Saturday, 28 March, 2015

It's the Cricket World Cup.

Feels like its been decades since I wrote something. I woke up to watching the video of  thousands of Indians singing the national anthem in the Pak vs Ind world cup match at the opening. It brings you shivers listening to that, I can just imagine what a player goes through with all that pressure and people's hope lying on the team. For a moment I was too excited thinking its the cricket world cup final today, but no! India's not in it. It's time I bring down the decoration in my hall which says 'Chase for the cup begins.'

To be frank I haven't seen a lot of matches this time, but I was closely following it. I haven't been awake at nights, not watched it doesn't  mean I can't whine about India failing its litmus test. I can whine, I have equal rights as Arnab. :P

It's funny how opinions, likes/dislikes change. I was such a huge fan of AG, I use 'was' because I don't follow Times now any more nor do I follow NDTV. 8-9 years back Arnab was that big mouth who wouldn't shy asking bold questions to any neta's or celebrities. He was that guy who spotted politicians playing the blame game, now he's joined the same creed blaming the Indian team for losing the match.

Leaving AG alone coz I don't want to add up to the lot who are yelling at him right now on twitter, facebook, blogs and where not.

I don't have a lot to write as I am becoming boring day by day as one of my friend confessed when I met her after four and a half years. I really want to write but at the same time I don't want to be a depressing blogger missing her family/life back home, I like the blogs I wrote when I was in India, I was a completely different person then.

Ending this with a confused state of mind for who to support in today's finals, when discussed about it with my roommate she yelled at me for supporting Australia as they trashed India out of the world cup. I don't know a lot of players so I don't know why I should support New Zealand.


Tangerine said...

Happy to see you back. Here's hoping you are still blogging at the next World Cup :)

Anish Patel said...

I too in USA now since last September... moved on my own and now every day I questioned myself why!!!! why!!!! sigh.....

nameera said...

Aww. Thanks Tang, I hope you continue writing till then too.

Anish-hope you enjoy living here, I know its a bit difficult initially..and your country is your own no comparison there.