Wednesday, 15 September, 2010


It's been so long I touched...touched someone with affection, devotion...touched someone without that 'Tujh me rab dikhta hai factor' :P
haha!Stop laughing this one again isn't a funny!close that window of close up add.

I vividly remember the n- number of times I shook hands and tried to get that 'apna' feeling...the kind of feeling that went unnoticed when all those golden touches, hugs, kisses, pats, hits were around.

I wish I had an option of freezing....a freeze button and you sojourn in the there till you want.

Back home when I don't use to have mom beside me at night while sleeping...I used to hug a pillow and sleep. It was after two weeks I bought that extra pillow here, the cheapest one in meijer (2.5$ including taxes). The pillow's now become a papad in a week with a 20 kg or 40 pounds on it...that's my leg!duh!not to forget only one! Then I searched for a teddy bear in stores, cheapest teddy bear google search..but no! Teddies here aren't as cheap as pillows. :(
I wish I had a teddy with which I'd go to the university, take it around everywhere and grope anytime, anyone! :P

The first time I saw Bhargav Joshi(senior)...I so much felt like hugging him, he's one teddy bear in LTU- cuddly!Not like Mom, but he's got flesh on him so... :P
Yesterday I shook hands with him in a different way, not that casual shake...just to get that plump feeling. heheh I don't do that to everyone...I am not a weirdo!

Coming back to the touches...things I wouldn't let go, just to get that feeling....

* When starting for the airport, I wasn't able to find a I grabbed Papa's hanky...
When I was unpacking here...I packed it in a transparent pouch, stapled it and it occupies a place beside the holy Quran and jaanmaz(prayer mat).

* Sisss!!!!! I wont remove the chain u put in my neck when I was almost ready to leave home...saying 'This is safety..'  how dare I remove it...My sis cried infront of me for the first time...the baby cried's worth so many dare I remove it? I won't ever! never!! not for platinum or even Kohinoor.
Love you sis.stupid I am all tears...I didn't cry then coz I had reserved tears for now. Haha...I wonder if I should sit with  a tissue paper everytime I post..all my readers will be gone then and I'd rename my blog as Rotu's blog.

*The Pickle and the powder packets on which sis wrote in ink... 'Edible powder' haha!

Sadly nothing so silly from Mom and Humz and So!
I now understand why Rashmi deedi cried hugging mom when she was in Hyderabad. It appeared so silly then hugging someone else's mother and crying...Mom I miss the million dollar hugs of yours, I miss the way I used to put a leg and a hand on you and sleep. I now know how heavy I am...pity that pillow here.khehe!

* I also miss Jeetu's hugs smilies. :( Time difference doesn't allow even those '>:D<' lifeless smilies on net.

Miss all the hugs, touches, pats  and kisses.

Love you all..

P.S: the makhan in the Namz's blog page is not all gone...wait for the next blog, tissue paper country and The dreadful...r***** you'll get to know..well!keep guessing! ;)


sheik said...

Lovely Nami...>:D<..I dnt mind being silly saying 'I Was In Tears too'.......huffffff......:|...I guess now U Started "The Actual Journey Of UR Life.."...Nami...Oneday will cme wher U Wil sit wd all ur family membs and ds moments(which is helping U in growing strong)and ds pain of d absence of ur luvd ones arnd will gve U a droplet of happy tears...(khushi ki ansun) and a smile on ur face wen u luk bak...:D...."UR PRESENT WILL B PAST ONEDAY....."...:)..All ds "MISSING.."scenes will be absolutely missing frm ur lyf den..;)....So Bravo B A Bravo...:)(hope I dnt hve to drop a tear in ur next blog....:p.....:)

Eidothia said...

Well I dont know why I cried so much Nammy. I was already crying before I came home. I guess I just dint realise how much I wud miss you not being arnd in teh same time zone atleast! And these stupid posts of yours make me cry again.

N hey that was not silly. It was 'edible powder' after all!!

Farheen-echoes said...

Tissue paper country? ? ? Something Nasty On my mind! :P I hope i'm guessing it right. :P
And..Everything will be fine with time. Patience! I need not tell you. You know it too..:)

Sivaprem Sivasubramanian said...

stupid old lady... you have so much behind that ever smiling face of yours... OMG... Great portrayal of your feelings.. lovely post...

Humaira said...

Hehe.. cry cry..:P
mein toh maze mein hu..:P
mum ke saath..:)
Take this hug..:)

Anish Patel said...

I can understand tissue paper country now... :( ....
It happens when you 1st time away from home, I have been through while I was 1st time in boarding even though it was in state itself....
You will used after few months... till date busy urself....


ha ha. cool stuff.. i liked the suggested title 'rotu's blog'. sounds more fun than its existing name. ;) a step further, may be u should keep changing names of the blog as the mood swings.



Pesto Sauce said...

Edible cute