Saturday, 11 April, 2009

Nothing lasts forever!!

Yes,Nothing lasts forever ..but the unturned pages of my books..the saga continued until it was Sidney Sheldon's-"Nothing lasts forever."
I know there are Book worms reading this blog..and must be almost spitting at me..saying"How lazy..!!..Huhh!"

I dedicate this blog to my beloved sister....
whose all attempts to turn me into a book worm like her went vain every time she tried... :P

My mother always cursed me,she still does for not reading Readers digest..Why should I read it?If I can't digest? :P
"Your sister,she never use to waste a single minute of her vacations..she always had some thing to read in her hand..why are you so lazy?"
"Shall I bring you some thing to read from my office Library?"
"you want to subscribe for British Library eh?...You can sit in A.C and enjoy the books.."
My reply used to be straight..."Dekhenge Mummy..." :D

I remember Mom bringing me Sherlock Holmes,that was the first book she brought for me to inculcate the habit..I felt unconscious seeing the size of the book and my sissy was happy that she got stuff to read..
She had books hidden under the pillow..(when Pa used to come for his daily rounds of "why didn't you sleep?what are you reading?)..In the rice container,when in kitchen...and in the middle of clothes in the wardrobe.

Sis don't sue me for this pol khol! :P

They got the idea,that this git will never read..they stopped torturing me by not bringing me any more books..

The only thing I loved to read was Tinkle..small sweet comics!

I grew defying books...

Inter first year,B'lore:
I met with an accident and my sister got another chance to try her Luck..she took me to crossword to lure me...I said "they are so many,which one should I?"
She knew the large size scares me..she bought Pocket books..
Wuthering heights,Mill on the floss,Jane Eyre,Little women,David Copperfield ...
Poor me had to read them,I was bed ridden no..
I started with -Mill on the floss..ask me why?
Coz it had Pictures on every alternate side of the page,so I thought it would be a good idea to escape...and take the credit of reading at least one of them.. :P

I came back Hyderabad and I thought it'd be a tribute to my sister if I finish them all..and reda them all.. :)
They still lie in my cupboard,with the giant Potter books..

In to my,any one would love read to cut time out..but I was still the same lazy nerd!
Started Orkutting and heard of something called "Five point some one,"it really attracted me,accidentally my friend had the same book the other day and I read it...I was happy that I read some thing called "Novel,"with out any ones persuasion ...
Sis though advised me not to read that stupid mans books :P
Five point some one was followed by One night at the call center(a disastrous book,which I read to spend my time during the power cuts)and Three Mistakes of my life kinda attracted me(I thought what the mistakes would be ..)..

and then my Potter sis,brought me John Gresham's The painted House,which I surely didn't read..I found it time consuming after going through the Indian authors books.. :D

And then it was Agatha Christie's-They do it with mirrors.Tried reading it,read the first half in fact.. the story revolved around so many characters that I had to go through few pages again to realize who is who.. :D
I didn't really understood what was to do with mirrors..I was facinated by the title of the book,and was relating it with some thing black magic... but it turned out to be...

And then came Sidney's "Nothing lasts forever,"a tale of three doctors and there survival..
I finished the book in a week and a half..

***patting myself****
382..ah 400 pages is of course a big deal,and my sis called it "Time pass book"
I felt the hunger to read after finishing the book...I missed the doctors..and then I realized why my sister had that magnetic effect towards the fat-fat novels..

The two S's reading the blog,don't be that happy the magnetic effect didn't develop here yet....

Saturday, 4 April, 2009

they've bid bye for a week!!

chahe koi mujhe jangli kahe kehne do ji kehta rahe...
huh!!aagey ka song ni pata :P

sister must have huhh'ed!!swapnil would've smiled and tangy must have managed to put on a forced smile :D

My cell showed an Sms:
Hey guys!exams which were going to be held from 21st are postponed to 28th of April,the last exam's got 6 holidays to prepare.for more check the website.

I jumped!!pushing the books aside!
And forwarded the same to many friends and in turn their were msgs pouring..
"Is it?"
"why do you give me a heart attack every time?"

The moment,my friend confirmed me that the message was no bogus.
Thoughts poured in my mind..what should I do?what should I do?
-Go for the shivamani concert today?
-Go to the new shopping mall..(reliance Industries managed to open shopping malls too..relaince fresh was not enough for looting the public it seems! yes,they named it-Reliance trends!)
-meet my old college buddies?
-watch a movie?

It was 2:30,me back on my table to study..till I smsd,gave the time tables to other friends from other branches,coz the site showed Busy at their place.

I was the one to break the news in my college..
They showered "thanks!thanks!"
No!I din't sms back to them saying-"no thanks!no sorry in friendship!" :D
(they were so many,must have crossed 100 today both in inbox and out box!)

The only disadvantage is............... :(

I can't go to Kerala now!Yes,my friend's bro was going to Kerala to write an entrance exam,so we thought we'd see Kerala too..bad luck Kerala,You don't have us visiting you! :D

But still..I am elated..this gap can increase a few %les and also a few tension free "Good nights!"
and a click for people on my blogger.

Should I thank the Election commission for this?

Wednesday, 1 April, 2009

I wont let that Pup in!

My mom and my bro loves dogs..not only dogs they love all the animals on earth!!

One of my college freind has got a puppy..uh..healthy puppy family infact,I told the same to mum..and what it was my mum requesting me to get one from her!I ignored her saying ok..ok!!

A day back,my brother reads an sms-"do you really want the pup?"
and he started jumping-"mummy she's giving us a puppy..mum tell her to bring it home..plzz plzz.."
It's exam time and he wants a pup!No my bros exams are over and he's chilling daily in hot sun,with his stupid friends..(stupid coz they saw"straight" movie in Imax,wasting 150 on a dumb movie is really stupid!isn't it?) exams are on the way..from 21st :( and how can he expect me to bring home a new creature!I remember last sem,they bought a mosquito swatter and I was so eager to play with it,I touched it only after my exams :D
Don't laugh,that's called dedication! ;)

coming to pets..I've really had a bad time with them..actually it was only once,and since then I've never let dogs near me...

Once upon a time,when i was 10 :D
from some where,came a dog,which quite looked like a puppy..
the dog became a part of the family in a very few days..
it was this time,peak summer..summer holidays,sunny morning,my sister and I of going out for a did we and came along the dog...

The doggy's chain was in my controll,it suddenly started barking..I tried calming it..the chain went off my hand..I moved away from it,trying to reach my sister...and it went berserk!!
what flashed my mind was,my mum saying"u'll have to take 14 injections,if it bites u!!"

I ran ran ran....leaving my chappals..on the road,not caring if people are seeing me..9other wise I am always very conscious :D)
ran ....till I reached my home..
My sister came..with the dog,laughing her heart out!!
I was the joke of the day!!

And since then...i never tried befriending dogs..
I run in to the room and jump over the bed,every time I visit my aunt's place,coz theirs a small dragon their in a disguise of pup,they call her julie!

I hate animals,be it dogs,chickens,or fishes...
Yes,we had them all..
a dog!
chickens-a complete family of may be 22 chiks,whom we named after a daily soaps characters ,"kasautiii zindagii kii.."remember?
And then,my sis bought fishes once..which are no more ..
chiks and fishes had no malice towards me..
but dog!!!eeeeeeee!!

so...Mum and bro,forget about the won't get it!!