Saturday, 4 April, 2009

they've bid bye for a week!!

chahe koi mujhe jangli kahe kehne do ji kehta rahe...
huh!!aagey ka song ni pata :P

sister must have huhh'ed!!swapnil would've smiled and tangy must have managed to put on a forced smile :D

My cell showed an Sms:
Hey guys!exams which were going to be held from 21st are postponed to 28th of April,the last exam's got 6 holidays to prepare.for more check the website.

I jumped!!pushing the books aside!
And forwarded the same to many friends and in turn their were msgs pouring..
"Is it?"
"why do you give me a heart attack every time?"

The moment,my friend confirmed me that the message was no bogus.
Thoughts poured in my mind..what should I do?what should I do?
-Go for the shivamani concert today?
-Go to the new shopping mall..(reliance Industries managed to open shopping malls too..relaince fresh was not enough for looting the public it seems! yes,they named it-Reliance trends!)
-meet my old college buddies?
-watch a movie?

It was 2:30,me back on my table to study..till I smsd,gave the time tables to other friends from other branches,coz the site showed Busy at their place.

I was the one to break the news in my college..
They showered "thanks!thanks!"
No!I din't sms back to them saying-"no thanks!no sorry in friendship!" :D
(they were so many,must have crossed 100 today both in inbox and out box!)

The only disadvantage is............... :(

I can't go to Kerala now!Yes,my friend's bro was going to Kerala to write an entrance exam,so we thought we'd see Kerala too..bad luck Kerala,You don't have us visiting you! :D

But still..I am elated..this gap can increase a few %les and also a few tension free "Good nights!"
and a click for people on my blogger.

Should I thank the Election commission for this?


Tangerine said...

You lucky lucky gal!!!

oh why oh why wasnt thr an election during my exams :X

as far as kerela is concerned lets hope ur frenz bro's entrance will be postponed too!

[i still have a forced smile in place though ;)]

swapnil said...

true true.. but i wud have liked a few more lines of the song though...and yess i shall start calling u jungleee..
how abt calling u tarzanaaa the female tarzan :P

congrats for getting so many days off to study...i dont know y u r so happy though... the way i loook at it is u have 6 MORE days of studying ....yuckk....
which i cud have utilized much more productively...

nameera said...

Frankly speaking,
after going through the internal exams trauma..i really feel why they got postponed..
loosing a kerala trip..pcht!!
I pray it gets pp too :(