Wednesday, 4 July, 2012


I have always been a shy writer… back home in India, I used to close the bed room switch on the AC , let it cool for 10 minutes, confirm nobody needs the computer and then start writing. I then imagined, how much fun it would be to sit near a pond throw stones, sit there watching the ducks and write a blog on my own laptop. 
I started writing this blog a month ago, when  I was bored at home  sitting alone  in a balcony with green leaves falling ;  very much looking like maple tree leaves.  A scenic place which I always thought is ideal to write/read. I  wondered if an Ideal place was unsuccessful in making me do something which I like, then is it ideal?

Well..everything’s is ideal for a short time because we’re greedy. I  conclude before my blog ends. Shows that my poor  writing skills have become more poor after a big leap of almost two years.

Going back to where I stopped blogging… I was enjoying the Naya Desh, shopping on black Fridays enjoying the new cuisine, loving all the new friends around, excited about the weather.   But till when can everything be all good and nice? The Naya Desh  became purana,  you can’t shop everyday.., definitely maa ke haat ka khana can’t beat any cuisine, friends became witches and dragons. I’d have used the b- b-big words, but I am sure my sister’d read it and say it’s not supposed to be in your blog, my mom’d say  ‘the HR People scan everything to know more about you, you better be  careful while posting in public,’ and the Newyork , London kind of weather became  an excuse for putting on weight,  because my other Indian friends who are competing with me to put on weight say – it’s because of harmone imbalance, we have become like bears whoe undergo hibernation  sleeping 6 months because it snows and enjoy the bbq or we can say enjoy the prey the other half of the year because there’s sun. isn't new anymore, its's become old and something which I am bored of now.

I don’t have any excuse about time or studies to take a break this time from the would take an early blog off now, because I plan to pen an adieu to my one year old first job as it comes to an end this Friday on July 6th.

Welcome me back! ;)


Anish Patel said...

Welcome Back.......

waseem said...

welcum back n its tym to move one step further i think u understood :p
try to motivate ur thoughts