Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

So much in a day!!

I've been waiting for something to that I can post it here...Everyone here knows that I write only when something jaw dropping, gloomy or blissful happens, coz like Sis and like other good blogger friends I don't know how to pen on and on and prove a point neither  I am a poet, painter nor  a cook :P

Coming to the point..I was waiting for something to happen, but something like this?Oh no!spare me please!

It's called 'Verilog' a programming language...which we hardly knew. last exam and I wanted to give my best, atleast not  a backlog..not once did it happen that it's my last exam and I didn't write it well...this way results tension always came along with the end of  exams..and so did it this time too..

I never faced such a paper, 8 questions, you know 1.5!!
Invigilator showed mercy and the exam hall turned all noisy..pouring water on my efforts to put something into the paper and atleast score a pass mark.
3 hours passed somehow and came the long waited end!

Forgetting the paper we enjoyed ourselves, for we'd not meet again, like this together anytime from now.
They tore papers, hugged and few of them cried-from the other batch the computer sciences chicks, we electros are strong, with a thousand watt of power in our friendship, which'd never end with the college.

The first person to call and congratulate was potter sis-Hums(whom I thought was mum,with so much noise around),then Orkut bhai Annu and then I called my sissy and then the last was Jeetu..

I took my cam to capture the last moments...we took loads of photos and as it was late  to go party somewhere, few of us went to a near by place and  celebrated it with cool drinks and pastries...!how can a naughty mind not use the cream?I applied all the cream on a friends face..someone on the tables said-'hey take a picture..'

Pastries were over,now it was time for pani puri!few of them unjoined...only three of us left.
Don't know for what reason I opened my bag..and to my horror my cam was missing!No!!
I kept whining,'it's's gone!what'll I tell mom now?'

Except how to find it, numerous ideas rushed into my mind..
-Someone snatched my bag and ran away...thank God I am safe!

-I forgot the camera  in the morning..I kept it on's not here?the bai must have taken it :P
-Create a scene-fake drama in which the thief unscrew the windows grill and scatter all the things in room and also disconnect the L.C.D, but Oh no! I came while the thief was trying to take the L.C.D away, he kept it on the washing machine outside and ran away with what all he got from the room = camera from the L.C.D cupboard :P

-Forget about the camera..When it's absence is discovered-' what do I know?I didn't see it!'
learnt this from Jeeju, he gave me this tip when I broke one of my sissy's vase in B'lore :P

Other two friends of mine ran their minds on how can we get it back and I kept whining..
Keshu encouraged, 'Don't worry you'll get it back, and if it had to go..then we can't help it even I lost a cell..' Butool(B) said,'that was just a cell, this is a camera!!'
Bad exam, and a lost camera aggrevated the gloom...

Dialled to friends who'd help me accessing the bus driver uncles  number in which we came..Coz I vividly remembered keeping it in my bag after seeing the photos in the bus, and with all my senses present there was no thief around who'd have flipped it...

The only way to see the camera back was either in any of my friends bag or in the bus.
Both had zero probability coz no one took my cam, then I recollected-they wanted  a picture,when I was playing with the pastries cream..called all of them who were present there...but luck doesn't come calling every time.

Dialled the class rep and took the contacts of people who could give us the drivers uncles number..after few dials got the  number and he told us that the bus is kept in a garage and he didn't see any cam, coz he was the one who closed all the windows of the bus and parked it there.

I disconnected the phone, both of my friends were reluctant to get back home or see it tomorrow morning..
We dialled him again and I didn't talk this time B spoke and took the address of the garage, it was near a road which leads to airport..not much far though..
He said, 'you can't go there alone, its all dark and you also have dogs there.' hearing this all the horrified scenes came into my mind..a man following us with  a knife in his hand, a dog running after us etc;

The man agreed to come and we decided to go there..the moment we took an auto Mom called asking where I was, I lied that we are at Gandipet(water park near our college)and waiting for the buses.
I disconnected the call  to avoid her questions..
Potter sis called again and again shouting-'you know what's happening here in the city?'
two unknown men gunned down two policemen, and the city was on alert.
I again lied 'I have no battery in my cell..I'll call you soon.'

Reached the place..I was sure I wouldn't get it back..I had thoughts that the driver uncle must have taken it and only to prove his innocence tomorrow when we'd blame him of the missing camera from the bus he's coming so far for our rescue.
The auto fella said-21!I said' why 21?take 5*3=15!won't give 21..'he argued argued, I took out two tens and gave him..saying I don't have one rupee..he again started 'merko ek rupaiyya milta,tum woh bhi nahi dete?'
gave him a rupee..a rupee sounded so big then..with a camera of thousands gone a rupee would obviously sound big.

We walked to some distance, the driver uncle called again..I was sure now..he took it!he's acting helpful, only to save himself.
He was standing there with a torch in his was all dark, with few dogs around..not resembling the garage I imagined :P

I stepped into the bus first and then stopped..asked my other friends to go first.
We sat in the last third row..B saw it and screamed..It was lying there in the corner.

I jumped!jumped and kissed both of them...
I felt sorry about what all I thought of the man who helped us.
I don't know what'd have happened that night if I'd not have got it.

Thanks to both the sweet hearts and Driver uncle.


Eidothia said...

We should actually go back to remote villages once in a while to replenish some basic values: Trusting others, helping people, sharing.

And also we should not pick wrong ideas too (wrt my vase!!Huh!)

waseem said...

u r very lucky u gt it back n u r plans always work lucky girlllllllll

Anish Patel said...

U should not wait for something to happen for writing.... Writing whatever comes in mind.... Ur writing is really enjoyable...
and ya, Good that you got back the camera.....
Keep writing...

nameera said...

that was given by jeejs..not my idea..but it worked!
hehhe..agree I am lucky :) atleast here.

~ Lopa said...

//like Sis and like other good blogger friends I don't know how to pen on and on and prove a point neither  I am a poet, painter nor  a cook :P
what was that??? Why do i read my name in between the lines ! :P

hahaha...lucky you atleast you found your cam back.... and yes i agree with your potter-sis, you shouldn't take such risks when city is on high-alert... camera to naya aa jayege and photo bhi aur khich jayege :o)

nameera said...

Long lost lopa is here!
yaa..ya i was referring you there!

~ Lopa said...

I knew it.... ;)

And i am not long lost... I am here, you are lost waiting for something drastic to happen so that can blog about...haha :P

nameera said...

Lops you were missing from my log i meant!

~ Lopa said...

aree busy tha May... both ways ...kam mein and travelling mein...else aisi humari himmat? ;)

sabi said...

I enjoyed going through your blog Nami...though dere was sme grief ...U made sure of having some fun in it too...datsy I voted U as a good writer....:)
Am sorry Nami I dint enquire about the cam,I remember U cald me...sorry...:p...
Thank God U got it....:)

nameera said...

The ever ready helping CR's here.
Hey I thought of calling you when I got it..but I was so elated that sab bhool gayee.
Thanks for the writer award. :)

Tangerine said...

hey! love the post :) especially enjoyed the brilliant ways u thought up to escape the situation! :)

anyways great that u got ur cam back!! alls well that ends well

nameera said...

Glad you liked it tangy :)