Friday, 27 November, 2009

For the sake of.....

Comments on last blog are enough...It's been so long i blogged..and everyone around are bored seeing the same blog on my page(including me) a new one!like every time i have nothing to describe,give views on a particular one's gonna be random like my sister does,ranting on and on..on all things she come across whole day :D
Exams!Exams!Exams!They got postponed so many times that if i'd have made an entry on every time it got PP'd my number'd have reached 40+ from!they started from 16th only...16th to 20 was hectic!very hectic one exam after was like padho!ya maro! and then..5 holidays for next exam another 5(now)for next and..more 13 for the last one!JNTU zindabad!They changed the schedule for CAT delay would fetch no good to geniuses like me.
Hmm...I always thought,why's mum like this-gardening,cooking cooking,feeding us every time the same way like we wouldn't get anything to eat afterwards..,Sis joined the same category..Mom always nagged-don't know what she'll do away from home(though it's a different story today that when I praise sis,she says 'I always knew-my sincere beta!") :P..Sis joined the same category.

  • Took jeejs to some nursery for buying plants.
  • started Knitting.
  • She starts cooking quick after she comes from office(I refused to agree,my bro told me so ,when he went at Sis's place to Gurgao!)
  • She's fond of money plants.(Mum must have told dhan ayega!)
  • She've suddenly started liking Govt servants.(here she became wiser i think)
  • Feeds hubby like hubby didn't eat since donno how long(Jeeju,nothing towards you ok!)
I've observed only this things..
And..and..and..i already told you that this post'd hold all random things..
Hmm...The scooty(kinetic flyte) sissy sent me,I am unable to drive that!!grrr!!I always said my friends"Huh!Nameera,wont learn driving a scooty or anything,ok?directly four wheeler!"And I also tried learning a car ..then I thought,If i'd start driving on roads,fear of riding a four wheeler would go and then i can learn four wheeler easily.But now! :(
I bought red chappals too,to match it!My tagheuer red frame to matches it.(Yes!I took the frame into my hands and saw the spelling of -tag-heuer!)The same frame is worn by SRK you know...when i told the same thing to Pa,he scolded why do you have to compare yourself with a man dancing on roads!(hawww!!SRK look what papa said).
Spelling mistakes remind me...I forgot the spelling of-receiver,absorption,center and at times while writing I was confused if to use their or there during the paper!I felt so shamefull seeing small Darsheel(taare zameen par fame kid)doing an add of spell a bee! :(
I don't have anything more now...!!
This post was only to save my record of posting things every month,not for all you desperate readers like I said at the top of my blog! :P


~Lopa said...


I know exactly what you mean, i feel the same when i am not getting time to write something or when i have no idea what to write about...

Abhi blog hai apne name pe, to record ko sahi rakhne ka tension to aayega hi ;)

Eidothia said...

Arre! Red sandals, red frame, ab toh red kine seekh lo, lallu!

And I havent changed my category ok? I still hate sewing,see! Just the other day I took 15 mins to sew something so tiny!!! :P

Apanatva said...

:) :) :)

nameera said...

ya...sometime i really don't have anything to write..not to disappoint the readers likhna padhta hai :P
Similarly,is the case of posting comments..i don't get anything else in mind except-hahaha!heehee!,my sister asks me "hahah haee hee is a comment?"and again I am left with nothing to say!

Main Nameera,vachan leti hoon k jab tak main kine nahi seekh loongi tab tak meri is pavithra athma is shareer ko nahi chodegi!marne se pehli seekh loongi sis! :P
Ok!i Promise before 2010 I'll learn!
@Apanatva ji.
Dhnayavaad aap humare yahan ake muskura k gayee :)