Monday, 23 March, 2009

MY beloved lamp!!

saved !!
saved hard saved 2.5 K!! :D
well...that's the figure from which i wanted to buy a lamp,for my new L.C.D..(not new any's 6 months old now)not exactly L.C.D,to decor it beside L.C.D!
42"big!!and a finely polished brand new table!what was missing was the lamp..n so i decided to buy one!

It wasn't certain that we'd go shop..after a long day of hunting-shunting of project instis...,unless ur sis wants an excuse to buy herself a birth day dress! :D

City center shopping mall:
It was saturday-half of the mall was full with kids,all uncles,aunties..and some stupid regular chiks moving around to check out what was new,as if they own the mall..
a store called i-collection!furniture bazaar..
we entered with a great hope that we'd find some thing..
I found no lamp around my range..
poor moi :(
I felt so poor..

Looking at the range of the things,we moved towards the opposite mall...@Home!
My last visit to @Home was with my Pa!Me was a rich girl at that time,with Pa nodding not a single No to any thing!!
Every step made me realize ah!How poor I poor I am..but at the same time,i was elated that I am gonna buy some thing out of my own money..not earned,but saved..

What craziness conquered people I don't understand...One complete floor was full of candle stands...varying from a size of candles to as large as ahhh!! My lcd!?yes.. :P(really couldn't compare anything except my L.C.D)
Technology's at it's peak and people still opt for candle stands eh?I wonder if they light any in them :D

Another floor...~~~~~~Lamps~~~lamps~~lamps~~~~~lamps~~
which one should I choose!?If I had my pockets me i'd have bought all of them..they were that good!
I found one..Tall..all of steel..and two attachments made of glass,in which the bulb would hide some where inside! :Dlike leaves attached to the branch of a tree!!ah!ahh!no!the attachments were not like leaves!my taste isn't that bad..
neither it was green..
The price tag 2300/-
my eyes popped out..such a beautiful thing in so less!
with a pride an owner should show..i called the sales manager,to fix a bulb and give a demo! Alas!!he said-"ma'm the circuitry isn't good,that's the reason we are giving it away in 23.." :(
I scolded him..."what should we do with the lamp if the circuitry is bad?"
I'd have bought it and keep it aside,if it wasn't my first buy!!Mum 'd have killed me..if....
then my sisters sight shifted towards a lamp..small..short too...but cute..touch glows,once again it glows brighter..once more and much brighter!!
mY first buy! a lamp 900!!

I thought i'll buy another one..but all lamps and nothing to sit on and admire it would be a waste...I gave it a try for the bean bag..though it wasn't fixing in my budget!!My sisters words flashed-"bean bags aren't good for the spine!"
so i wouldn't take a chance with my spine at least!!(with my spine at least well..thats another big story,which i'll surely write when i get time,probably in my sem break)..
I recollected,I saw a the adjacent mall..

Though I was quite attracted towards the candle stands,which came 2 for 6oo to me,i preferred buying some thing which'd raise my parents eyebrows!And they did on seeing the puffy which came for 900 to me!!puffy's this thing to sit on,which's got threads like noodles on it! :D
I have the bills...I don't think I'll throw them..i'll ever throw them..I have many such old things,which kept together can be a museum.. :D
Preserving them's a big task,for my Pa is on his duty of discarding things on every sunday!so..they are still there lying in my bag!

And and and...and..The next day my Pa gave me 2K saying "that was your pocket"
and so..I have a plan..i'll shift the lamp to the master bedroom,and buy another one!!not now...not till I have my pockets filled to afford a tall handsome..?ah sexy? ah what's a lamp!!!

PS:I was so busy in switching the two malls ..I din't give a chance to my sister to buy a thing!! :D


Swapnil said...

I still dont understand why u need a lamp FOR UR TV...u do know u can watch tv andhere mein also!!!!its not like a book u know!!!

Tangerine said...

the fruits of hard earned ... er ... saved money is always sweet.
good job!

n an entire floor of candle stands! i prefer electricity no thank you!