that? 
I can never have that look on.

So..I am waiting at the airport. Abiding my ritual of pick up/ drop off someone at airport atleast twice a month. I realized no matter what season it is everyone month I go to the airport atleast twice. 

Coming back to the cool guy at airport. I wish to be him atleast on one trip, not having worries to lose passport or get scared about not being picked up by anyone at the airport or losing luggage. 

It's back to school season, lot of kids arriving for school being picked up by fellow school mates. I get to see some crazy tattoos and hair colors with this excuse.

I just figured there's no app for blogger in apple app store.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

There's something about Rain - II .

When I was about to start this blog I didn't know there was a ' something about Rain ' post already. When I logged in I found that -hey the lst time I wrote was when it was raining. so. there's some connection between rain and me writing for sure. Rain gets me too philosophical to write.

It reminds me of the deck at my home upstairs where we would often hangout, just sit and chat for hours, then there would be a fight for who'll go get water to drink coz we have been there for too long.

I would sneak into the neighbors house who had a big backyard, chickens roaming around..I have not seen people had chickens in there houses after 2005 maybe..but these neighbors had chickens roaming in their backyard back in 2010..I don't know if they still do. Not that it's a bad thing but, hey you have a big back yard then why not have some extra hobbies. I always complained that they should have some vegetation going, but...

It just rained here..all the swoosh foosh sounds of breeze moving the trees which I was enjoying now replaced by the water falling from the roof, which I am not a big fan of. Now there will be traffic jams and a delay when I go get my morning coffee. 

Didn't know I would miss small things like this about home. Anyways, I didn't realize there was no app for blogger on iPhone, which is terrible.Because I had to open my laptop to write this one.

Before I sign off, I am listening to 'Cyrus says' podcast these days, Cyrus has his same old humor style till now. It feels so good to listen him, brings back memories of time when you used to feel cool just by watching 'MTV' haha. There's so much difference in the style of humor of different people, this guy can insult you and make you laugh at the same time but others like 'Tanmay Bhatt' cannot! I never liked that guy and I was never a fan of AIB, I preferred the Viral TVF over AIB all the time.

Well..have to dive into worldly things to keep the day I am going to take an off right now.

(I almost sound like a Radio jockey in this post, I realized. Blogger is that dear to me,I feel like I am talking to another person, it's close to my heart. :D)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

There's something about Rain.

There's something about rain that reminds me of Bangalore. In India I always loved rains when people would take a break from the day and enjoy a cup of tea and hot pakodas just because it is raining. Papa would walk in his white kurta in muddy water and mom would yell from upstairs -'it's all dirty water, come upstairs,' to which papa would respond like a weather reporter -'poora bhar gaya, tolichowki doob jata.' (it's all filled with water, the city will drown). 

It reminds me of my favorite city in India - Bangalore, where I discovered the love of my sisters life 'Jeeju' who took care of me when I was on a bed rest every Saturday's when sis was gone for work. We sat eating the whole box of rasgullas not leaving any for sis. 

I always had the door of the room open so that I could see what everyone's doing from the vents of the gate. The city is the most clean city in India in general, at least the part of area I lived - Koramangla, so you smell the wet earth every time it rained. 

It's been raining a lot here, President Obama declared 'disaster' as death toll went to 21 in texas because of floods, I was thinking Modi is yet to express his thoughts about the heat waves and death toll in India which is more than a 1000 in just a week. 

That's it for this morning.