Wednesday, 11 February, 2009


...this may sound a bit depressing....ppl reading my blogs always laughed and smiled..i donno..if i'd strive you to think some thing unusual....or..I donno...what it would author is a producer of both hits and no still..i always wanted my blogs to be boom boom...blogging at this topic,i planned it 2 days ago..but for the only thought that--writing about life...huh! how boring!!like a usual blogger or an article in news paper,which many times just go un noticed...seeing those bold figures"LIFE!"

feb 9:

my lab internal,I was very elated that the theory papers are over and lab internals would just get over in a jiffy...Pa yelling--"y didn't you have ur break fast.....?"and I stealing my eyes away from him..n running,planning which movie..luck by chance/Dev D!?...I am very famous at planning flop shows in my college..but,this time I had it in my mind that even if farin says -no..i'd drag her n take to the theater!

I was sitting on stairs,having a regular chat with my friend.."the how was ur sunday..what did u do..?"types..

One of my most irritating friends,a keralite ..i love other mates think shes annoying....Rani..I signalled her--ah...mast lagri aaj..!she signalled me come down..i went down with a "huh!!whaaat..?" expression...And never did I knew that I'd hear some this..--A news of death of one of my dearest frnds father..farin..whom I was supposed to drag to the theatre..

I people kept mum., teras bursted out..i tried calling farin..but it said switched off..the signals don't catch in my college permises..i rushed out of the campus....i never took a call wen the phone showed "papa calling!"I used to give it to mum..or any body around..not that i didn't want to talk to him..but only to avoid his--"ache se khana khao...cross the road carefully !"dose..

i wept and wept..inconsolably..and dialled Pa's number..and cried my heart out!!

and gave version of..ache se khana khao..and other++ dose!..

I recollected, how I left for the college..without bidding bye to Pa!

After spending 2 days pensively...the only answers I got for my Q'ns--what life's for??...if I have to die one day..why dosn't God take me away from ppl now..?what is life for...etc etc ...thousands of Q'ns speeding at a frequency of more than light!

I realized the importance of many things..I was an excuse of time....

I realized,how I forgot the episode of the girl on the foot path..who I promised some clothes!!!

I I stopped singing at nights,my love for irritating my sis!.. :P..and many more things..which i'd re -establish in my life!..hope fully from today!

I remember,my sis buying pencils for some the store,when they returned it..coz they didn't have money...lifes not all about having things for's all about's all about's all about doing what you love!

I don't know what life's got for me tomorrow...what i knew today was,that I wanted glass colors...and I was very desperate to see that girl on foot path...i didn't found her..but I bought glass colors..

it's all about, what you wanna's all about what you wanna do!!

you want to extend a helping hand..
do it now! do it now!
or say a kind word
say it now !!say it now!!
you shouldn't wait. It might get too late ....
well...I am not the author of the above lines...copied from a column of TOI called soul curry! :P
Hindi version --कल करे सो आज कर ,
आज करे सो अब!
Santh kabir --"u still rock!!" ;)


Farheen-echoes said...

Which movie? You Wanted to drag me to? :P

nameera said...

It was DEV D! :P

Farheen-echoes said...

lol! Emotional Atyachar! :P
Missed It! :/