Friday, 28 September, 2012

Shop Alone.

I was supposed to post this last weekend. Please digest!

Dear god mother,

Every time I shop I try to think the way you do...I know I m not a .5% the way u do it ... Every single word u say still lingers in my ears...I m in a mall in Chicago shopping all alone, today i'll prove that i m ur best shishya by picking the bestest things here..missing you and kebab me haddi hums ...
I wrote this to my sister yesterday when I started shopping.. I don’t know if she got it..One of my friends happened to visit a friend in Chicago, I was asked  if I wanted to go..with no second thought I said yes. Chicago’s always been my favorite city..walking across those high branded stores which adored the streets with its banners and big LED screens, I always wanted to go in and shop something like those high heeled, no crease skimpy downtown girls..I many times went in but came back. Those downtown stores have so highly priced tags. So this time I went to a suburb shopping mall, it’s listed 8th best shopping mall in US.

I started  with JC Penny. I never  shopped here, the only thing I remember buying is a  comforter. It's hard to get good patterns in solid. I remember how crazy it got and it is still in India with those bright blue, yellow or hot pink color kurtis with some crazy borders on hands and necks. I learnt this from sis- Only one color, no freaking too many flowers, patterns on a shirt/kurti..mind you she takes this serious on sarees she wear too. Ha! All good/bad I learnt about picking clothes is from her, i don't go by those rules all the time coz its hard. So here it is isles of clothes all arranged color wise, it made picking things so easy,   I am famous for wearing same shirt in different colors, that's coz I don't find good clothes often and when i find something i tend to pick multiple colors of the same style. I don't remember when was the last I wore green or blue, I try to stay away from blue coz not even once was my day good when i am dressed in blue; sky blue to be precise.. so I try to be on a safe side and I stopped wearing any blues. I picked a bold blue (i don't know the exact color name).

I just roamed around for a while scanning shops and it was way late for lunch, i tried keeping away from a Pizza store, I went to Panda Express and got something in a to go box, I always have a feeling they give more quantity in a take out box than for here plates. I sat on the abnormal highted stool and noticed a chinese girl(not being a racist) beside me had a lovely brown color bag it had 'sabon' on it..looked like  its from a gift store, I cared to ask her which store it was..and it took me five minutes to explain her.. she did as if she was scrubbing something on her hand she said 'scrub', it was my next destination. Winter's almost here and i could see my skin getting that dry feeling..I entered the store, there was a brass tap.. with different aroma oils and scrubs around it, the pretty girls came to me and made me try their products. I sometimes even think about getting a cheaper deal on a 6$ Olay body wash and here I was buying a bottle smaller  than Olay for 21$!! I am miser, real real miser. I asked the girl to pack the ginger orange bathing oil, it was only in my bathroom that i found she wrapped rose extract for me...eee! I so much try to stay away from the majority peoples favorite. I remember how I use to turn away clothes saying 'this is very common Mom, you can find 5 girls wearing the same suit in different colors from mehdipatnam to tolichowki (neighboring streets)'.

Later in the day I bought Sugar scrub and some cosmetics, I know I've said this a lot of times- I always thought I should buy things only which are essential..coz I thought all this fancy stuff, charismatic aromatic pampering things are only good when you receive them as gifts. But trust me I never got such gifts, I remember sis giving me a charlie perfume, which still decors my cupboard.. I think its been four years I've had it, I always put perfumes on the top of the list when I am shopping for gifts, its so simple just enter into the store and buy a perfume gift box along with it would come a body wash and moisturizer, like a family pack. haha!

After this shopping experience I got this short time fever of making soaps, bath bombs. I probably will make few bath bombs this weekend and post some pictures here, lets see how they fizz.


Sameera said...

Hey I never read this one! You know if one of my frens reads this they will freaking faint! Cos they dont think I dress great, i am too conservative it seems :P
But I kept looking for what you bought to wear... A pic would have been nice of it aside the bath bombs that may not have been made ;)

nameera said...

hahah! I know..I am so bad at putting pictures.