Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Definitely,May be!

It's been a month,we are waiting for the abstracts and the b****** still says-"please,give me some time..I'll inform you when it's done.."
I am talking about the abstracts,the institutions head was supposed to give us for our so called-"mini project!"
We've been going off and On to the insti..and he's been spinning us!DOG!!

it's the last day of the abstract submission and me-the sufferer of that atrocious,blatant,ignoble B is here writing a blog,waiting for the B to send me a mail so that i can print it out and throw it on the face of my H.O.D,who very sweetly rejected every thing we presented her..
fancy guitar-No!
automatic music tone generation-No!
anti bag snatching alarm-No!
Rocket launcher-hawww!No!!that 'd be to big for a mini project!!!

After sulking the whole day in the insti yesterday,clever fella some how adroitly managed us out of the insti...and we kept waiting..and ringing him,eating his brains..

Yesterday night,I kept waiting for the B's call..but! I was drowsy at 9:30 itself..yeah..IPL's over...I've got nothing to!!

I reminisced,I saw this add on HBO-definitely,may be-21:00 hours.
The title of the movie a bit attracted me-the definitely,may be..factor..the contradictory thing..I thought..Oh !!the way I do-"sure why not..lets see..!" :D

Getting the remote free,is a big deal specially when Pa isn't sleeping....Fortunately!!Pa was asleep...
Lucky Moi!!

I hardly remember,me sitting alone and watching a movie,that too an English flick!
It has to be Discovery or travel and living with Pa every time :P

Every one at home was asleep,my sis burning mid night oil for her lab externals! Thank God!mine are over!!

I am sorry,i can't give you the star cast,coz I hardly watch I hardly read!!this is another good quality? of mine..yeah..quality of mine :D

I watched it gleefully..for I had nobody around...ahhh...
But every time,they lip locked I switched the channel.what if Pa comes?the Discovery,cartoon Network is watching some one smooch..?? :P

That's the reason I say,T.v's should be always kept in bed rooms..but NO!

You want me to tell the story?
I'll give you a small epilogue..kinds ok..?I think you must have seen it..many of you..ah..the 3 or 4 readers of mine... :D
Ok!the story..there's a man who when ever realizes, that-yes!this is She...he gets to know from the she,that she had already got her-this is he kinda man!! :P
and the story revolves around three women and this guy..and the daughter of this man..wowwwwww...she was lovely..the only thing to know is whose dotty was she?and the father explains .. :P what all he has been..gone the story all about..

A romantic comedy,very unlike Hey baby or any of the Akkis movies.. :P

It ended around 1 and I went to bed...yeah.. still waiting,for the mail :(

I wonder,if I have to wait another night watching another flick awake till 1..and write another blog!!

P.S: please do watch it,if you haven't!!
And let me know how it was..