Friday, 28 November, 2008


what should i start this one with?
bloody!!!!!!!If there's a Pakistani hand in this, i 'll surely go and blast Pakistan!and yeah...would proudly hand over myself to the police..would surrender,probably,not like bloody losers hide inside,make the innocent people prey of their drama...don't know what name they'd give this to-"jehad"...bloody do you know what's jehad?I am a muslim ask me..what i go through in the communities of the social networking websites!who's it this time...?some say hand of Pakistan,some say HUJI,some say Lashkar people!what should we believe in?
The news -"breaking news" kept changing---
"34 hours of terror!"
"46 hours of terror!"
as of now the third night,the correspondents kept changing,journalism is a tough job well...i always thought it as blabbering in front of the camera,in a air conditioned room!heard many times barkha dutt reported continuosly during the indo-pak war! i thought what....??big deal!but it's different when you see it,practically..i was hooked to the telivision...the correspondents kept changing day after day....the news kept changing--
"final assult,"
"hostages released."
this that this that...the reporters kept reporting.."yes ,yes we just heard the rounds of fire.."
the news channels kept shifting places from taj to trident trident to nariman house,it would end now,it would end with in an hour or so..but 3 days!!!!!!!?
I don't know how tough it was to report continuously 3 days!!!! I don't know how tough it was for the commandos to fight for 3 days,not caring their lives,not caring about the fact that their must be a wife,a mother,a father,a sister, a brother...waiting,praying for them to see again alive,i don't know how tough one has to let their loved ones out to die..only to get that martyr tag!a tri color on the body at the time of funeral! and a blooody compensation of few thousand rupees,from the govt!
why can't we be like americans,we can send a satellite to moon...chandrayaan and all!we are ahead of americans on this..aren't we?but why not in terms of security? what's there on moon,why? why ?why? cant we spend the same money on tightening the security???CCtv cameras are there but no one to keep an eye on them!
recently our child and women welfare minister, mrs Renuka chaudhary it seems have spent just 15 -20 lakhs of rupees on just the food of her daughters sangeet!and she felt graceful that at this time of melt down she've provided jobs to many!!!!!!!! can't she see thousands of farmers dying year after year! just the amount of the food of her daughters sangeet can save a handful of farmers lives! can't she realize that? she can see the pressure on the kids working for the tele soaps and she opposes,takes out this rule that rule! can't she see those farmers committing suicide???????

how many trains? how many hotels?how many buses?how many people they wannnnna burn?>?????????
till when do they want to give their bloody so called-" condolence speeches!"
In between the trauma,Narendra Modi comes and says--"janata ko buhot ashayein thi pradhan mantri manmohan ji se..par manmohan ji ne zyada kuch nahi kahan..aur janata ko naraaz kia .."bangggggggg this.......fellow!!!! some one! people are dying!and he again starts the blame game here,delhi elections on 2 days from now,and this fellows trying to gain sympathy,by playing the regular blame game,by rewarding a bit more than the PM Manmohan,he said that the gujarat govt would reward rs 1 crore to the martyrs!does he know how many sacrificed their lives?did he try to even know,what he knew was -hemant karkare,vijay salaskar,ashok kamte!didn't the other commandos loose their lives or was their lives not that important to him?
The new reporter says-"this has become the issue of economy,as their are lives of foreighn delegates involved!"ECONOMY!!!!!!would it less effect you if it wasn't the foreighn delegates???

The Taj was the shaan of mumbai,i've seen it lighten up like a bride,in the normal days and never did i think that i would see it in my life time like this,burning,dark,with smoke coming out of the windows!

I know i can rant on and on and on on this!
but the only Question i ask is till when and why do the innocent people have to sacrifice their lives?


humaira said...

great blog ms. nameera !! simply great!!!! i literally had tears in my eyes. really great said and asked! but sorry to tell u that i can't answer your question's but i totally agree with you!! we simply can't do anything sitting at home but the people who can do, aren't doing anything that's the weak point of our country! but i seriously appreciate you!


farin said...

its good to see that you care and understand what's your responsibility as a citizen of india,if not by taking action,doing something but atleast you are saying your feelings out through this blog.i feel instead of venting our anger,we should think what can we do,being the youth,what says??lets form a team and get on the roads of hyderabad with candles in our hands!!!


Sameera said...

Yes u can rant on and on... but seems like ppl like readin even ur rants!! :P

Nd how much did u pay Humzie for puttin this comment up for ya?