Thursday, 23 September, 2010

Naya desh and the savings account.

It's been more than a month since I  set foot in this country.
A month gone by and it still feels it was yesterday I landed.
With a wide scope of all the things I observed,Tissue Paper Country is the best term i can use for the country.

The rustic hyderabadi initially find it too difficult to say hi and smile at every stranger passing by. The country's all about Hi!Howdy! In other words hollow and plasticity...lacking emotions...two days and I learned their amenities too." Hi!How are you?" to strangers and "sorry" if you touch them accidentally. Courtesy++!

The first two days, the only thing I blabbered on phone to everyone was 'Kya mummy tissue paper'.
I wonder if USA is actually so concerned about the 'Go Green, Go paperless' concept... then why not Go green, Go without tissue to the loo.? Ah!I seriously don't have any problem using tissues, but spending 16$ on the kitchen rolls, and something similar on the toilet rolls too...bwah!

Water!!!!God! If you look for water, you'll get things better than water BUT nothing less than 1.5$. In this corner they save water... :P I carry a bottle everyday ;)

Now that I am all talking about money, I'll pen down  how I save it or how I stop it getting it out of my account...
*Fill the coffee mug full, infact till the milk overflows the cup.. every time I buy a!no I am not buying coffee every day, rarely. One thing I remember when I say coffee, Monika(my roomie) adds all the flavors to the coffee whenever we buy one, Poor chick ends up giving it to someone else before she reaches half  the mug, no, that someone else isn't me..ok! ;P

*Take all the coffee flavor sachets, mayonees/sauce all the packets whatever for free near the coffee table.
Free stuff...never leave it...that's the policy till now.
(My stupid sister cried the last time I told her about the free mayonees ..don't cry Hums the mayoness isn't worth your tears, it's only worth the stupid bread I eat in the morning)

*Free chocolates-I never liked chocolates till now, I remember papa eating all of them at night, coz I use to say 'no,not now' every time and keep them in the freezer. Few stores here at the billing  desk have free chocolates in colorful wrappers and every time i go there I make sure I have one in my mouth before the starting of  purchase and two in my pocket at the time of billing. Initially it looked weird, but now...I go and take them proudly.
Ahem!Ahem...when  this blog was lying somewhere in the drafts, infact yesterday, when i gave a visit  to the same shop...the  man at the counter  said-'those chocklates aren't for free...'  I kept arguing that i take them for free in the evening, that's when the owner of shop's present...the fella at the desk informed that those chocklates are of 30 cents and imagine i've been to the shop 20 times plus...  :P

*Soft board Pins-I take one/two of different color each day I go to the university from the notice board. Trying to make a collection out of it :P

*The hand sanitizer-They're hand sanitizers on the walls and I don't use it for my hands but I take it and put it on someone's face who's around...that's fun. I used it on my hands couple of days, I didn't find it I stopped. Ah! That doesn't matter, I am using it is what matters ;)

*Free samples at Fieldhouse desk- Field house is where we spend time after the class...waste time actually. Sports, Gym and all.. so, here at the check in desk every week they're free samples of shampoo/conditioner, perfume kept...even if guys forget taking it  I take one for them each day till the samples get over. sadly, didn't get any girly stuff  there till now.

For now digest this...
khadoos H1ites  will come up as  soon as i encounter any stupid Indians trying to act  smart or blah blah..when  my blood'd boil and when I can write all Beeep beep stuff :P

All love and Care,


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Good to know you enjoying in US, that country can teach a lot