Monday, 24 August, 2009

The Mini Project!

Caution:This might be boring!
I don't think I'll have to give a brief account of what a mini project is..
For those who donno here it is.. :P a tit-bit!We are given a small assignment called a mini project in our third year of four years of our study..and this mini project can be anything in electronics or communications..(our options to choose:embedded,VHDL,DSP)so,both the departments got the internal guides dealing with the subjects..It's a rule that if you choose this you cant choose that in your major project.The nightmare was Udaya Lakshmi(yes you roll no 28 fame) remember?,she'd be dealing with one of the option and for I am her favorite student me and a bunch of my friends very well knew she's gonna twist us in the majors if we opt the option she's dealing with! or then..we have to deal with her,so we decided we wont let our majors marks effect coz of this devil,we'll take VHDL(dealt by her)
in our Mini project.That's it!

It's a rule that you gotta do your project in some institute outside the college and present it.Lecturers hardly intervene in which institute you go for and all...but Lakshmi had to interfere she suggested us some institute 25-30 kms away from our place..and we like losers did go to the same insti!The institute director was in touch with Lakshmi and he was 10 times more cruel than this evil lady!trust me,really!I just don't rant like this...Did I ever?bitch/rant..?no!na?
The institute was hardly of any help,we had to go through net and all..for the project's documentation.The term Project was obviously new and the thing to search on was very much"Advanced Encryption Standard(AES),"heard it anytime..?It deals with Encryption(hiding)of your data.

Documentation and all was done.Now comes the internal guide part,the guide's gotta check if your project is presentable to the University.The lady every time wanted us to make changes font style,margins this that...MS word became a nightmare,I remember I fought with my bro,"why did you install a newer version,i am used to 03 version of Word!Why did you install 07?" :P
Every other day my friend and I would sit opening Word.My parents doubted if I am capable of doing anything... :P The printouts shopwala made a merry,every other day print outs!print outs!(thanks to pa for letting the cartridges stale in his office).

It was last saturday, we gave our final document for hard dinding of our record.It was raining so heavily...We ignoring all the pani puri and ice creams beside ... it took us 4.5 hours to take printouts.. arrange,re-arrange them all for the 3 copies to be submitted to the University.

And yesterday...I opened Word and..I felt so bad that it was all empty..nothing to be done..all over!I missed my Project.There was no tension now,all over..At an instance I felt bad,but at the next I recollected what all we've gone through-Thank God!it's over!!

I dedicate this blog to my project partner,everyone who dealt with my temper during the project tenure and obviously Microsoft Word :)


Eidothia said...

Unorganised and disorganised!! :P

Anonymous said...

thanks for dedicating it 2 me bt u Shud dedicate it 2 KUL becoz of her we did dis project....

nameera said...

@Ediot hai :P
ya ya.. should i change my blogger title.. ?
heehee!dedicating it to her...

~Lopa said...

Aaah it seems i missed your few entries being on vacation and not surfing much...

well i know how engineering projects are... and it was mini project, be ready for final year project ;) It will be night-mar, but again you will be sad when its over as it will give you so many memories and also a fact that college days are over !

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has gone thru the project tensions would empathise would you. Interestingly, I had a mechanical engineering project for which we struggled for 10 days to get up and running a CNG engine which was yet to be launched in India way back in 90's. We could not make it run!! And finally we clicked a few pictures and made a few standard graphs (obviously with few outliners to make it real) and submitted the same doc...well well all done and managed to pass my engineering exam on that basis :P

nameera said...

yeah missed your comments..!
scaring me abt my major project eh?
Heehee!Engineers are like that!It's still the same as it was in 90's :P
would love know your identity!
Thanks for dropping in.. :)
& ya..keep visiting :P

Tangerine said...

Good old college days!

Your post has made me nostalgic!!