Tuesday, 25 November, 2008

post exam blues!!!!!!

Well must have heard about exam blues ,but post exam blues...yeah i did experience that too...
the first day after my exams..my first holiday obviously ,was i not suppose to sleep like a dog?
i woke up like i used to since past 3 weeks the day after my exam ,we used to get a break and then the next day another exam..(well its not called a break :p)at 6:00 am! as if i had to study..ok this was ok...i can say that i was much in to exams and got habituated to write exams..but the next day ,in the morning i woke up at 5:00 god!!!!!!i could here the prayers in my ears..i was rushing outa my mosquito net and then i realised it was all over!was i missing exams!? no!!!!!!!!! god who wants that terrible phase to come again..
so..what did i do when i was finally up..same thing as the sem break starts ,every time i do the same....i just plan every time (plan to do yoga) but i actually took the matress and went upstairs with my yoga guru -my mom!did yoga and ya.my mom made me do brisk walk...god my feet were all paining like hell that night( i thought i am ready to sacrifice my figure for this rediculous pains)
i woke up the next day..and ya..dint do brisk walk and the effect was observed i had no pains!!!
the bulb of my mind clicked-"no pain no gain"
the gain here i am talking is about the weight..not gain in weight reduction of course!(this was not needed to say but still to increase the length of my blogf i'd do any thing :p)

then i saw saif ali khans sis..whats her name...ah..this was nt to be forgotten but i forgot..for i aspire my figure to be like that of hers :p
and ya...today morning i was up again ..obviously my sibblings who were jealous seeing me sleeping ..wouldn't let me sleep..and der i went upstairs the weather was pleasant..coool....
i took my cell with me this time,to save it from going in to my bros hands..and inned the head fones and der it goes......my present favourite 7 things of miley cyrus...i even sang it loudly on the terrace ..i donno if any body saw me..i could see the front bunglow of the previous lanes windows open of 5th floor...
well...lets see how long i'd stick to the brisk walk and..how much weight i loose!


Sameera said...

Hey mine used to be even worse... atleast u hv entertainment in terms of siblins closer to ur age... think abt me? Nd how u guys used to bore me to death wid all ur food ke nakhre n all!