Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

good things do not come to an end ;)

Tension before exams,tension during exams,tension after exams!!!

these three T's trust me...they can bring ones soul outta mouth :p.
don't know about others,but they do,to me!
why not write exams properly...and escape these 3 T's..but no!!!!!i promise God every time -"do it this time......i'll do it better in next sem..."but....

and this time these T's were at their worst!!!
JNTU releases results exactly after a month after the completion of exams..this time,it was more than a month.and to our horror, valuation pattern of our papers was changed, of my friends told me..."oh...u mean they are not going to give you marks for any thing...u can write a blog -good things come to an end!"(heee hee heee...and here I am writing one,but with a different title.)
Rumors were at its peak, in fact i heard that 70%of the students flunked and the university's re- correcting all the papers :p some said-the site of jntu is under construction that's the reason they've kept our results on hold!(results on hold eh?my breath was on hold :P)

i remember..i didn't log in my orkut/gtalk/yahoo coz i was bugging people with my results tension.
few weird things i did to patao God!

  • kept maun wrath,for a day(this was the day when result was expected).How happy my class mates were,that they don't have to tolerate my chatter patter,but i too irked them by my sign language :p
  • wrote a three page letter addressing God,that too went on the terrace and wrote it.I remember i did it last sem too and it gave positive results so..this time too..i did!(the funda behind writing it on the terrace is that..i feel there we(me n god) can have a direct contact,with no walls and windows making boundaries between us!)was this secret to be kept a secret only? :p
  • did extra prayers.
  • though i wasn't logging in orkut,(it's the only connection between me and my old buddies)I sms'd them saying-"plzz pray,plzz pray!!"
  • my day started at 0400 hours....
  • once in a auto,me and my frnd we both were eating peas,and i took six of them,in my hand...these six were the subjects,and each sweet peas in my mouth means,i cleared a subject,and a bitter one if any would signify my failure in any six of them... :p...hopefully all were sweet! :)
I feel,there should be a partnership between universities and telephone companies...the sms rate was so high,stupid freinds of mine used to redicule me smsing "results are out! they are out!"and with out cheking if the results were out,i use to forward it to all..and in turn use to be...again a chain of sms's..:p
I annoyed every body with my pitch starting with a raag--mummmmmmmmmmmy ...........
when will they come!?

We all knew,that they release it when we don't expect...the tension was really building day by day..the 70% failed rumour ,change of valuation pattern....err!and the thought that i didn't start my year with dahi-shakkar was eating me(though i started it with yummy pastries)

9th jan:i hardly listen classes,left with no option we play tik tak toe and other stupid games.but thanks to vodafone network,the ppl outside the campus were reachable that day...i was chatting with my frends at home,and my frnz bro was giving us updates at the latest on india results/manabadi.
I was returning home,my frnz in the bus were reading out the jokes and stuff from my inbox,and suddenly one of them said-hey results are out!!!i started shivering,my face turned pale,as if voldermoth was in front of me!:p..or any death angels were around..coz i always got my results on phone,and this time i just came to know that they were out,the result was not in front of me as allways...i had to change a bus,to reach my home..thank god a friend of mine was with me..she literally took my hand in to hers and my other hand,was busy sending sms' of my close frnd,i came to know she cleared them all...this was the one who always gave me my result..i called her i had to take an auto again to reach home..(coz we took the wrong bus)
More Five minutes to reach home,toli chowki cross roads:
My heart beat at a unusual rangged,it was my frnz bro,he told "haan didi,aap pass ho gaye ho!"i disconnected...jumped..once,twice,thrice!!!unable to believe,i called him again...-"sach me???sach bol..."He gave the phone to his mom,and aunty confirmed that ya...u did it!I again jumped and shouted "yess yess yess!!!" hugged the freind behind...if she wouldn't have been there,i am sure i'd have hugged ppl around..:p..the auto walas stared at me...ppl were like awwwww with there eyes wide open,and hands on their mouths,as if jumping and hugging was prohibitted on roads!
I then called my mummy and few old pals of mine and called my pa!reached home and told all my friends online..(i dare not call them online frenz..coz they are not less than ppl around me!my regular pals i mean). pa gifted me a watch ... a citizen watch..and my sis!!she felt he brought her one the next day!!!!!

well..i didn't felt J in return...
I was so happy that i could explode!
so happy...that i could puke rainbows!!!
lines borrowed from a friend.thanks swappy,they were hit on orkut and I hope they'll be here too... :)



Swapnil said...

first off congratulations for passing....hope u puke lots of rainbows in the future as well..the enrty was a near chilling n terrifying account of what exams our doing to our youth;)..Arnab goswami shud talk abt this rather than wasting time talking abt pakistan this pakistan that.. i`m sure even abhinav brinda didnt go thru all that trauma when he won the gold medal..

a request plsssss .. next time instead of peas can you taste 6 watermelons instead...

Sameera said...

Motu...... simple question for ya.... Can u pls go back nd chek the tolichowki crossroads if they r intact or if they broke.... i mean... its just a cake of mud u know! Our earth! So... ur jumping i mean.... er! ;)

I know it feels... exams n their tensions... ask mum she wud tell u how i used to react to these :)