Monday, 16 March, 2009

Yes!you!!roll no:28!!

what can one do..when there's a power cut or when ur server shows "network time out!"..?
well i probably write my next post..yesterday when there was one,I inaugrated my glass paints kit,and drew a butterfly,which kinda looked out of this world..:P
ok m not here to post updates on what i spoiled!!!
but this time how spoiled i am..
It takes 2 years to turn from a teachers pet to a spoiled brat..Is it?
May be my linear exponential decaying curve,started from the end of my!I don't think so.. I was a perfect mugger(here means who mugs things :P)at that time...
My first remark in my 10th standard: my class teacher saying-"people try to progress,rectify faults,flaws...but you are getting lower and lower day by day!!"(did she mean i am becoming neech day by day?!OMG what wrong did I do?)...
Did my +2 from a corporate college,where lecturers harass students for state scores in IIT,AIEEE,BITSAT..
This was the time a brat,lazy,dumb head,tube light was getting baked...I've decided,that I wouldn't put my children in to a corporate college,coz they actually loose the concept of why they are here?to study or to avoid the lecturers dose of nagging...they loose the interest of even few %'s they had in studies,in the whole process of hating their lecturers for assigning them so much work.
Thanks to the faculty I landed in a very good engg insti.. :D(which comes first if you count from last,thanks to my EAMCET scores).
I still regret for not performing well at that time...
Well...focusing light on my present!
I don't believe,what I am today..from a teachers favourite student to a lecturers most staring object!!..Well...all aren't "aankhon ka taara of lecturers" at this age,except few of the first benchers..the chamchus,who take marks in viva as if its their copy right!
Now why did I choose this only topic to write..though it's kinda critisize some one..
well i take a stand now..
what does she think?I score aewein in the finals..?ok! I don't answer her when she asks me Q'ns during the class..that doesn't mean I 'm the most dumb chik in the class..How can I answer any?when I didn't here even an 'A' of her lecture...come on now,the fault's not all mine...she makes us sleep daily by her lecture...which sans any interest put in by herself,her neck moving as if doing kathak...She reminds me of an automatic toy,traditionally dressed,which starts dancing,when it's key's rotated :D
Ok! I am sorry,but she does bring a picture of that toy,what can I do..?it's all my imagination..and it's not intentional please!!
some one's cell beeps and she looks at me..
some one's murmuring and her eyes target our bench!!
When we make hell lot a noise and she starts a surprise Q'n shoot out,the fifth or third turn is mine..
"roll no 28,if I see you talking next time,i'll suspend you from my classes for whole sem!!(in a fraction of nano second I thought,yes i'll talk now!now! now!now!...roz ki kit kit se ek baar me hi story over!):D <<<< this smiley shows how shame less I am no?
And I was so happy that i escaped from any of the seminar giving punishment,it was yesterday,when I and my friend were fighting for a pen and some other devi handed over a seminar topic to me! duh uhh!stupids,we were fighting to pick a pencil up!!
and I have to give a seminar on tuesday,and it's my first one,...I wonder how it'd be!! I think i'd realize then,how it feels on dias to get ignored by students...even if I do,i won't listen her classes,coz its since past 2 days am concentrating on the classes,and she never said-"yes u roll no 28!".....

Moral of the story is nothing!! I don't blame my lecturers for what they they teach....cos,this wouldn't have been..if i wouldn't have been the most incongorous college :(
If only i'd have perfomed a little better in my enterance exam...a little better.. :(

PS:look!my aim here was to criticize lakshmi...udaya lakshmi!!!but I took it all on myself...look how good I am at heart...may be not at studies...but at heart..
I took the credit din't I ? :P


Anukul said...

Yes!you!!roll no:28!!......... chits se baat karo :P

Swapnil said...

how about posting the picture of the alien butterfly u drew....

n how did the seminar gooooo??????

farin said...

hehe....wich chit is anu talkin abt:P:D