Saturday, 18 July, 2009


College re-opened!Project work..this that..
I so soon get bored of things!
2 days left for Project report submission,and me was hungry to watch a movie.
My sis took my phone and started dialing to imax(Imax is this hi-fi types multiplex,I always think why to waste so much on a movie..and give a low budget options to people who accompany me,but they throw a big No! at me and my budget plans miserably fail every time) .i kept her asking.."hey it's recorded message eh?hey am I being charged?toll free hain kya?"
She nodded.I started shouting,"why did you dial..?if it's not always waste my balance..grrrr!!"
She backfired!!"Kanjoos!Are you doing a favor watching a movie?why do you want it to be toll free?"

(Hmm..i had nothing to say!!(But it's ought to be toll free many people do that,book tickets on phone,so is it not supposed to be a toll free...?toll free case arises when one's in were in one na..? least I was)

After much persuasion,Mom and the migraine potter sis agreed to come.
I thought we can get the tickets anywhere in abids(these are those low budget theaters!) :P
We roamed..roamed...for the tickets,i had no idea where the picture'd be screened but it'd be screened !i was that optimistic!the auto meter showed 119 and still no tickets no movie!coming half way through to some theater,Mum said"I won't watch a movie in this 1980's theater!auto imax lekar chalo!"
and my sister,she took a chance and said"and you are going to pay for the auto and the tickets!ok?"
Poor moi had nothing to say..i squealed... :(

We finally went to Imax,I thought ok! i have The proposal and ice age to choose here,woww!!
As i gave the options to that ticket wala(ah..what is he known?.. :P)he said:"house full!house full!"

Mum and sis frowned at me like anything..
Mum said "lets go home back..."
Suddenly from somewhere came a girl"You want shortcut tickets?"
What was shortcut? was ShortKut!!(the movie name was shortKut with a K)
I nodded NO!
Mom said"ok lets go for it.."
We don't know the star cast and go for a movie eh?I didn't even see the promos..
Mom said"It's house full must be good only..we came this far..we'll see come,Time pass!"

star cast:arshad warsi,amrita rao(in a package that showed how!how poor the production unit was)and akshaye khanna!
EEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!How can i take these cheepoos names here on my blogger?they pakaoed me for threee hours!
what was the story!!!uhhhhhhhh!!blunder,made out of boredom kinda script,I didn't understand if it was a serious flick or comedy,if it was supposed to be a comedy then why did the jokes fell so flat?

it was disaster!!
And i had to flow my money on tickets of this pakao movie eh? mummmy!!!!!

Lesson learnt:
never go to a multiplex without booking a ticket!
specially:never go with your mom n sis with out booking the tickets..that too on a weekend!

There can be no short-cut for buying tickets!!Never do that...


Eidothia said...


Anonymous said...

ya.. even u gotta use a spellcheck for GOSSAKE!!:P

nameera said...

:( spell check what happened?

~Lopa said...

he he he ha ha ha
ok now i can write after throwing my mogambo laugh out...

You actually saw Shortkut in imax???
I can't belive it...hehehehahaha

Ok ok sorry, but i still cannot believe it...
but ya see who is talking here...i watched Kambakht Ishq in theatre :\

~Lopa said...

and yes.... you changed your blog template... nice huh ;)

nameera said...

u saw kambakht Ishq in theatre eh?
at least you had kareena to watch na,...and Akshaye kumar too..
I had arshad warsi...eeeeks!
Poor MOi :(