Tuesday, 24 August, 2010


Dear Readers,

Till I get my own lappy adjust with the flat not so entertaining blogs from me...
Hyd jet airways flight:The flight got twenty five minutes delayed. Papa accompanied me till delhi... got a non reclining seat poor papa..'the jnnurm bus service in hyderabad is ten times better'

Landed at Delhi, seeing it I felt proud, Delhi Airport stands noway in comparision to the Rajeev Gandhi International Airport at Hyd..Didn't see the complete Delhi Airport but with whatever this is my opinion
Saw Mummy Sis Hums crying at the Hyd airport, now it was papa's turn...
with the whole send off experience and till I boarded the DELHI-FRANKFURT flight, I bet any director will buy my script for a sequel of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham...In other words, I'd have never left India if I knew I'd get so many surprises and haha so many tears, pappis and jhappis.

I was supposed to take the DEL-FRA plane from Terminal-3; yes the newly opened terminal...Now the question was 'Can papa come till Terminal-3?' THE GMR bus would drop me till terminal-3, but only the passengers; meant papa can't accompany me further. There was no such moment I felt this sad, pity...we bribed the driver to let papa in...he didn't accept it..I knew this were the last moments with papa in India..he saw us... Indians...anything big than emotions and Love ..?No!He let papa in to the bus. We were so so happy! Papa kept saying 'I am a brave girl..' All the way in the bus I held papa's and in mine and my my head on his shoulder. Holding his hands I missed someone's touch...Mommy! I missed those cuddly soft hands...I heard something back my mind then..the kuch kuch hota hai's MAA tone(where the girl anjali's got to speak few words on 'Mother' in a competition..) Movies are not drama...they are real, each little thing inspired from real life.
Terminal 3: Papa will have to leave now, He did a bye bye, I warned him not to cry ..so he didn't the time spent in the bus till terminal 3 was enough to ward sorrow off.
He didn't go till I got my luggage checked in...we kept in touch on phone..he stood at the same get where we both got separated from each other...a security guard with a riffle in hand the big glass gate separating a daughter-father...Am I getting dramatic? My masters degree taking me aloof from all my loved ones.
I got my bags checked in I called papa, we waved hands; and when I called papa the next moment..It showed 'Unavailable' Papa's cell phones battery was dead. Mum, Sis and Farin kept bugging me on cell and all my balance ended there with the roaming on.

Immigration check and all formalities done...I went to the washroom..The cleaner lady there greeted everyone..'Namaste..' I talked to her for few minutes and told 'Aap akhri bharatiya naari ho jisse main India mein baat kar rahi hoon...'

Boarded the plane, thankfully I got an aisle seat..I came to know it that time, what an aisle seat means..sis explained me ten times...and when I boarded DEL-FRA and when she asked me 'did u get an aisle seat..?' I asked her what is it? ;P
Papa, Sis and Mummy called again when I was seated in the plane. Papa called from the telephone booths 5-6 times in a duration of half an hour..through Mum I came to know how much he walked for the booths and how a taxi driver gave him his phone.. :((
Nothing much on television I slept..I always fancied about the flights when JK told me about his hectic business schedule ones..Now I know what pain they are!Huh! The train experience and people on train, their spicy chats were much better than the 'mind your own business' passengers in the plane.
FRANKFURT Airport: I wanted to study in Germany, US was never a goal..I was happy that atleast I am getting to visit the country. And now..now! I HATE GERMANY! I hate those dehaati Germans who hardly understand english and shout shout bark at passengers.

Landed at 7:30 there and I was supposed to take the next flight at 8:10, good news was I had to board in from the same terminal but bad news was..my flight was Lufthansa under it written operated by United Airways so the flight number 'd change again and there was no help desk and the people I asked either didn't knew English or were shouting saying- 'I am doing my work here can't you see..' That was so rude. I didn't find that attitude at Indian Airports, infact the Indian crew there gave more importance to the foreigners. That's what you call 'Atithi Devo Bhava'..If any foreigner reading it..it means-'A guest is equal to God'

Incredible India!
With my trolley bag and leather jacket and bagpack I ran through the transits..I was sweating. A-60 was the gate..more big the number...more you have to run to catch the flight. I went to the gate and asked for a boarding pass...with only ten minutes for the plane to take off, the lady there started asking me n- number of questions..nationality..you carrying drugs which was all scary, adding to that the guy at the counter beside gave me the wrong boarding pass. I boarded the plane, asked the air hostess my seat number and seeing the boarding pass she replied 'this is not your boarding pass for this plane..' My face turned multicolored. I showed her my ticket and requested her that I wont get off from this plain what ever happens coz I have the ticket with me...Thankfully nothing more dramatic happened and I got a middle sit this time..in the mid row..which was ugggggh! Seven plus hours there and the next destination will be Chicago.
CHICAGO AIRPORT: Landed at about 10:30. The scenario at the Customs and the security check was like at our raithu bazaar(farmers market), people of different color, creed, country-blacks, whites and the brown dotted pink chicks :p..

+400 people at the customs check...And now starts the drama..Chicago being 'the port of entry'I was supposed to check in my luggage again. I went to the carousel searching for my luggage..and turning the horrible experience into a terrible one.. I found no bags of mine on the carousel. Some man showed me claim bag section, I told him that it was Air India's counter, he told me that missing baggage tracking counter is the same. Like a fool I stood in the queue for half an hour..and when my turn came the lady at the counter pointed her pen and said 'this is for Air India passengers only'.

One hour left to board another plane, luggage missing, no boarding pass in hand...and every gora saying 'I am not the right person you are asking..'
Thirty minutes left for boarding..Sticking to the lady at the baggage claim's words I forgot about the luggage..went to the security check in and the guard there told me that I am not allowed unless I have a boarding pass..Last time I was given the boarding pass at the gate :( I was asked to go to other terminal to get the boarding passes. Staff at the help desk busy with their colas chatting with each other..they told me its a self service at the other counter to get the boarding pass. I was already mad and now was asked to play with the machine. In that state of mind even dialing a phone number seemed as complex as understanding a JAVA program for an electronics student. A Indian crew member saw me struggling and helped me..some relief! I had the boarding pass..now again go back to the same terminal I came from for the security check..Queue again! I requested people and got in front..No time and they ask to remove the shoes too...huh! I was in now, in the safety zone..Find out the gate your plane is at..F-11. Wow!no A,B,C,D,E but EFFFFFF! Ran ran and ran again..I wanted to change my shirt..24+ hours and the same shirt, no brushing the teeth or washing the face. The last run was over and I was at the gate before five minutes....freshed up and the next priority was to call the family..took quarters(25 cents) from the man who was mopping the floor. Unlike India the greedy States Govt doesn't ISD service at the telephone booths..You got to buy an international dialling card to do that. Lootere saale, jahan se kheechni hai kheech lo!
So! This was my first International flights experience -NIGHTMARE!
I pray even the enemies don't experience anything like this..Not even Obama!

For Indians:
Pappis Jhappis
Lots of love
Nameera. ;)

Blog written: On the first night in USA, when I was experiencing Jet lag.

Monday, 16 August, 2010

Adios India.

I am going on a leave; leave from a peaceful king size life...

Sipping the morning tea with a news paper in hand, endless chat with Mom...I realize what all I am going to miss...(read sacrifice) :P
* First thing in the morning, looooo!
Resting in the washroom, knowing your sister is waiting for a bath the other side of the door.
* Chewing the brush sitting in the balcony...not leaving it till Mum brings the tea tray...(That's the trick you should play if you want to avoid making tea in the morning)
* Gossip!Gossip with Mom about Papa, bitching at Hums(Potter Sis) and my efforts of putting words in Mom's mouth ;lecture to bro on how brat he's getting day by day.
* When at home breakfast, lunch and dinner all are same...a dollop of Ghee and Rice and you are again sleepy at eleven in the morning.
* Lazy me wouldn't get time or see time for lunch, when hungry would go and pour cold milk in the mug and sip it glued to the system..eating Sis, JK and swappy's brains.
* Hums sitting with her lunch or post lunch plate and stuffing food in my mouth...(Me still glued to system) and she narrating what all happened in college.
* Me and Hums fighting on 'it's your turn to make the evening tea'.

There are many things I am going to miss...This was names sake bye bye post from India..
Will be flying at 07:55 PM  from HYD-DELHI-FRANKFURT-CHICAGO-DETROIT by Lufthansa Lufthans!
My first International flight...Hope I get good company and you readers get another entertaining blog like the last time when I was on train...

Reporting last from India.

P.S Don't worry I won't stop Blogging ;)

Saturday, 7 August, 2010


No! I didn't get my Graduation Cap and Degree Yet. But for I have completed  four big years of Engineering and got my results long longgggggg back as a faithful blogger who shared every important event of her life, I couldn't keep myself back from writing this post...
25th Sep-2006
Spoilt brat who thought would get a payment seat in  a Hi-Fi Vasavi or CBIT Engineering college was dumped into a Minority Women's Engg college. And it was this day(they said it was Orientation day, which I don't think was at all) I saw my college for the very first time, painted pink coz it was Women's and it's architecture somewhat like Minars or Tombs coz it was a minority(minority in A.P is  a quouta/status given to muslims). Papa was there with me, the moment I said 'this?' he was ready 'Kitna acha hai, Pink building..so big..coconut trees, such a nice climate...what else do you want? And moreover 'ONLY GIRLS' '

I saw few known faces, but they were not enough to lessen the grief in anyways...Papa was deep into the lectures of the professors. I couldn't control it more and in the midst of 300+ people I started crying...nobody noticed it, that's the good point or may be I didn't notice anybody noticing it...
With all fake enthusiasm I entered  the college at 7:45..the college timings as informed was eight to one thirty or two. All I saw in the college were few sleepy seniors...with oil in their hair and were not even sure about how to scare the newbie. I fought with a senior the very first day... Seniors-Juniors weren't  a big deal then, for the anti-ragging thing was full On...

We enter into the classes and reserve benches, i tried befriending few acquaintances and for the same wanted to reserve a bench for them too.. A fat chubby cheeks chick starts arguing with me..'First come first serve..yeh kaunsa rule hai? Your friends come late and you reserve place for them?'
Blah blah..we fought....I had to take a step back and  sit on the third bench...
That chubby Cheeks became a good friend after few days...she's 'Rushu..', Miss best smile of our batch..

On fourth bench sat a cuddly girl, Shilpi-Dilli wali, always sleeping...I never looked back coz I'd feel sleepy too seeing her..along with her sat a sad and tensed puppy-that's Uzma! Always tensed and confused.

The third day I see this girl accompanied by her sister(senior too) who missed/skipped the previous day's classes and enquiring what was taught and when told there were lots of assignments, she took a deep breath and said 'acha hua main nahi ayee...'
That's Keshu/Penguin, My Miss Right and Wrong...Anything I doubt and apprehensive about-She's the medicine.

A week goes by... and I see a newbie transfered to our college...hardly trying to mix with others and trying to prove 'Oh!I can be alone..I am a  superwoman and I don't care if you give attention to me..'
That's------Angel, Farin Angel.
Now a days we fight a lot so we are 'Tom and Jerry' now.
They were never ever interesting...In other words the faculty never tried making them interesting.
I hardly remember writing down notes..I used to nod my head and scribble in the diary with a pen which wouldn't write...yes with no ink in it or I used pencil coz I thought 'Why waste Pen/Paper', we also planned if the lecturer would ask 'why aren't you taking notes..?' we'd say'we are sisters..'(me and the ultra fair chick beside me)..
A lecturer once came and checked my bag to see how many books I carry...Thank God Sidney Sheldon was lying in my desk then.. :p

This is when I got the habit of reading...starting with Five point someone of Chetan Bhagat, Sidney Sheldon, the twilight boring series and many other authors now.
Will never forget How Shil and Uzma quarreled for the twilight books, how they bought the whole series putting their pocket money. :P

Can never forget how shil got caught every time she pretended writing notes while reading the vampire and other stuff...
Gosh! Ask me which software language are you good in?
No E-CAD/C/VLSI/Verilog. Technically what I learned in four years is nothing, absolutely zero.
The practical Labs were interesting...though half of the equipments were in  a 'to be repaired condition..'when we'd get to practice in the lab hours and a technician would repair them just before the practical final exams.Huh!
You'd get to see everybody flipping pages of N-number of readers, making notes. But Namz every time knew, even if she prepares for VIVA, the lecturers wouldn't question her the easy ones or even if she answer them right ,..it'd sound wrong to the them, may be this is every students psychological state of mind.
I remember one of the lecturers  saying ..'I'll give you a zero..Go!' in final external Lab. Oh!that was Udaya Lakshmi, terror for all the Electronics students...
Frankly speaking exams were never so handy! :P
Buy an ALL IN ONE/BIBLE(that's the name of publishers)..in simple words its guide for you...If you are going to write a 2010 paper look for questions of 2009, all you have to do is Love it sincerely for +24 hours before exams... and you are done, you'll pass with a 70% for sure... :P
That's JNTU.
And all you graduates passed from here...cheer here once 'JNTU Zindabad!JNTU Zindabad!'
Yes..Yes I know it only gave us a little more on our memos and zero knowledge. But when you are given a chance why not utilize it? We did it..completely.

Few things which I/We  did and can never ever forget...
Ran from college without taking a permission from the medical entrance..One of the lecturers saw me..and took me to H.O.D the next day, when the H.O.D asked me 'Where and why did u go?' I replied 'I have a seminar today and I wanted to prepare for it..' :P
I remember how everybody supported me, when i was taken to the H.O.D specially sweetheart Sabi(Class Representative) saying 'We all are there with you..don't worry'

It was in our second year when I took a half day leave and Keshu tried walking off from college too and the watchman  caught us. when raised questions I said 'She came to drop me..bid bye..' :P

Can't forget the N number of times we ran from the backyard of college..We ran hiding ourselves through a 2-3 feet long grass... not fearing of insects or any creature in there. Crossing that area when we'd find ourself on the main road used to be such a relief!

The way we studied for Exams, upstairs in the corridors, on stairs anywhere where we'd find peace to study.
The anxiety of the last exam to come soon...

All the cups of Tea's and bottles of Thums up, Sprite and Fantas...  wrappers of 'halke phulke potato chips' haha..
The endless hours we spent on the bus stop ...haaaaaa!

Ah!All those chit talks...between Me and Farin (Me on Last bench and Farin on First)..How can I forget I lost balance while picking the chit up and fell down from the bench in the middle of the class...
I still have few chits with me..

The way we wrote are final semesters exams-'MUTUAL coordination' is what we called it :P

There are many things to write...but these are the ones which even if I forget tomorrow the blog'd remind me...
College gave me few good friends who I wouldn't forget nor would they disconnect. And few other friends... best friends. People I befriended on net coz my college had less working hours..In short, the college wasn't all bad brought in new and good people in my life.

At last...I am dedicating this blog to all my buddies-Keshu, Farin, Sabi, Butool, Rush, Was, uzma and Shilpi and to all the E.C.E. 2006-2010 Batch mates...