Wednesday, 1 April, 2009

I wont let that Pup in!

My mom and my bro loves dogs..not only dogs they love all the animals on earth!!

One of my college freind has got a puppy..uh..healthy puppy family infact,I told the same to mum..and what it was my mum requesting me to get one from her!I ignored her saying ok..ok!!

A day back,my brother reads an sms-"do you really want the pup?"
and he started jumping-"mummy she's giving us a puppy..mum tell her to bring it home..plzz plzz.."
It's exam time and he wants a pup!No my bros exams are over and he's chilling daily in hot sun,with his stupid friends..(stupid coz they saw"straight" movie in Imax,wasting 150 on a dumb movie is really stupid!isn't it?) exams are on the way..from 21st :( and how can he expect me to bring home a new creature!I remember last sem,they bought a mosquito swatter and I was so eager to play with it,I touched it only after my exams :D
Don't laugh,that's called dedication! ;)

coming to pets..I've really had a bad time with them..actually it was only once,and since then I've never let dogs near me...

Once upon a time,when i was 10 :D
from some where,came a dog,which quite looked like a puppy..
the dog became a part of the family in a very few days..
it was this time,peak summer..summer holidays,sunny morning,my sister and I of going out for a did we and came along the dog...

The doggy's chain was in my controll,it suddenly started barking..I tried calming it..the chain went off my hand..I moved away from it,trying to reach my sister...and it went berserk!!
what flashed my mind was,my mum saying"u'll have to take 14 injections,if it bites u!!"

I ran ran ran....leaving my chappals..on the road,not caring if people are seeing me..9other wise I am always very conscious :D)
ran ....till I reached my home..
My sister came..with the dog,laughing her heart out!!
I was the joke of the day!!

And since then...i never tried befriending dogs..
I run in to the room and jump over the bed,every time I visit my aunt's place,coz theirs a small dragon their in a disguise of pup,they call her julie!

I hate animals,be it dogs,chickens,or fishes...
Yes,we had them all..
a dog!
chickens-a complete family of may be 22 chiks,whom we named after a daily soaps characters ,"kasautiii zindagii kii.."remember?
And then,my sis bought fishes once..which are no more ..
chiks and fishes had no malice towards me..
but dog!!!eeeeeeee!!

so...Mum and bro,forget about the won't get it!!


Swapnil said...

you heartless unkind cruel sadistic spiteful evil hurtful mean inappropriate insensitive callous disgusting spiritless rancorous
DOG HATER!!!!!!!

Tangerine said...

awww.... come on let bygones be bygones.... give the little doggie a home.

nameera said...

They spread all dirt around!!
and mum obviously will get busy in cleaning,nurturing it.. :D
in turn of which i'd get to do the remaining things!!