Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Ting Ting!!Attention Please!!!

Ting!!Ting.."Attention please....."(if you didn't get it that was the litany one'd get to hear on Airports,railway stations and I love it).Whose going where?No I am not going is the new blog entry...

JK started for a holiday today, the flight was at 10:15 and from eight till ten,the only lines hammering my ears were these "Ting..ting!ting ting!..attention please!","Namaskaar!"

I bugged my friend the whole day that,even i wanna go on a holiday ..even i wanna go on one!!

It's been so long we've been on a holiday..being to a station was always so much of excitement ..and still is..but now ,no holidays ,no plans,no tours!I was discussing the same with Mom and mum replies"You ppl are grown up now beta.."

I remember,when I was a kid.. I always craved for more relatives only cos we'd get more places to go..and we didn't have many... so.. :( I remember,how our tours were planned all before exams, so that we don't feel that incompleteness,that emptiness among us..Pa,Ma has never let us feel so..there was always a trip ready waiting for us after exams..where my friends would narrate us their Grannys and Mammas fights,we used to tell them about our trips...I remember how I envied them(They envied us too secretly.. :P).I always thought I've been missing so many things...those joint family fights,the big dinning table unlike a 6 chaired one :D
But how things change?I don't feel the same now...I miss those sudden trips planned by Papa..hahha..I can recall..We used to sit watching T.V on a weekend waiting for Pa to come and from somewhere he gets a Sumo saying"Hey!pack your bags..we are going..."
I remember how Pa used to stare at us trying to find out that happiness..that excitement on our faces which normally the other kids wear while traveling..and We use to wear that same normal look..cos tour was no big deal..we used to go after every quarterly,half yearly exams.... And suddenly you grow up..and you have thousand reasons for not going on one..every other day anyone among three of us would have exams,Pa and ma's biggest excuse-Office!!
Things change so rapidly..No things don't change.. With my limited knowledge,it's a human tendency to run after things they don't have..and when they are don't care..and when they are not you cry..the way I did squealing like a mouse ..whole day!!
Why did we grow up?It was so nice when we were kids..every other day Mysore,Ooty,Manali,Bangalore,Goa,Bombay..I miss it all..!!and as far as i remember its been five big years I traveled out of Hyderabad :( ..sacrificing which I got a seat in an Engineering college(which's not even worth all the sacrifice!)and at the end of this year would get my certificate too..

At last..
रात गंवाई सोय के, दिवस गंवाया खाय ।
हीरा जन्म अमोल था, कोड़ी बदले जाय ॥

Exactly the right conclusion..but what is -कोड़ी बदले जाय ॥ :P
Ok..simple English words..."Live every Moment,not envying others...!!"


~Lopa said...

Awwww... agreed ... we want things we dont have and we dont appreciate things which we have until we dont have it ;)
crazy huh... we all human are same ;)

But now as you are grown up, why dont you plan a trip? Plan a surprise trip and take ma n pa with you and look at that surprised shock on their face... of realising aaah dekhte hi dekhte bachche itne bade ho gaye !!! hehe

Tangerine said...

just pack your bags and hit the roads... its high time!! go go go!!!

nameera said...

Heehee!Still time to do so..I am not that grown up to plan a holiday! :P
It's raining tangy..cant even do that :(
But there's gonna be a holiday in december or so.. for sure!!