Saturday, 3 October, 2009

Tomorrow!!Paper boats??

Rain Rain go away come again another day,
Not so little Nameera wanna celebrate her Birthday.. :P

Thanks!Thanks its a good one I know..

Gosh!!I remember When our Chief Minister passed away,last month,everyone cried saying.."now no rains..he was our good luck charm .."
The day he passed away they said"the sky is crying.."(Ok..I've got nothing to ठेस पोह्चाओ anyones sentiments with this..)
How they cursed Chandra Babu Naidu,coz it didn't rain during his tenure..
Oh..birthday blogs got nothing to do with deaths..oh..oh..ok!!

So..water on tomorrows birthday plans has already been its heavily raining here..whole A.P is flooded and my parents feel that i'll get drowned if i go out to back at home and making happy birthday boats and floating it in the water outside the gate would be the scene think I am gonna do that??dont worry..I'll let you know how it went,for now will take you to my last birthday come....

As it clicked 12..not so welcomed school friend of mine sms'd me,called me too but I didn't take her call..I know I know I am bad..(but why I am bad..will let you know in my friends blog..which will come soon when i don't get anything to blabber).Messages poured and poured,this was my first birthday with my own the experience was a very new one..
The biggest surprise was the innumerous graphics ppl pasted in my scrap book,Orkutians never stay behind wishing one on a was quite happy to see so many birthday scraps in my Scrap book.
Birthday plan was nothing in particular,i just wanted to spend time with loved ones so..I and my sister went to pick two of my very best friends ..where I was pampered,gifted and all the special and all..and then we went to a mall..a very Hi Fi one,here you can only lotofy your parents,spending your own money,no ways!so..I remember I liked a silly bracelet of Rs 200,I just wanted to buy it,so I said my sister"I'll pay for it now,but I want it as a gift from you,you'll pay me back home no?"She very sincerely nodded and hey she still didn't pay me,thats what you called self gifting!! :D

Then we lunched in a vegeterian restaurant,we were quite hungry so we thought pizza and all wont time meals you see .. not thali..we had aa...some Pulao and ice cream was awesome..mmmm!!
There had been many birthdays but I was never showered with so many calls and messages so..this birthday in a way was a very special one!
Then we returned home and Pa said "we are going out for dinner.."And I don't remember whose flop idea that was--eating authentic Rayalseema food!God,we tried four dishes and every time it was the same..each dish tasted as if they grounded all the chillies Rayalseema had and poured into the chicken!It was horrible!!The restaurant was called"Rayalseema Rochulu.."heehee..

There was no cake only!I am not that crazy about cakes,but birthday cake is a birthday cake,
Coming to this year,I thought I'd celebrate four days..starting from thursday..but on thursday when I reached home I saw my sister lying on bed sick,so i did laundry(Bai washes no clothes, 1100 just for the other house hold chores).Friday I thought come on!even you might get a wake up call watching this..Go,watch it..I saw wake up sid,with my college friends..same old concept there was nothing which could inspire me to wake up..Saturday,today..its raining heavilyy..and I am here blogging!!

And tomorrow..Paper boats may be... :D


Tangerine said...

Hey Girl! Happy Birthday! :)

sm said...

happy birthday

vivek said...

hey happy birthday!! hope u'r havin a gr8 day :)

nameera said...

Thanks a ton!!!!!

~Lopa said...

Hey Belated Happy birthday... !

And you didnt like Wake up Sid... really??

I agree nothing much new, but i loved it... i watched it on Friday and thinking to re-watch ( word for watchign again, huh?? ) ;) :)

nameera said...

U liked it?the concept was same lopa!!
re-watch,no need..i think london dreams..ajab prem ki gajab kahani n all..are going to release so...
u watching big boss?

~Lopa said...

no, not watching Big Boss, have to check time here to catch up with that...
Watched in news who all are there in show this time...
Is it good this time?
I had watched first season, left second mid-way as didnt enjoy much... dont know about this time.

But i loved watching SplitsVille, let me know when they are coming up with next season ;) hehe

nameera said...

Big boss is boring this time,all old ppl :P
First and second season was ok,Big B is boring every weekend by his poetic style!!
Splitsvilla has still time to come,will let u know.. :)

neozubair said...

altho its too late, happy birthday nameera...
The paper boat snap was the one which draggd me to ur blog, but I found the post to be on ur birthday instead...
stupid rain spoiled ur birthday huh.. but u still chose to hav a pleasant backdrop of a paper boat depictin a genteel rain rather than a fierce background for the irritation it had caused..
contrast huh!!!!

nameera said...

thank you :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time....liked your stuff

Hope you enjoyed your day

nameera said...

@pesto sauce
Thank you! :)