Saturday, 25 August, 2012

Being Intern.

I always defined a blog  as a long 5-6 paragraphs  small story/incident with unnecessary humor to put a little me in it… so, were there no stories to tell past 2 years? Well they were..a  lot … sometimes I very badly wanted to bitch about my roommates…sometimes cry, recall  every small memory from home..sometimes my struggle to get started in the technical world.
16th August- 2011, I got my first job Offer  letter which I never even read and said –‘Yes I’ll be glad to join.’  I remember how I spent that day looking at toys in the shopping mall, anything good and expensive I’d look at a thought followed in mind-‘no not now, once I get a job I will,’ not that I didn’t have money but for me I wouldn’t buy anything just like that if it’s not essential, but that just applied to me not for my less than a year old niece. 

I have been an Intern for almost an year, now that I have a full time job I realize how good those being intern times were, though I don’t use to be very late at work or really enjoyed the perks of not playing a crucial role in the  team..still I miss that free bird life. I was the second Indian in office, Patel was the account manager who never even cared to interact with me personally, being an Indian which I thought I would..well who cares about  any Indians attention I got everyone’s attention, I was the youngest of all, away from home she miss home bechari they thought. They would get things for me from home to eat to Americanize me. Everytime there was a festival, be it Halloween or Thanks Giving I asked them so many questions and they’d explain me patiently why they celebrate it.  

I remember I use to be the only one eating my lunch alone in the break room with everyone eating at their desk. I think that’s how I made most of my friends they’d come and ask me “what’s this sauce made of?” seeing me eating daal and rice, and I’d briefly explain them that it’s lentil soup made of tomatoes and mixed vegetables ..blah blah..

At first I wondered how freely they talked about their families their ex-wife’s husbands. In a month or two I knew everyone’s story, how many kids they have, their names, what they like eating etc.. each family was a story and I still follow it on facebook. I always found it interesting to interact with people older than my age, may be because of their stories. What story a person of my age can tell you? They went to shop, movie or got drunk(doesn't mean I do all this), in a special case that’d interest me a little –they broke up with their gf/bf.

Everytime a luncheon was hosted at work the best buddies I had tried not using red meat so that I can eat it. I brew my first pot of coffee, ate Chilli, perogies, paczkis  and bagels for the first time there. The big thing, this is when I learned to drive and got my drivers license. 

Few things which I can never forget related to the previous place I worked-the day when I took them to the Indian Buffet for lunch, my boss scooped out rasmalai and thought was something to be eaten with naan(bread). One of them ate a plate full pakodas, the other liked naan so much that she asked me for recipe .

I can never forget how they gave me tips to get out of the room when I was having issues with my roommate, when my car got into an accident.. and how I was warned to drive 10 meters away from the car in my front when it’d snow.
Of all I can never forget those hugs and wishes they gave me on my last day.


Sameera said...

Tear jerker!
So much better than I am at making relationships :)
and now that I think of it, perhaps you like talking to ppl more than your age cud be cos of two reasons:
1. You are quite mature for your age
2. You and me had a lot of age gap :P

Pesto Sauce said...

Living abroad is always an experience, glad you have pleasant memories