Saturday, 10 November, 2012

Go Car Go!

Sometimes its just  bad luck.. wear blue or not. This happened sometime back (almost a month now, this blog's celebrated its 1 month Birthday sitting in my drafts heheh) we were driving home, tired to welcome a fresh week next day. My friend who was driving trying to turn the heat ON broke my AC/Heat knob. Trying to be good, I didn't complaint unaware of what my car would be the next day morning when I'd head for work.

I went home and searched on ebay for the knob, seeing the discussion forums I found this was a very common problem for everyone with Lancers. To my disappointment  I found that just the knob isn't sold the whole unit of AC/Heat system has to be bought, a used one would come for 150$ and I didn't even want to look for something new.
Next morning: I went to my car, it was frozen..there was no way I could drive it like that..without any hesitation I exchanged cars with the guy who broke the knob, I missed my car..whole day I kept thinking about the accident I met with sometime in April. I remember how much I cried when we were taking it for repair after the accident, every part of the dashboard was literally dangling. Well..its an old story's recovered from all the injuries I gave. 

I started early for home for I had to repair my car. I was driving and I noticed that the steering was hard to move, it wouldn't rotate for anything. I pulled over to the side in a garden/nursery. I had been here earlier. The guy working there opened the hood for me , we found that one of the belts near the engine was broke. I called one of my automotive buddies, we discuss all car issues..he told  me it was serpentine belt and if I try driving with it broken I'd break the alternator belt which'd inturn damage the engine by draining the battery, whatever it was I didn't want to take any risk. 

Sometimes if things like this happen, when I want someone to help, I take wear my bechaari look(poor look) on face, I remember my friends in high school saying 'if you say pleaseeee the professor will give you the grace points and pass you in the weekend exams.' and yes prof used to give me grace points at times..means my face really worked at times like that. I have tried this look and it worked more effectively on Americans than Desis...Americans are light hearted I feel when compared to Indians. So, I went to the owner of this place and told him what's wrong with the car, trust me I didn't really had to act very sad in front of this old guy, he was so friendly ..he started searching for tow trucks without me asking him to. In no time my car was repaired and I drove home.
I got some planters after few days from the same store..I'll  write about my indoor garden sometime, may be when I grow at least 10 plants..will write from where I got those and how I grew them.

You see I wasn't wearing Blue but still I got a double dhamaka Offer -khud ki gaadi tudwali aur doosre ki gaadi bhi todh dhi. 
My Temperature knob is still not fixed, I might have to get a complete unit, my mechanic turned the knob to Heat though, absolutely of free cost, thanks to my bechari look ;)


Sameera said...

Your 'poor me' look worked at home too! Jerk!