Tuesday, 14 May, 2013

The Day - May 12, 2012.

May 13/ 2013

It's been a year we graduated, life's very different now. While giving me the degree Dr Grace said 'No more late night studies,' he was right. It was end of late night studies, getting off work early to finish the home work, no more skipping meals and living on monster drinks. Sometimes I miss all that, when I see students in the university, I don't go there often but I don't miss any chance to go there. Two days back I attended the graduation ceremony of few friends, no doubt it was super fun, let me correct myself not as fun as my Graduation day was, I know I will never stop comparing and proving my thing the best and yes I don't like it when people compare my things or me to something else.

I was such a jerk to not write a blog on my Graduation, I remember sis and few friends told me to write one, but it took long to get back to blogging, well I at least started writing again, I am glad. When I was asking the tickets from Dorrie, our favorite International Student adviser, I asked her what time do we come in she said 'the same time as you did,' I was dumbstruck -What time did we go? All I remembered was my stomach ache, it hurt so much, no food for 5 hours, not even water. When we came out of the arena, people were congratulating us and I so much wanted to get out of there and calm my stomach.

I remember sis kept telling me 'Its your day, you have to look the best and you have to party hard.' We didn't have anything decided all we knew was our seniors were going to attend the ceremony, none of our parents had come for the ceremony. It was very nice of our seniors to attend and make it memorable, I felt so blessed to have them when I attended my juniors(not really juniors but they graduated after us, so..)Commencement and realized what their presence really meant.

I remember I got up early at six thirty or seven, keeping in mind my hair have to be straight-straight  like a bamboo stick not like noodles or Shahnaaz Hussain( not insulting her, her hair are great but I don't like them cos I got the same kind of hair). I got ready early because I knew I have to go on Skype and see my parents on the big day, I logged in and saw that they're not online, I called them and guess what, my sister told me they cannot come online because the transformer blasted because of the overload the neighbors put as there  was a marriage in the adjacent house. I cursed the neighbor to death, forget about they were celebrating an important function before marriage and its all dark in their house, my parents couldn't see me on the special day nor they would be able to watch the ceremony online was my sorrow. My elder sister came online and she took pictures and sent to the potter sister and also posted on Facebook, she told me that my hair were too dry and need serum, I rushed to Walgreens and got two varieties of  it, just in case if one didn't work.

Our super senior friend picked us in his SUV, we reached the venue and wore the gown, it was a special feeling, I don't think I can ever feel so proud wearing something but this was it. I was worried that my mood might spoil cause along with me were few unwanted faces walking in the ceremony too..but it didn't effect at all. I was saddened by the fact that everyone's parents were watching the live telecast of the ceremony and my parents were in dark..hah..I now remember they were not in dark, they were attending the neighbors function.

I see the pictures at least once a month and when I attended the ceremony last week everything just came out like live, I was seeing myself walking, so happy waving hands at my friends who were cheering us, taking pictures. I was seeing my juniors and I felt that they sad/tensed or nervous, I was waving hands seeing them but they all were just walking, I actually don't know if they were able to see us in so much crowd.

It was an experience I never want to forget except the stomach ache part. I still didn't see my degree with a feeling of achievement, I only saw it when I had to scan and send it to someone, waiting for Mom to see it first and then I can see it, I know she deserves it more than anyone.