Wednesday, 16 December, 2009

Cutting?Passing?Wasting time!!

Everything’s been so boring these days...nothing much is the blog today.Past few weeks have just been like play,stop!play stop!Like running the same cassette over and over can take it as cd if you want..(i know it wasn’t that funny).

It’s raining fasts in AP these days, thanks to Sonia gandhi that i didn’t mention Telangana here..The separate Telangana moment, nothing but the change in headlines of news papers, deaths of a few innocent people..publicity to the evil drama king KCR, his son and lime light for few of the long slept MLA’s..nothing else!Ah...Nothing else?nothing else?? Pour a tumbler of water on your face lazy!!ya....this laziness is the aftermath of what i’ve gone through all these days..what happened?oh..what didn’t happen!!

It’s been a long long longgggggg time I went out for shopping...The tickets we booked for Paa’s show, the show got cancelled..EXAM POSTPONED !!twice thrice,everyday!!and its on 2nd of jan now, means don’t celebrate!You have to study,drop all your plans till 2nd!! why does this happen to me only? :(

So..I was telling what lazy me’s been upto.. running..running in the morning and then doing some exercise not lying on the yoga mat and sleeping ..ah..I donno what cloud of sadness has been over me it was day before yesterday that i was working out and suddenly this song played on my dvd kal ho naa ho...and I never listen to sad numbers coz i start crying if I do so..but donno..I felt like crying,crying this I didn’t change it, cried cried for what? For I had nothing to do?For I had enough time to cry? : P Arey....!!I cried coz SRK was dying.... :D hmm..i cried coz i was bored! :D hmm..ok ok!i cried coz its good if you cry sometimes..simply for no reason!And then I try to figure out why my lacrimal glands started shedding fluid, then the first and only vision I get is of my sis, I donno if it comes to put a stop on my tears or it’s coz I miss!i don’t miss her..We talk almost daily!may be she comes to put a stop on them...coz ders no such grief for which I ‘d shed tears! thanks to God..Hmm..and on the next number I danced danced :D Then hot hot tea!!thanks to God,i don’t have to do all on my own..and then mast breakfast! then Ma Pa rushes to office putting us under house arrest saying..their’s fuss in the city beta,don’t go outside it isn’t safe!Even after everything's clear,all fine!huhh!Till then I eat my sis and my other online pals heads...Social networking sites were never my cup of tea,since hue left I rarely use orkut and I never liked facebook,dont know for what reason,may be coz I don't get a chance to spy there or may be coz of its boring format!!boredom led me to use facebook too or should I say playing on facebook...the Farmville!what boring game it is!And i wonder, how people play it big big farms..God!My sis and my bro’s too addicted to it now a days.poor people under house arrest we resorted to farming :P

Thanks to HBO and star movies it lessened my grief...I saw the stupidest movies I ever imagined I’d see- Tinker bell,Wanted,Dev D :P,Tum mile,All the best.The only ones I liked were Twilight(I didn’t read the book,so it wasn’t bad for me),The ugly truth and I wanted to see Ni-shabd- from-many-days-its-buffering-now! :D what else can a useless person do??God!!This all scares me of becoming a jobless and of becoming a house wife! :P How do they pass time??

Ah..another thing i’ve been doing..this again brings me to the sad sad mood..I couldn’t finish P.S i love you,since 2 months..!!ah..i read it daily on bed, and not more than a page am asleep..that too deeply!!That sad and boring it is,finally I got rid off the book, how?I saw the movie!!ting!ting!!hahhaha!And now,i’ve started reading Morning Noon and night by Sidney ,the events in this book takes place so quickly that I feel i should return to P.S.i Love you again.. :P .My taste in books too has changed I guess,or I don’t even know what to read? Haaaaah!

Donno why Sis too started writing all sad sad blogs like a sad puppy and one of my favorite blogger Amith,he stopped was all sad sad...That’s it!that’s how it went..all these days..

Ah!Nishabd is almost buffered,I’ll watch it before the power woooosss..ok!


Eidothia said...

It seems like you had the blues or were shedding all ur water content so as not to (jump?)jog to lose weight :P

One big nutcase you are!

~Lopa said...

Awwwww, why so sad sad dear? I hope just a phase and you will be better tomorrow :)

Btw me too watched p.s. i love you, while the book stands proudly in my collection ;) But I am planning to read book as well, yeah as soon as i get some time :/

nameera said...

I thought..u'd cry cry reading this.. :( not cry-cry,but atleast cry! huhh!itna senti hoke likha tha..
all attempts wasted on making u cry :P(i thought u've turned into asad puppy and will cry cry :P)
Heehee..nothing so serious..I ma sad coz i've got nothing to do ..
I think u'll like P.S...

Tangerine said...

Kal ho naa ho... thats one of my favorite movie :)

Hey.. come on don't be sad... life isnt as bad as we think it is (yeah! that's my new funda ;) *grin*) and get this... all.. every single one ... of my friends are home for the hols except me! :(

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!