Thursday, 23 July, 2009

Biggest Loser jeetega!!

Ask who's the biggest looser of the day..
I'll tell you...
Loser part 1:
A month ago:
Me,Mum and Potter sis at passport office to renew our passports.
Mums and hums done,mine the old man rejected coz I made a mistake in writing my address in the Online registration form and I had no xerox of my board:(
But for what he reject my form was for the address.
****I was upset,mum cheered me by buying a dress..(hey she doesn't buy me dresses every day..this is the same one,the time time we were going out of station(the village one))*****

Last week:
filled my online form and I had a doubt about my surname... :P(I don't know my surname How awful!!)
I asked Pa and he gave me a wrong surname!He gave me wrong surname??First name as Surname and Surname as first... :( And this I realized after sticking the photos on the forms and after tagging them.

This week:
I filled the form again and pasted the photographs!Yes all done,me's at the passport office..5th is the current number being processed mine is 23!...My number comes...I go...
She marked under my fathers name with a red pen"No initials allowed.."
(as far as i know initials are Mr,Mrs,Ms...but no!for this lady Mohammed can't be written as Mohd...I thought Mohd was universal and accepted,i hardly remember writing it fully)
I showed the lady all the proofs i.e birth,address and here comes educational qualifications..I took my originals and xerox too..and my board of intermediate too..she asks me my tenth certificate.why tenth?as far as I know tenth certificate was needed for D.O.B and for that I took a custodian certificate from my present college stating me's born on so and so date!
She said "Madam,you go and do a research on this,unless and until you have tenth certificate ..."
I should go and do a research on this eh?
I started shouting"the last time i came he sent me coz of the address and now you say..."

Dialled Ma.. and cried.."Mummy,I couldn't do am a looser!ek passport ni bana payee main...."Mum consoled then rang Jeetu and cried with the same pitch of Mummy....he said "Mummy kya karegi..?"huhh!!I called expecting some pity!!

Story doesn't end here!!!
Loser part 2:
Every time I mess up I go shop,window shopping! :P
But this time I had to exchange was stamped "No Exchange!"(In caps with no exclamation ..heehee).I thought ah...they'll do it ,no big they didn't do it!no exchange!

Loser part 3:
I was also rejected coz I had no tenth Memo's xerox,I first thought I'll take it tomorrow but from somewhere came kabir's athma in me"Kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab!"
I thought lets go and take it from the colleges office(they took our all the memo originals while admitting in to an engg college,so that students like me don't run away in the mid!)College is located some where in the outskirts and colleges office is some where in city.
I went into the office "06-10 batch,I need a xerox of my board certificate.."
The man in the office"who told you that you'll get your certificates here?They are there in college!"

Mummmmy :( :(
Who am I supposed to ring now?

Loser part 4:
I didn't know the way so,I took an auto...asked him "lakdi ka pool?..".he nodded.
I sat wondering..when will he take a turn?when will he..?
he asked me"lakdi ka pool's gone na,where do you have to get down?"
I shouted "I was waiting for you to take a turn..."
he said"there's-no- U- turn - madam!"

I walked all the way... :(
I didn't understand,when there was a place to use common sense,why did I take a detoured way!!

So at least you people pity na??
At last....
I heard" biggest loser jeetega..,"who said this?my sister must be knowing this.. :D


Eidothia said...

Ollleee! My poor baby! DOnt worry sweetheart... bade bade shehron mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai. Nd besides, I spent more than those number of visits to the passport office to get mine renewed. So toh hv just started in the world na.

~Lopa said...

Ohh ya getting passport done in India sucks .... I dont know anyone who got it done on their first visit, almost all i know had to made second visit and on second visit also it is done mostly when you have contacts and i also had to use dad's name :/

And ya i dont know why this engg colleges take away all our originals, i was so reluctant when they had asked us and so they reassusred us that we will get it back on completion of 1st year, and we did nice we didnt have to wait for 4 years ;)

I dont know about your place but where i am from they write our merit number behind original certificates at the time of admission procedure.....and i so hated it....Grrrrrr why do they want us to remember taht we were the biggest looser !!

vivek said...

he he he..this was funny....
well i had to take 3 or 4 visits too, n got it only after using dad's name(incidently, lopa is my sis ;p)
i hate going to government offices soooooooooo much.... i remeber how hard time i had getting my driving license done...

nameera said...

So sweeeeeet!!i told pa k it's done! lied!
thank God they don't do that here..the marks and all..
When i called my mum and cried she said"I know wouldn't be done without me!"(she's a govt servant!) :P[

Yogesh said...

my my..
thats a pity..

if all is right then things turn up nice on the first day itself...
u were the extra blessed one i guess...lols...

tke cre
b well..

Aw.S.M said...

hehe..would it be mean to laugh at anothers plight?? oh well i just cant help myself..its real funny u know :P..but i understand ur frustration too..i remember filling fomrs for the entrance exams and i kept screwing up and finally i had to get mom to do it :P..

but temme!! who forgets surnames??!! seriously!! :P..anyways..i hope it turned out well in the end


nameera said...

thanks for dropping in :)
hass lo!hass lo!
ya..forgetting surname was very dumb of me!
i have a date again in the passport office,hope things go well ...i'll definitely punch the residing officer if not!!pakka!

Aw.S.M said...

so did u punch him? did u punch him? :P :P :P