Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Be gregarious or be a waitor! i choose.... can I forget blogging on my cousins visit...?I promised that I'd do a -"xyz cousins,hai!hai!" here..
Not that I don't like them,it's only that they came late..ah..long's only that they came when I didn't want them?;P ah..coz they didn't come when i needed them..neither did I what? huhh!

what i wanna say is-if they didn't need me then..since 20 big years..then why do they want me now?Oh expect me to cry..rant on this..??forget it..
***khee khee***

The night of my last mom came elated saying-"..oh they are you know who all are coming?"
My face changed the color and I asked-"some ones coming..??who all are coming?"
My alien cousin was coming to get coached on how to crack IELTS...and along with her came my aunt..and another aunt and cousins(not alien ones).. :P
And what this all meant!work and work!
I uttered a - "Oh no....!" what? I am not a complete recluse..but Am I supposed to serve the guest,work work..on my first holiday..??After all the hard work..exhaustion of a two week and a half...No!!

And all the cleaning and dusting embarked,at the night itself,in fact the moment she informed us that they'd be arriving,she gave a bunch of that..Poor moi!write exams and come do labor! huhh!

I don't know why mom goes a complete crazy,when some ones to come home...Cook cook..cook..
as if they never ate.. And are hungry..since long decades.. :P
And seeing Ma Pa joins her too..duhh!but I never did..and would neither do..I believe in feed the poor and hungry..rather over stuffing the mighty.

I watched and watched as Ma kept passing me the trays..I am not kanjoosh!!this all was not necessary..right?they would survive with out a sweet dish,every time they sit on the dinning table..? No? :P

And then started the Hyderabad dekho..program..
They said "lets go to the Golconda fort.."
Mom obviously nodded and I intervened "Mom humz aint home ppl go!!enjoy!!have fun.."(humz=my potter sis)
enjoy!have fun..means I am declaring that ..i don't wanna come.Mum took me aside and said "they don't come regularly..ok?You don't have to act smart..get ready quickly.."
Poor moi..couldn't do any thing..I had to go..
And..I kinda enjoyed it..climbing all the stairs..haww!I burnt few calories at least ;)
What all it was -snaps!snaps! and snaps..

I really get annoyed when I am interrupted,every moment-go get this....pass her..serve her..aur dalo..aur the dinning table than eating peacefully,so I preferred being a waiter and did a full time waiter job,as long as they were at my place..

U must be anti-social element I am..yes..I am..!I have been like this..since I was born..what can i do?I was born like this..duhh!Not my mistake..

I remember this,funny thing..we went to a fruit juice center,and every one ordered their favorites,me and a few of them ordered was yakkk!!eeks!!(look I don't even have words to describe its yakkiness! :P)I was sweating..and my throat going all dry.. I drank I wanted was some thing to clear my throat and mom and the others were planning to return it..and ask for a new one,in place of that..poor hawker!!they did..and they drank..!huhh!

And after a few days,they went off..and happy ending...what else..and yaa...I lost my money in housie and also lost at cards...looser!

And..look did I do a hai hai here??


Sama said...

This reminds me nammy abt the aur dalo thing!! We gettin stuck between the guests' request to b spared more food and aur parents screamin at us to b more hospitable.... :P

nameera said...

hee hee yeah!!!

Humaira said...

ya... hehe... and u know the next day i was the bakra at home with these people.. u and mum left and pappa wanted me to pick their plates up!! he was like "humma hospitality beta!!" huh!!!but i didn't enjoy their visit.. it was boring.. the reason: i wasnt at home the very day they came!! hehehehe......

well, keep writing!!;)


Tangerine said...

the visit of a relative is always packed with a lot of masala gud and bad!