Saturday, 11 April, 2009

Nothing lasts forever!!

Yes,Nothing lasts forever ..but the unturned pages of my books..the saga continued until it was Sidney Sheldon's-"Nothing lasts forever."
I know there are Book worms reading this blog..and must be almost spitting at me..saying"How lazy..!!..Huhh!"

I dedicate this blog to my beloved sister....
whose all attempts to turn me into a book worm like her went vain every time she tried... :P

My mother always cursed me,she still does for not reading Readers digest..Why should I read it?If I can't digest? :P
"Your sister,she never use to waste a single minute of her vacations..she always had some thing to read in her hand..why are you so lazy?"
"Shall I bring you some thing to read from my office Library?"
"you want to subscribe for British Library eh?...You can sit in A.C and enjoy the books.."
My reply used to be straight..."Dekhenge Mummy..." :D

I remember Mom bringing me Sherlock Holmes,that was the first book she brought for me to inculcate the habit..I felt unconscious seeing the size of the book and my sissy was happy that she got stuff to read..
She had books hidden under the pillow..(when Pa used to come for his daily rounds of "why didn't you sleep?what are you reading?)..In the rice container,when in kitchen...and in the middle of clothes in the wardrobe.

Sis don't sue me for this pol khol! :P

They got the idea,that this git will never read..they stopped torturing me by not bringing me any more books..

The only thing I loved to read was Tinkle..small sweet comics!

I grew defying books...

Inter first year,B'lore:
I met with an accident and my sister got another chance to try her Luck..she took me to crossword to lure me...I said "they are so many,which one should I?"
She knew the large size scares me..she bought Pocket books..
Wuthering heights,Mill on the floss,Jane Eyre,Little women,David Copperfield ...
Poor me had to read them,I was bed ridden no..
I started with -Mill on the floss..ask me why?
Coz it had Pictures on every alternate side of the page,so I thought it would be a good idea to escape...and take the credit of reading at least one of them.. :P

I came back Hyderabad and I thought it'd be a tribute to my sister if I finish them all..and reda them all.. :)
They still lie in my cupboard,with the giant Potter books..

In to my,any one would love read to cut time out..but I was still the same lazy nerd!
Started Orkutting and heard of something called "Five point some one,"it really attracted me,accidentally my friend had the same book the other day and I read it...I was happy that I read some thing called "Novel,"with out any ones persuasion ...
Sis though advised me not to read that stupid mans books :P
Five point some one was followed by One night at the call center(a disastrous book,which I read to spend my time during the power cuts)and Three Mistakes of my life kinda attracted me(I thought what the mistakes would be ..)..

and then my Potter sis,brought me John Gresham's The painted House,which I surely didn't read..I found it time consuming after going through the Indian authors books.. :D

And then it was Agatha Christie's-They do it with mirrors.Tried reading it,read the first half in fact.. the story revolved around so many characters that I had to go through few pages again to realize who is who.. :D
I didn't really understood what was to do with mirrors..I was facinated by the title of the book,and was relating it with some thing black magic... but it turned out to be...

And then came Sidney's "Nothing lasts forever,"a tale of three doctors and there survival..
I finished the book in a week and a half..

***patting myself****
382..ah 400 pages is of course a big deal,and my sis called it "Time pass book"
I felt the hunger to read after finishing the book...I missed the doctors..and then I realized why my sister had that magnetic effect towards the fat-fat novels..

The two S's reading the blog,don't be that happy the magnetic effect didn't develop here yet....


Swapnil said...

i especially like the quip abt readers digest... very logically explained to ur mum...

well ur potter sis shud have given u some other grisham book... that painted house book even i found boring.. she shud have got u the firm or the partner...

yeahh i agree with ur sis after a few yrss u`ll also call sidney sheldon books time pass books...its like a phase where u like themm...

well at least thats a very goood start... u finished a 400 page of the S`s is very happy with ur progress!!!!

Tangerine said...

pliz tell u read the harry potter books.... my heart breks to think of them lying unread in ur cupboard hey... n try windmills of the god by sidney sheldon. thats my another fav along wid nothing last forever

oh n just a warning... m gonna recommend a book wid every comment i make hereon.

Ian said...

Atoms lasr forever and we all consist of atoms.

humaira... said...

haaahhh!!! i was so eagerly waiting for u to finish the book!! even i liked it!! and now u r eating my brain"please tell your seniors,your friends(swathi,she is the only one),to get the novels my holidays are ahead!!" and have to tell you one thing ur a very slow reader!

and by the way the credit goes to me!! i get u all the novels! u dint mention it!!:( idiot!

well... continue reading.... and shtop eating my brain! get the novel get the novel!!


Sameera said...

Reread this the hundredth time again... and I cant stop laughing everytime.. Ur Jiju also just read it with me. Loved it. Keep writing. I thot that since mum mentioned that you are busy building a story abt the kresh thing(spell check not required), you must hv put somethin here. But :(