Sunday, 11 August, 2013

The Eid Effect.


Yesterday after a long time I got the feeling of  'Yay tomorrow's Eid, have to go home early' cos mom was home and its after three years I am with someone from the family to celebrate Eid with and instead of taking an off, I preferred working from home Grr. Every time my other friends at work take a day or two off for Eid but I go to work having nobody around celebrating alone didn't make any sense, all I could do was get ready pray Eid Namaz and go on Skype.

Few friends of mine told me there's Eid mela in the town and I thought it'll be a change for mom if we go to the mela, she has outpaced the 'oh! America' period and is eagerly waiting to go back to her nest, so I thought the mela will be something different and give her the feeling of festival and home.

As I entered I saw a colleague, I later came across him and introduced Mom to him. It's different how you behave with colleagues outside work. I have incidences when I have ignored my best friend of school or college just to avoid them because the latter was much cooler than.... I so badly regret it, I came to know how bad the old best friend would feel being ignored when the same thing happened to me.

Once I was in the office cafeteria for lunch with two friends and I saw a classmate(I wouldn't like to call her a friend after what happened)who came to visit our facility for work. I looked at her once, she kept eating her lunch with her head down, I looked at her the second time she was doing the same, by this time I had already told the other two friends with me that she's my classmate, I couldn't ignore, I just went and said 'Hey Hi, how come you are here?' she was nervous, I have no idea why. I then realized, how it feels after getting ignored. After this, I decided how much ever bad I am dressed or I look, I'll not ignore anyone I know.

Coming back to the Eid Mela, I did not see so many muslims together anywhere except Charminar (in Hyderabad). They were people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The place wasn't very big, so people were literally sitting anywhere and eating, chatting. We first opened my fast and went to the prayer hall to pray, I shouldn't be saying but one thing I don't like about gatherings like this, people don't care if they're in the prayer hall and others are praying, they just start chatting about how they look, what are they wearing and where they got it from. I feel sad how can one not understand to zip up all the conversations and do what they came for. Places like this should be spared, you are hearing this from a person whose name was always on the black board  for talking a lot in the class.

We went into the shopping section, my Mom was very excited to see the Pakistani clothing stores. I told her they get it from India and sell it doubled the amount, she said 'We don't get anything from Pakistan in India specially these designs they're so nice.'

I said, 'Mom this Pakistani fashion won't work in India, these Kurtis are so long and they're almost like Anarkali, so what's the difference?'
She replied 'No, Anarkali is the one with lot of flares evenly, this ones are the same but the flare is uneven in the bottom.'

Where I wanted to get Kulfi and eat Kebab, she wanted to get Kundan Jewellery and Pakistani dresses. I kept taking her back to the food court saying 'I was fasting whole day, I am hungry,' to avoid the unnecessary things she might buy which we'd keep in our cupboards forever.

Over all  it was a good experience, the place was lit brightly, people were in colorful clothes, Wives busy bargaining and husbands carrying the kids and passing their time in the food court. It definitely changed Moms mood and reminded me of all the good food and Eid time at home.

PS I watched Chennai Express on Eid day, it was good..SRK can never stop looking good. :D


I HEARD YOU said...

Eid celebrations are so over the top for me. New clothes and fasting while all the mithais are right in front of's barbaric! :D
I went to jama masjid 2 years back on eid with one of my friend's family, can you believe that? We didn't even have a place to stand. It was like the whole world was there! I thought maybe in US there are sure gonna be less people :P
But it's great your eid went well !
And ignores? You ignore your ex, not classmates! Still, if someone ignores you, then he must be terribly bad at conversations or even lunatic for that matter!
But such things go on forever. They shouldn't spoil the festive mood! :)
Even I watched chennai express, I loved it too :)

nameera said...

Hmm..Agreed people in masjid and all are a lot. I never went to masjid as women don't go to masjid in India (cultural defect).

Glad you enjoy the festival :)

Artistic Logic said...

then there's the opposite people in masjids too who are demanding and strict on everybody to do this and do that. both cases are bad