Saturday, 17 January, 2009

book mark and the deathly hallows!!!!!

with the control of T.V in my brothers hand..poor moi left with no option,(poor..coz i had to sacrifice A.G's episode,for I did not rush to the T.V before my bro took the charge of the remote)joined mom and my sis..who stared at us saying-"harry's better than you people!"she lives,loves potter!potter geek!:P..and went in to her world of Hogwarts,she's got a book mark for each potter book,each with their own names scribbled on in funky styles,not for this one-deathly hallows!which in turn turned deathly to me.she needed a book mark...and I to take the title of Miss artist,rushed and brought all the sketches,scissors and one of my books main part..that card board kinds thing,shaped it in to a nice castle,not harry kinds,but the that alladin one,coloured and it was done.

I wanted a lace to be attached to it,the ones we can see in diaries...and for i had many,i plucked one,a blue saturn one...make a hole and put the lace inside..and the book mark's done...why couldn't it be that simple...well it had big plans for me...and more over a suplement to be blogged.
pierced the card board,for attaching the lace to the castle...once...twice..nah not done!!!

pierced harderrrrrr and it pierced my was right in...the needle from which the sweaters and all are sewed,inside my index finger...i didn't realize how deep it went in,tried pulling it away... i could feel some thing moving my hand started shivering...before my mom could see it and create a havock,I rushed in to the bath room.In the midst of this my sister said-"say,one two three..and pluck it out!!" as if it was I a surgeon??but I had to do it,play a surgeon...series of scenes flashed my mind-the surgeon at war site removing the bullets...etc;etc; and the silliest of all...the finger with a needle on my blogger.. :P..

I ordered my cell in the bath room,my sister got it for me,yelling-are you mad...???
i tried pulling it out saying one two three...but I am not a butcher you see,i moved it slightly,i could feel the sharp tool moving in my finger..
I imagined,what the consequences would be if I 'd not play a successful surgeon,sleeping with the book mark,and also what it' b if my sis would put her hand on it,when asleep...what would it be then..I'd rush to the doc early morning,and what if it becomes serious,would they amputate my finger,i imagined myself with an amputated finger....awwwwww it was disgusting!!
15 mins,the needle was still residing in my finger,unwilling to leave the poor finger!At an instance,i wanted to call my mom,but if she calls my father in turn,he'd get an attack ,we'd surely have to visit hospital in that case.(he's that fragile in our case):P..
I am a strategist,I decided,i'll have to play a surgeon...imagining all the consequences.after all the futile efforts of 123 go! plucking system,i moved it moved my flesh, half an inch from my fingers tip,and finally mission successfull!!!
I came out of the bath room,and rubbed the tiny blood drop at my finger against my sisters arm,and told her"i love you!" this was the right time,i could make her realize her-that self happiness is not all,a human being has to care for,you can cry,laugh,infact peirce the needle inside to get a smile on your loved ones...rather being 'J,' when your sisters awarded for some thing she worked hard for...I hope she realize...... she cried for a while,looking at me when I was busy taking the pictures of the book mark...I did make a hole,from the same needle and attached a lace to it....
And here I am blogging with my single hand,with the pain reluctant to leave...infact paining my shoulder,which i cannot move,this time coz of the needle,the uncle peirced in to my arm for giving me T.T!!.. :(

this book mark costs a lot.isn't it??? :P


Sameera said...

Mad mad mad! dats wat u r nammy! But i sure loved ur bookmark :)And i liked ur finale of making humzie cry... ha ha ha! Pure genius ;) (Although it doesnt take alot to make her cry!!)

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