Monday, 18 May, 2009

Old Things recaptured...

well.. well.. It has been almost 15 years I visited this place.. It used to be a holiday spot in my vacations,when I was a kid merely 5-4 years old.. I can say my younger (potter sis) grew eating crush's mitti..

The summer vacations started (just 2 days back), the first holiday went in vain serving my guest (my cousins from west Godavari…) would prolong the guest part in my next blog.. For now yeah hey the picnic spot..

The 2nd day of my vacation and I cleverly escaped from my cousins ”Hyderabad dekho karikram,” and landed into ma’s office..

Also the plus point: would take books from ma’s office library. My potter sis refused to borrow any from her friends.. so I thought something is better than nothing and here I am in ma’s office writing another blog. And yeah… what I am here for… not to relentlessly speak about government servants.. or prove how kaamchor they are.. I really wanted to see what they do.. and write now I can see ma… chatting with my sis on phone narrating all the guest thing :D

I don’t know from where I developed interest in politics.. May be the hunger to power, developed one… but I think it all started coz.. I am here today sitting in A.P secretariat, the power house of government..(me's nt bragging ok..) May be I like siren of those dozens of ambassadors carrying “men in dhoti’s”… tummy 5-6 inches out, typical Andhra people.. who might have had idli-uttapam in their breakfast …or may be the thought of serving people.

I’ve seen clerks saying “ salaam, sahib”, “Namaste sir” to my parents.. when they enter into the office.. they don’t have to show their id too… everyone knows who they are… and from the watchman, to the clerk,lift operator, the chai wala and the tiffin-mirchi wala…. All are the same…”Namaste Namaste…”(feels proud to be known as a kid of government servants)…:P

Have seen people blabbering about government servants… “they don’t work! They chat! They hardly work!” I wouldn’t completely slam or accept the theory….

We started for the office at 11:00pm.. and reached at 12:00 pm.. mom tore a white sheet into half,she had no pen in her purse(my bro must have stolen it).. on being asked why this..?? she explained she’ll have to write to the higher authority that she was late.. and then she started the raga “vijaya..vijaya..” vijaya her clerk..she opened moms almirah and gave her a pen stand asked her to submit the letter to the higher authorities.

“bring my files amma..” all the conversation taking place was in telugu only… infact I haven’t heard any body speaking English… poor lady brought the files and then she called the thin chick beside her “do this dat this that…” No wonder!! No wonder!! Mom can’t bare a single back answer from us.. when she’s speaking no one’s supposed to speak! Otherwise be ready to get the deadliest look of hers, as ghostly as she can be GRRR!!!:P

Poor viji was called again to search the library cards, in the almirah… and mom asked me “what do u want for lunch?” it was 1:30,we came at 12:00 and she needs lunch.. On frowning,she said "everything would be over if you delay.."

we ordered idli, small samosa’s and flavored milk…(small samosa's are my favorite....doesn't matter in which oil they're fried..)

then mom said that “I don't think it's the right time to go to the library, it’s lunch time na.. we’ll go after 3..” it was then I started writing my present blog…In midst came again the same thin chick… clad in cotton salwar kameez, mom asked her for few print outs…. She did few mistakes.. mom angrily threw the papers and took the printouts herself… poor chick.. I asked mom why did she do like that?? She said “new chick! Should make her work as much as possible… beginner na…” how evil!! :P

Our lunch came and we had it.. mom typed and typed looking at some papers into M.S word documents… some of the people in the hall went out for lunch at 1:00 and it’s 2:30 and still they aren’t here…?? GOsh!!

I can see a man on my right hand side desk.. scratching his mustache .. hardly interested in work.. kept chatting on phone.. don’t know may be his gf… ah no… must be wify.. it reminds me of jeet….:P but poor people… what I noticed is nobody’s g-talk or meebo’s opened.. yes I spied :P All oldies… what will they do with g-talk & meebo...

one of the silliest thing... mom started "chi!!chi!!... this fellow writes filling for filing and she types the same and prints it out… no abbreviation too…huh!!”

I wonder how the kid beside can play the same bike game for hours… reminds me of my brother .. he still does whole day on zapak…

Its 3:00 now… I am bored and almost sleepy after having samosa’s and the flavored milk…

HOsh PosH!!!

flash back: when I was 3-4.. I remember, how I used to sleep in my pa’s cabin.. in a fully air conditioned room which was allotted to him when C.M(pesh)…(don'ta sk me what C.M peshi is,even I don't know..)

I remember, how I used to run in between pa’s legs and hold him tight,when I used to see that man in mustache… mustaches scare me! They still do! I deleted a man in my friend list on my orkut.. and rerely replied him when he scraped only coz he wore a mustache…:P


hee..hee… the man’s playing the games on the comp… with the kid… ah!! Look at this.. wify joining too..oh!! small family happy family’s perfect example infront of my eyes…

its been two point ** hours and the uncles are here...1:00 to 3:13 ..awesome timings..I wonder if they cooked,ate and came :P

Am drowsing....How can one sit like this for hours.. ?

Went into the library,the librarian informed that she has to shut the library..and I picked John Grisham's "The client"...Lets see..if i read or just turn pages :P

I conclude: i feel that the govt should ban the spoon feeding thing..(the clerks for giving a pen stand..and all..)

Reason:The raising Kilos of my Mom..

Rest all..yes they do work..they aren't that lazy as i thought....

I realized :Why Pa gets lazy when it comes to office..

Why jeet rushes home so punctually from Office..

Why Maa craves for holidays.. :P

the delay in blog publishing's brought to you by my cousins xyz!


Tangerine said...

u seem to b having a gr8 holiday! :)

bt looks like u r not gonna follow d footsteps of ur parents in d job direction, is it??

U r reading grisham... is it good?

nameera said...

@tangy pa wanted me to be an IAS..but,i know what it requires..not my cup of tea...actually i still don't know..what is actually "my cup of tea " :P
John Grisham..i really feel sleepy,when i read him.. :P

Sama said...

Ah! The gud ole times of office... How i used to love holidays and the buks frm library mum used to bring... nd u dog! U r the one who gets the chance to visit the lib nd not me?!! N i always had to rely on mom's taste for buks!! Huh!! Fate...effin fate u call it!