Monday, 22 June, 2009

I donno!

It would sound dramatic,if i start with ..."Main aisi kyun hoon..main aisi kyun hoon..."
but I really mean it...

It's gotta do with decision making..

I wonder,what I'd do if there was no one to take a decision..
thanks Ma pa..;)

If you've got any work,you can please switch it on to the other side..
I am trying to figure out things I know ;)

I donno-series one:

1:What do you think this dress would suit me?
--I donno..take it if you like it..U are the one who's gonna wear it na..
(I've never choose a single dress for myself till now..though I am 20!I want Ma or humz to be always beside me...I come empty hands when ever I went alone to shop!)

2:What should I prepare for the dinner?
--check what's there in fridge no..
***No comments**

3:Hey!you coming to college tomorrow eh?
--I donno lets see..if i get up early..
(I remember,the number of times I ditched my friends by turning up to the college,saying I wouldn't!)
**sorry for that,all you!**

Ah...there's a sense of positivity..
I can't remember anything more..which I believed I didn't knew.. :O

The blog Is getting contradictory eh?
or I gave up under estimating Myself?

ah..I donno..
^^^was this supposed to take a point number 4? :D

stop those ah..huhh's!I cautioned you,didn't I?

The weirdest and funniest(sounds to me though shameful) was:
In a chat:
Me:How are you?
Sis:I am good,how are you?You still don't


humaira said...

what should i comment???

I DUNNO!!!!:P he..he..he...
well.. seriously its very irritating when you say, your so called "i dunno" litany!! when i ask u something, i get to hear "your wish, anything u like!!" and when you ask me.."hums, is this fine..?" you will expect only yes or no! if i answer "your wish" then you'll eat my brain"aaaahhhhh, please bolo na bolo na!!!" :x you don't know how irritating it is!! oh God!! Bless!! well, i never said your wish, because am not like you!:x
hhmmm... but day before i was very happy with you, reason: we were out of the mall in 1 hour!!!"yes!!" i thought..

PS: please be the same and don't be a laconic! cause i hate it!!:x


Tangerine said...

"I dunno" is my second fav phrase next to "I forgot"!

Eidothia said...

Ask me how many times I complained about it to Ma! Whenever we talk of you, I go.... 'Ma, what do I suggest, she still doesnt know what she wants to do after engineering!!'. Looks like you are leaving that decision too, to Mom n Dad! You Dud!!

nameera said...

Hosh!Hosh!I donno! :D

~Lopa said...

hey Nice blog. Just read this one... and nice Dunno's ... hehehe
Will check out more later :)

Thanks for dropping by at mine & commenting :)

Aw.S.M said...

oye dont fret...if it makes u feel any better..i suck at taking decisions too...cant even pick what i ll have for breakfast or what i ll wear to work..the list is endless :P...

so chod goes on and in due time when u have no other option u ll learn to make ur own decisions


nameera said...

@Amit and Lopa

Atleat some appreciation at donno's!! :P