Tuesday, 24 February, 2009

Hairy affair!!!

After spending a lazy sunday,We(me and my mom) realized there has been much intake of calories and we gotta burn few of them.we went out for a walk,in the colony.
was tired of hearing the same comment of my sister on every photo"why did u tie your hair like an aunt?":D..i finally pataoed my mom with the help of my brother...
we saw a parlor in the midst of lanes,with no work to do at home and the next day being a holiday,on account of shivrathri...we barged in to the parlor and decided to visit the parlor the next day afternoon..
As this was my first experiment with my hair...after a long time..the last time..i remember..how i became a laughing stock of my school when my mom did a tom boy on my hair..in 9th grade...it was den i decided i'd never give my head to my mom..!:D
with full enthu I entered in to the parlor..after taking a detailed description of a cut to be done from my sis!(she can beat javed habib in this!):P....not upto my expectation ..the barber ah parlor wali...? wasnt der.... :(
we came back home with my face swollen upto its max limit!this wouldn't be the case,if my sister wud have come online at time! :P
My mom's always got this business of altering her clothes..so she was visiting the tailor,after seeing my swollen face ,she decided to take me to another parlor....;) swollen faces work some times!!
We went to the tailor called-"decent tailors,"whose owner very decently might be was sleeping..or celebrating shivrathri..closing the shutters of his shop..
my mom yelled-"yeh decent toh kabhi bhi nahi rehta....!!" :D
We went inside the parlor..two ladies welcomed us..
one of them started trimming my hair..making a U on my hair....and the other was trying too woo mom with her herbal massage and other packages...
In the midst of the hair cut scene, came three girls in burkhas..I looked at her as she removed her veil ...as white as marble of taj mahal...ah..its getting yellowish...ah..say flour..maida!pink...
and the lady said-"face clean up!"..not a single pimple nothing..and she needs face clean up huhh! may be she had black heads,on which i couldn't aim.. :D
And then came the other lady..who did steps on my hair..
and all was done..
My hair when tied looked like a fishs tail.. :D... felt shy at the beginning but came to normal when i returned home..
in the midst some thing happened,between home and the parlor..well...u can wait for the next blog...
So sis when was the last time you shooted the aunty dialogue? :D


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