Wednesday, 25 February, 2009

SONY de nakhre.:D

When i was sacrificing my hair..lost lots of steps.. :( i got an sms from my sister saying-"bring pani puri and chips from hot chips!"
she had her internal the next day,otherwise she'd have surely come to add it to my excitement and nervousness...she wanted us not to go for the same..huhh! what?the world should stop if she's got exams eh?! :P
My mom went to the pani puri wala,he told 3 puris for 2 rs,my mom returned with out the pani puris...when aked she replied-"that guy was itching his head and putting the pani in the puri with the same hand!...chiii! and its costly too..we'll make it at home!" :P
Beside the parlor there was this store-spencers!my mom's this brahmin kinda lady ,who doesnt allow us to eat road side food! or any junk food out side!..we went in to spencers and my mom started picking up all the kitchen goodies..i was cheking out the new flavours close up offered-red hot,tangy some thing..,mint lemon...and pepsodent ppl's gt this sensitive option too..I heard this song masakalli masakalli playing in the store,I took my cell outa my jeans pocket and asked mom -"mummy shall i ask pa to bring tickets for delhi-6?"..she replied.."hair cut's over and now you want movie eh?"
we picked up the things needed for pani puri...
1 pack puris -16 rs.
half kg peas -10 rs.
pani puri masala-18 rs.
Now tell me...which pani puri costs you more?? huhh!
I checked my pockets for my cell..if i recieved a new msg,I couldn't find it..I asked mum to check it if it was there in her purse...she nodded no!!
i searched and searched it..all over again n again in my pockets and moms purse,my mum rushed to the parlor to check it if I forgot it in the parlor..I was sure that i didn't forget it in the parlor coz i saw a sms when I was in the market..
I made a-crying face..,ideas flashed my mind..what i'd do if i loose it...cry in front of pa,n he'd get me one more was the best option...can't even imagine of mom buying me one,n sis buying me one...uhh she 'd never! to make me careless I am!!i had no hopes i'd get it back,coz once u loose things in such places u hardly get them..that too so many cupboards to check..from grocery to toothpaste to the skin care...
I asked for a cell on the counter,doggys nobody lended me one,one of trhem asked me my number..may be her fellow mate had cell to ring my cell..
Till then..I imagined the scene of a man who was taking out the sim from my cell and laughing! of the theif-who'd fly away with my cell..
My sight shifted towards the basket in which I had all the goods to be billed..I rushed searched and searched..down in the basket on which the bottle guard,toothpaste..i prefered lemon and mint..peas,pani puri masala,grapes,apples..etc etc...lied my Sony ericsson ..GOD!!!!!thank god!!!!!!!sigh of relief my cell looked as if saying-"I love you and I wont go any where leaving you!"I replied- I love you too... :D I then realized my love for my cell phone,I donno if it'd have been the same if it was not my first cell..I'd keep it for ever and matter how many sets i'd buy later..but this is the future politicians first isn't it supposed to be auctioned!? ;D


Anonymous said...

Idiot!!:X i didn't want you people to go without me!!!! you wasted my two hours getting ready and when we went to the lane wala parlor the lady wasn't there.. we came back home and then mum tells me "humma, beta you study we'll go and come back!" huh!! what the bloody heck???!!:X i got ready for namz, for her haircut, wasting two hours... and they say me " no beta... you study....":X i never wanted will never want the world to stop for of me..huh!! and BTW you are awesome with your new haircut!!:P

Tangerine said...

hee hee... my mom is the same... street food are a strict no! no!
n as far as my cell phone is concerned i'd freak i lose it... n its not even my first cell phone!

god! i sure identify with this post!!!

btw, thanks 4 visiting. n keep up d good work.

Mohammed Abubakr said...

... that's seriously crazy blogging! Keep up the style...

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