Monday, 16 August, 2010

Adios India.

I am going on a leave; leave from a peaceful king size life...

Sipping the morning tea with a news paper in hand, endless chat with Mom...I realize what all I am going to miss...(read sacrifice) :P
* First thing in the morning, looooo!
Resting in the washroom, knowing your sister is waiting for a bath the other side of the door.
* Chewing the brush sitting in the balcony...not leaving it till Mum brings the tea tray...(That's the trick you should play if you want to avoid making tea in the morning)
* Gossip!Gossip with Mom about Papa, bitching at Hums(Potter Sis) and my efforts of putting words in Mom's mouth ;lecture to bro on how brat he's getting day by day.
* When at home breakfast, lunch and dinner all are same...a dollop of Ghee and Rice and you are again sleepy at eleven in the morning.
* Lazy me wouldn't get time or see time for lunch, when hungry would go and pour cold milk in the mug and sip it glued to the system..eating Sis, JK and swappy's brains.
* Hums sitting with her lunch or post lunch plate and stuffing food in my mouth...(Me still glued to system) and she narrating what all happened in college.
* Me and Hums fighting on 'it's your turn to make the evening tea'.

There are many things I am going to miss...This was names sake bye bye post from India..
Will be flying at 07:55 PM  from HYD-DELHI-FRANKFURT-CHICAGO-DETROIT by Lufthansa Lufthans!
My first International flight...Hope I get good company and you readers get another entertaining blog like the last time when I was on train...

Reporting last from India.

P.S Don't worry I won't stop Blogging ;)


Anish Patel said...

Congrates and Best Luck... and you see, what a co-incidence!!! My manager told me 1st thing in the morning, You are flying US next month for project release.
and 1st thing I read on office lappy is your blog.....

Pesto Sauce said...

I too felt same exactly four months back leaving India

nameera said...

Thanks Anish..
Best of luck for your project :)
Haha..its the same I guess everyone who leaves India..
we are habituated living King size life :)