Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

This will pass too...it did!it was big!

She's coming tomorrow!She's coming tomorrow..
A month with out you......so big....arduous..gloomy..lost!!
If I am given a chance not to live any part of my life,it'd be this!not exaggerating....

16th Feb, 6:59pm
Thanks for the help today. Dont know what i'd do without you. Thanks for being there for me always. I will miss you and love you.
We were together the whole day, almost all the time winding up things- the paper presentation, seminar and other stuff that'd satisfy my H.O.D's hunger,for she'd leave tomorrow, leave for a month!!! For a holiday to London. Didn't know how to react, happy for her or sad for myself and the other friend of mine, or feel J!

17th Feb, 12:19am
I'll miss you too so much.
I don't think i can ever forget this night...for it was the worst night of my life till now.......

Fought with my sister I went upstairs in the room to sleep, tried reading, Couldn't! If I ever get a chance to take an avenge.. making my sister read a stupid novel, I wouldn't let the opportunity go, cause she did- made me read Christopher Pike's- See You Tomorrow. With already much confusion in life author made things so weird- girl meets boy, boy thinks he's seen the girl before.girl after a month says-"I am your future."' Ugh!!

Went into the balcony, poor mosquitoes didn't know what I was going through, so they carried on their usual task of sucking blood.. I killed each of them and played with their legs..venting my frustration.
Every time I feel low, I call either of these 3 people- Annu, Jeet, Sis.
Didn't want to call Annu, he's been busy with shifting his house that he forgot replying to my SMS!
Called JK, poor man just got down the flight, so thought troubling him'd be a bad idea.
Reluctantly called sis, wondering if I'd disturb Jeeju. Sis didn't take the call. I roamed all around the house up, down. Went into the balcony again, went into the kitchen! Again came back to the room- saw sister's missed calls. I dialled her back, she was in chennai (office trip) thank God jeeju didn't come to know about my sleeping disorder.
I tried pretending that I wasn't sleepy, simply... she tried getting things out of me by her 'kya hua beta..' tone.. but even I didn't know what was happening.. there was no one thing that I was confused/ worried about.. And keshu leaving added onto it badly.
Sis gave me a concentrating exercise- take air inside your stomach and leave it bit by bit in seven steps.. which worked surprisingly, driving me to sleep.

 I woke up around 4:40am to call her, but she already boarded the plane.The flight was around 3:50, I woke up around 4:40, reached the phone if I could call her..
17th Feb,3:48am
I am in the plane, hope you're feeling good. Missing you guys.
That was the last message I received from her.

Its a month today,she left us,a month after the disastrous,gloomy night...
I am accustomed to see things without her, but can't say I'm not missing her..

-We wrote our internal exams without her for the first time, missed the time we spent chatting, and in figuring out all the ways to run away from exams..
-Didn't go to canteen since you left..
-Didn't eat pani puri near sharma xerox..
-My cell phone's charging remains full for 2-3 days..
-Together we were jerks watching flicks on HBO....Now,guess my reflex arc doesn't react to humor without you..
-Holi colors are kept in the store room, waiting for you..

p.s it's been  a month this draft's been lying..I know people out there must be thinking-'both the things should've been written seperately..a freiend who left & a nightmare..but you see both of them struck me at the same time..so..and I got no time to write 2 separate blogs for only two three  readers out there... :P


Anonymous said...
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uzma said...

oh god nameera ur jzt 2 much....
thanx god shez cumng othr wise u'l
b 3rd devdas hahahaha...........
as ur sayngshez cumng i vl gt my 5 pointsum1.......... sry abt dis bt ky karu wo padhney ka mood tha
dehko i commented 4r nahi bolna ke i havnt

Eidothia said...

Oh. Sweetu baby. I never knew you could be so attached. I am glad to know that actually. I hope your fren and you have a rocking time ahead now that she's back.

Anish Patel said...
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Anish Patel said...

I am sure there r more than 2-3 readers.... :) .....

nameera said...

Oh..I didn't start daaro yet..so..no third devdas situation'd arise :P
Didn't yet meet her.. :(
Hope so! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, im straight :P. Not sure Im glad to be back cause i miss my entire family yet glad to know it wont feel new here. Thanks a lot for everything. So glad you missed me,I missed you too,trust me.Wish we were all together, but life doesn't stop I guess.Wish it did. See you on Monday or sooner.

Anonymous said...

Very expressive. Your getting goodat it

Farheen-echoes said...

its over! Shez Bac! :D