Monday, 22 July, 2013

Where do we belong?

Ah! I am too lazy to write big blogs or write stories I guess, I have been trying to write about my New York trip with Mom for days but I kept postponing it. I have something for now.

I have ignored a lot of things since mom came, things in my kitchen, refrigerator, my small plants I've been trying to grow out of little things. Mom was looking for cracked wheat to make Haleem (my favorite Ramadaan dish) and I searched my whole kitchen and couldn't find it, while hunting for it I found so many things which expired and needs to be thrown away. I have barely cooked twice-thrice since mom came.

Realizing how I neglected everything, I first went to see my plants, my green onion was dry and dying, I remember I planted an onion just cos it started giving green shoots and thought this will give spring onions and I can use the green leaves for Chinese. I went and dug in the pot and I found a new tiny onion bulb, I kept digging looking for the onion I planted, I couldn't see a trace of the onion peel or anything of the onion I planted. I was astonished by the way nature destroys, heals, gain back stability.
We come from the soil and go back into it...we all in some form go back there irrespective of religion or gender.
Sorry, if this was depressing.


I HEARD YOU said...

I have tasted Haleem many times but it's peculiar sweet taste sometimes makes me feel obnoxious. But that maybe because I used to eat it in hurry :P
And not all of us go back into soil- Hindus cremate bodies. So we are first creating air pollution and secondly, we do not contribute to soil formation. Ha! I sound bookish!

nameera said...

It'd have tasted sweet cos of the fried onions and kaju they put in the garnishing.

Agreed, Hindus cremate bodies but they put the ashes in the Ganges, so I am assuming the ashes forms rocks or goes in the sand.

Artistic Logic said...

This is deep insight.
Don't let your plants die btw! You worked hard to grow them.