Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

He helps those who help themselves.

Well...this was to be published long back..!!
The Winter was awesome...With all jackets,sweaters,mufflers and stuff...But, do you think every one gets to shoot the same line?Ah..no!certainly not..amongst the Lakhs..of..ah can't precise what figure..I came across a small girl..
On a chilly morning,on my way to the college,I saw a girl..ya..whose picture you can see here on the post.I first couldn't make it out whether it was a girl/boy,for I could see just a swarthy face..chapped lips..wrapped in an old shawl..collecting all rubbish from the foot path..and putting it into the small born fire which she created to get some warmth!! It was exam time..and I could hardly even think of talking to her. Done with my Exams..results...She went out of sight for few days..
Two weeks ago:
Ok!she was a girl..An untidy yellow T-shirt and trousers..(oh..this was the thing I could hardly associate a beggar (may be) or a homeless girl)and a sandal with a 'hollywood' sticker on it..Now!!Holly wood's a leading foot wear store here!!
Here comes another morning and another..a whole week gone,crossing the road pitying and averting her.I saw her daily on the foot path...I went baffled spotting her with bangles..chewing tobacco.
now!where did she get those bangles from??she became the weeks tea time discussion topic with my sis!!
I felt shamefull,her grimmed face kept me gleaming at nights ..how could I avert my self from such a situation..then i'd rethink..am i the only person who's seeing her daily?why's no body getting her out of that place?
I finally decided..how late it'd be tomorrow to the college..u ought to talk to the girl!!
With my half baked telugu,I started the conversation..I asked her,if she'd stay in an orphanage..she agreed!! i felt so happy!!whoa!!!
I imagined what reactions people would give me if I settle this girl in a hostle or an orphanage..my sister would realize that I am not the same jerk she left me years ago..i've changed!My parents would get an idea that ya..she'd survive if sent her over seas for education..huhh!leave about others...how great i'd feel.. as great as God!(i am no ways comparing me to you god!ok?!).
I managed to get few contact numbers of orphanages..(thanks to Annu for the numbers)
I googled if there were any in my locality and found few of them..dialled the first one.
hyderabad council of human welfare,A man piks up the phone and says-"no no! only boys!!only boys!!"(human welfare eh?girls aren't human beings?)..
then the other says-"no ma'm this is not a missionary..it's a hospital."
and after hearing few other no's!there was this-missionaries of charity of mother teresa which agreed..though this one was quite far away from my place,i decided to take her there.
The day after shivrathri..tuesday morning,it was a holiday for me.I dressed myself in cotton to sound like a social worker :D.
started for the foot path..(sounds funny,but that's where she lived!)
I prayed for the bus to come..I lied to mom saying that I have to buy a book, so that i can study whole day,i am leaving early..mom warned me not to intervene in to this matter,a few days back.so,i dared not tell her that i was going for this!I kept waiting for the bus for more than 10 minutes..bus delay is it a presage of some thing negative??? i thought!!
I reached the foot path,yes she was there...with full enthu i said-"nadu"(means comeon in telugu).
never did i know that she'd do this!! she gestured a no!!
the dream of a philanthropist shattered like a mirror broken into thousand pieces my thought of she waving me in the orphanage broke..i tried pleasing her...she didn't agree.she told -she's got a brother who's a driver and he'd beat her if she'd go!!
I returned home..like a looser,who couldn't even please a little girl.do i look evil?i thought.
I was heart broken and I decided that i'd nt even look at her from now on..
One of my net pal gave me tips how to please her..which I thought i'd do!
The next day I narrated the same story to one of my friend and she in turn narrated the same to her parents..and what I get to hear from my friend the next day is-"Nameera,my pa said-u don't have to interact with her..!!she's some girl............."
But is it right?!I donno! if it is or not..
what I realized is-'God helps those who help themselves'
and she was simply not ready to be helped out of her life
ultimately life is all about.... you are where you are cos that's where you want to be!
Today:I went searching for the girl...thinking may be I can write a part-2 of this blog..but unfortunately,she wasn't there...

Thanks sis!for helping me how to conclude...


Tangerine said...

your effort, according to me, is really praise worthy!!

you trying to reach out to help that poor little soul is what really counts

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