Saturday, 7 March, 2009

Oui! it's one year!!!

yeah!it's an year with Orkut!I no I haven't hit a bulls eye...but thanks to the site for it sponsored me few trust worthy,sweet friends...
defamed Orkut!Adnan murder case,she eloped with him..he eloped with her..etc etc;
It was some where in the midst of 1-5 march ,i created an account..with hardly 5-6 freinds on the site..i was never attracted to the was only when I saw A.G's community,my journey with orkut began..writing posts,feed had to begin some how...

I never knew one could poke in to some one else's life so much and it wouldn't even bother them... :P
Proudly spying,lurking I changed my second name as-the spy!(i don't think i'll ever change it..)
I dedicate this blog to all my pals,once virtual identities..
I can't write a testi for each one of you,but here's a sneak peak about what I have in my heart for you..

Raghav jhavar:A vasavi lad,we don't know each other,we aren't friends either..but man you'r here coz you were the first out sider in my friend I thought of giving you some fame through my blogger..:D

then came madam hue(minni)..
Minni:we met in A.G's community...we always fought-"my A.G!my A.G!" :p
we were thickest friends,just like jai and veeru :P..infact I saw her as an elder sis..It sounds absurd but even after spending hours together after college with her on net,I couldn't gain her trust ..some thing silly happened and we broke up..ahh ah..she left me..The day you left me hue,I saw a dream - a sadhu saying me-"she'd return after 2 years!! :P"
with hue,few of her friends came free to me :P ..Who left my friend list too with her...
she left me,when I had exams on my head..
poor my soul much did it cry..:(
but today I m happy though you aren't there you left some one behind for me.. Thanks, for that!
lesson learnt: would take net pals light heartedly minus the four pearls which 'd always shine in my friends list my life!!well...they aren't annu,swappy,jeet,hims!!so i didn't take permision of either of them to post them here on my blog!! ;D
picture courtesy:anukul

Here they are...
Well..some one was still there to wipe my tears..and very much happy too that my attention's now diverted towards him.. Jeet!
Jeet:jiggy...piggy..doggy..Mr.flirt :P
Once mine and hues mutual friend ..he came spying at my SB asking-"who was there on femina?"(when I and hue were discussing A.G on femina Miss India)..
ah..jeet..jeet ..jeet..what should I say..people who don't have you are so unlucky..:D
he wouldn't mind you ruining his office hours,though his schedule's damn hectic.
I regularly eat his brain asking him stupid Q'ns...about his college life,love life and about the things in his office..though he's damn busy..poor guy answers all my Q'ns with out any hich kich,
i bug him all the time his name in my gtalk list blinks green..
he's very bad at gossiping,story telling..:D
And some times boring too..lazy at scrapping..just scraps-"hi!how are u?"
Eeeks..Jeet this is the boring part of yours..

I never thought i'd befriend him -Annu..friend of my two very closest college friends.
Bhai!!!Annu!that's how i address him..we met when farin(my college pal) wasn't coming online and he was eager to know ,why isn't she.
ever ready to help in sorting out problems with my P.C.
He's the one who scraps me colorful graphics in my SB!Thank you for all of them,though you've stopped doing that now..I wonder y.. :P
it's his message when my cell beeps in the mid a days my ek mathr sahara to give me match updates when I am in the college.he's the one who wouldn't mind me calling/messaging him up,even in the mid night..
keep the sms thing going on bhai..i love it!
With Annu and farin came himank..Hims!

I don't know much of him..except that he's a great artist..awesome with brushes and his digital paintings..and now a movie too..
he'd never say u no! when asked for a painting.
he's a bit boring,but very good at heart,ready to lend hand with brushes any time... :D
thank you hims,for the digital painting of mine..Isn't this blog sounding like a thanks giving speech? :P
Hims,hope you get your hers soon..and please learn how to flirt..i'd love send you to Jeet to give you some tips on flirting.. :D

...just after the hues episode..(is hue the epicenter of my world of virtual entities..?i dare not say no! yes! she is!she was!for she is no where in the scene now)when I decided that i'd give up talking to strangers,and start doing some serious work,at least read a book online,I asked for a book called :tell me your dreams,in the community,and entered the fourth!
Swapnil:Swappy...sapna jaisa... :D duffer!that's swapnil phadke,title sponsorer of many of my blogs..he came giving me the link of the book in my SB..I didn't read the book yet,but we became very good friends..
He's so much like my elder he's like my elder bro,tried to inculcate habbit of reading in to me,but all futile...(no wonder am so good at grammar!)my english guru some times...reads desi,watches desi...sab angrezi...except his food,a typical mumbaiah...hogs on dosa..sandwitch daily!loves bread,cheese and tea,and made me try to.. :D
my view about mumbaikars would've never changed,it had only for this guy..
he has always helped my tube blink at the share market,economics area.he'd leave any aunt behind in gossiping..he'd listen to any thing you want be it ur visit to the mall,ur hair cut any thing.. :D
some times I doubt if he's a guy,but it's just his inquisitive nature that makes me feel so...
you can go yup yup yup when he's around and he's never matter how worst you are at any thing,he can go on and on encouraging you to strive for better..(like my blogging,you wouldn't have got to see this many blogs if he wouldn't have encouraged me,reading them though he's a kanjoos at commenting!)
with such great friends around I don't think I need any more now,Orkut addiction's lessened ..for you all have managed a place in my my heart was very difficult to compress you all in this small space,it has been very graceful of you all to stand by me at times of joy and sorrow!
Thank you all for being there...
Kudoos to our friend ship!

PS:thanks to orkut,for it showed the life outside my imagination,re-united few friends,gave few new ones! :)


Samaa said...

Madmoiselle.. I thought you were making frens online but surprisingly you hv bn making lots of relatives :P But dont you know... what are relatives supposed to be? Keep them frens, keep them for life... turn them into relatives and thats it! The fun isnt there anymore.... ;)

Tangerine said...

nice post.
orkut does hav a wonderful way of uniting ppl.

nameera said...

hee hee...just call them bhai kyunki raksha bandhan pe gifts milenge na...:P

anukul said...

Nameera you are a sweet heart "jaisi ho vaise hi rehna humesha " i must se tum aaise hi mere baare me likte rehna... :P

hims said...

bakra.....oops bakri.....:P

ambience said...

Namzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, my gf who is always there in my SB. dont know how, and why we became friends, but thats the good part of orkut. Some things happen in life, they just happen for good. One such things was this Femina stuff, thx to Hue (cos of her i got namz), thx to Indiatimes (cos of IT i got Hue). As they say, there are very few people with whom you can talk freely. Even though we dont have anything common between us, and she is almost half my age......... but we click, we click as friends! and surely it rocks! it always will!!!!!! Thanks namz for being there.... with me, for me (nee Delhi Police!)

Swapnil said...

Awwwwwww.... thats so sweeeett...
n also some blatant lies ;)

swapy loves cheeeesee?? i toh absolutely dil se hate cheeese;)

thanksss for the kind wordss..."he'd leave any aunt behind in gossiping" and
"some times I doubt if he's a guy".... exactly the kind of wordss a guy wud like to hear ;)

anywhoooo thankss again for stealing my pic n saying such nice thingss abt me :)... one of these dayssss i`m gonna get u to start reading a booookk...