Saturday, 1 November, 2008

I explore---the way techies live!

Known as the spy--i thought would explore some thing!
My tenants were out of station,out to celebrate Diwali.the keys were with us,and the cleaning and stuff was to be done,so i thought i too'd go and check out the way the techies live.i raised my eye brows,when ever i saw them leaving for their office.i always wanted to see the way they live and the way they eat!and here i got the chance today,so..there i went with my cell in hand..i entered and was shocked to see if it was some thing called"home,"or was it a store house ah...ware house...ah a techie house:P
I raised my eye brows and this raise was bigger than the one look i used to give them when they used to leave for their work place..
yakkkkkkkkkkkk....i yelled as i entered in to the house,is it the way the techies live...huh it was horrible,all articles thrown here and there rugs,books and the cartoons in which they brought their stuff,it was all lying it looked like- did they shift it here just now?but the home was clean and tidy when we gave it to them..and now..errr...the cloths dried inside the home,on a rope that runned in the hall,bean bags thrown,it looked as if there was no life in the were the ppl living in the home were they dead?:P
I know they'd sue me if they see the pictures of the mess they made..(i know this wouldn't come to their notice,unless and untill some enemy of mine would copy-paste the URL of this blog to 'em :P)what if even they file one ,i am already bankrupt..:P
maintaining some decency i apologize for this,in case you see it,please ignore..:p


Anonymous said...

eerrrrrrrr!!!!!! i understand, but the house doesn't look too bad!!:P well its not their fault, they all are too busy with their stuff! and BTW guys can't clean stuff by themselves... i wish your tenants see your blog, at least you can see your home clean from the day after...lolzz..:P should i copy paste the URL????:P

Sameera said...

Sneakin abt haan spy? poor guys they r still better... u shud see my room!! At our house dinesh does all the cleaning! ;) But i liked the pics :P nd ofcourse ur writin also theek thaak! :P