Sunday, August 21, 2016

Random things.

This guy has his travel mode ON. The shades he wore had lense of two colors, one blue the other green. How cool is that? 
I can never have that look on.

So..I am waiting at the airport. Abiding my ritual of pick up/ drop off someone at airport atleast twice a month. I realized no matter what season it is everyone month I go to the airport atleast twice. 

Coming back to the cool guy at airport. I wish to be him atleast on one trip, not having worries to lose passport or get scared about not being picked up by anyone at the airport or losing luggage. 

It's back to school season, lot of kids arriving for school being picked up by fellow school mates. I get to see some crazy tattoos and hair colors with this excuse.

I just figured there's no app for blogger in apple app store.

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