Monday, 10 August, 2009

BLJ -part 2 !

Not to make a fool of myself again..i didn't inform anyone at home that i was going to my recently made-second home "the passport office!"
It was Raksha Bandhan..i started as I do regularly to the college,my Mom called "hey your lunch box.."..i said"ma it's raksha bandhan they'd give us a half day.."
would she agree...NO!she came and kept the box in my bag.
I landed in front of the office-8:30,it was deserted..
9:15 the watch man opened the gate,till then i stood typing "happy raksha bandhan"messages :P

For the first time my number was second..hawww!!first was a middle aged man's born on 25-nov-1973..i calculated...oh..35 years he sat he asked me can you help me in the particulars we have to present...(i was like- sure...who else can ...).

Poor man got rejected for some address proof certificate.
My turn next:
officer:What is this?write the address of references.
Me:You'll reject it again eh?
officer:why will I?go write it and come.
I went and dialed Pa and wrote the addresses,Pa was surprised on hearing that I am at the PP office.
again with the officer..
officer: what is this dash,dash..write no no..(in telugu) and sign it on the photographs.
He striked off the page where i marked dash dash..
I made a blank face..
managed to understand something,which I realized later was not enough .. :P
signed on the photographs and showed him.
Officer:what is this,this is school eh?How many times should i say u.."write"
me:You already striked it off no,what's the point in writing "no" ?
I went away and wrote big NO's..murmuring-loser!huh!loser!

And then guess what?He asked me nothing!no board certificate no birth certificate!nothing!!huh!
Finally I paid the amount and dialed Pa,he said "Good Good!"
Then dialed sis..
She sang..that congratulations and celebrations song :P

And unfortunately she took an off that day from the office..why unfortunate?I'll tell you..

I always frowned at people who sticked to their phones on the roads,I always thought-Huh!showing how hi-fi your cell is eh?or showing How busy you are?
How can someone talk while crossing roads,don't shut their mouth even when there's a public toilet near by.. :P Eeeks!
I'll tell you,coz their must be a sister on the other you her diet chart,the no of awards she got in the office and how she'd utilize the sodex-ho passes she got with it..and who's after those sodex ho passes... how I should be wasting the rest of my day..Yes in a mall at crossword or Odyssey reading a book. :P

I did two new things that day,which i never did ...
sat like a typical book worm in crossword,the experience was good with no one behind saying"'s late..chalo.."
talked talked on the roads on phone and I don't know How much I walked she kept telling me the stories and i kept walking on the unknown roads and when finally she pitied me and disconnected the call,i found myself on some unknown street,I again walked back all the way..but I wasn't disgusted,frustrated ..Oh..I was so elated that i don't have to see that passport Office again...


Eidothia said...

:) Well I was generally in a chattering mood! Once in a while you must take long walks you know. Good for health. And excuse me i wasnt giving tips to waste your day. I was giving you tips on spending your day more productively!! So much for sound advice! Huh!

nameera said...

yes!yes!I'll keep that up-Walk when u talk attitude!oh..oh..ok!

vivek said...

walk while u talk-what an idea sirji!! ;)
so u finally got it done, congrats!!!! :)

nameera said...


Anonymous said...

Is this what people call 'walk the talk' :P

PS - Interesting title BLJ with the likes of DDLJ :-) do file an IPR on that before we have a bolly movie made on it

Initial congratulations on form submission, now keep your fingers crossed till u receive it in-hand and are not called-in that dreaded office with an enquiry. But still u surely will be J (Not Jealous but Jeetoge)