Saturday, 3 January, 2009

I hate keys!!!

31st December 07,
10:30,is it a time to sleep?that too on 31st?nobody would even imagine of welcoming a new year with tears...but i did..:(wept and wept and tried to sleep desperately,coz the thought of crying on a 31st night,would make me cry more..if i wouldn't fall asleep before 12!the reason why i cried? my pa,and his superstitious thoughts,would rather say"theories,"implanted in his mind by my great "mathey!"he yelled at me, for i kept the empty tumblers in front of the house,to refill them when the water supply would come at 11..he kept shouting until i lost my "in from one and out from the other ear limit,"and my Lacriminal glands started functioning..producing tears,and before pa could see my wet face and start his another dose of nagging,i rushed in to my room,switched off the lights and fell on my bed(how dramatic know?)and cried and cried untill all the 3 pillows on the bed went wet,the worst part when i cry is,that I reminisce all the worst things of my life(not lived that much though)and cried all together ,for all things i lost/hate in quotas;that was till the 3 pillows on the bed got wet!
11:45,I stopped crying,for i realized ,that i'dnt fall asleep before 12! and i prayed to god,till it clicked 12,i could here the crackers going off !
12:05,mom comes in with dahi-shakkar(sugar),according to her dahi shakkar would gift us-luck ,and it'd be the shubh shubh year ahead..welll was it shubh shubh...??

My Calender 2008!!!
I acheived(would rather say "got,"for their's nothing,I got putting my own effort).

* JAN:much awaited internet connection at home(i even remember the date,it was 25th)

* FEB:created my orkut account(orkut appeared very boring,only till I saw Arnab Goswami's Community in it)
* MAR:???!!!
* APR:met my best friend-"hue,"member of A.G's community!(who's sadly no more,ah she didn't die...we are no more frns!):P
* JUN:14th-thanks god!for giving me the opportunity ,to enlist this one in acheivement category..I Got my rslts and this time too i wasn't expecting i'd pass in all the subjects,and bag all the credits...ah! i was on cloud 9!! that day!
* june-17th:met jiggy! piggy!(this place isn't enough to describe him fr he weight awesome 80 Kgs and 's gt 6.1" he doesnt come in my range of 5.1"):P
* JULY:whoa!I discovered my assion of photography.(pa bought a digi cam!)
* AUG:hey! hey!!!!! i got my firstttttttttttttt cellllllll!!!!!!!!!
* SEP:well..I didn't acheive/got any thing,but my sis got admission in to the top college which i always dreamt of getting in to..."JBIET!"(i know how jealous ..and happy i was..ath the same time!):P
* OCT:it wouldn't matter if i do any thing or not in this month...u surely get gifts on ur birthday..don't u?(lunch and window shopping with frnds,dinner with family,this day will surely have an account in my"most memorable b'days!")
* i never thought my poor eyes would get the pleassure of watching Arnab Goswami on a 40" L.C.D!welcomed home sony bravia..x-series!!
* NOV:??!!
* DEC:???!

I Lost:-

* JAN:IMS scholarship competition!(no regrets! i wasn't expecting to clear even the first round,out of the 1000+ people in the auditorium,participating from colleges all over hyd!)
* FEB,MAR,APR,JUN,JUL,AUG,SEP:thanks God!i didn't loose any thing in this many months!
* OCT:4:well...should I say i lost much money in giving my frnds a b'day treat..:p?(they'll surely kill me if they see this!)
* 16:not necessary that,the things you acheive/get are guaranteed "forever," to you!lost my frnd hue,my stupid prank of impersonation,terribly failed and instead back fired me...and took huea way from me...;((((((this was a mind jolt,i was jurked!hue going away from me was as terrible as"the terrorist attack on TAJ!":P)
* NOV,DEC:??!!!

04:30 hours:well...this doesn't account in to any acheive/lost category....
completed my copy-paste copy activity of my next blog!!confused??

i could see the dishes at the dinning table,but couldn't reach them...
could see my LCD,,but couldn't log in my orkut/gtalk!!
couldn't on my real player in the phone,coz the phone went off! coz of the charging!
why do you think I hate keys!!?
I forgot keeping the keys of my house in my bag when i left for college,which i regularly used to!:(
I was left technology less....i saw washing machine,and thought of at least passing time by washing i opened the machine bad luck of mine....there were no clothes to wash!!:(

and here is the result of my forgotten keys!! my blog entry which u've just completed reading!



Sameera said...

Keys Keys kya yaar? Nd regards Dad's funda if i were u... i wud fill them up nd keep it back there again... nd say ' Have a great year ahead!!'

Anonymous said...

I am not going to take your Birthday Treat again *sticks tongue out*