Saturday, 17 July, 2010

Me- the special One.

Papa last night said-‘I’ll spend the whole day with you beta…we’ll do all the shoes n boots shopping..’

Someone got her F-1 VISA, who? Will let you know…perhaps, that’d be the next blog entry and the shopping has to be done coz there’s no way for poor dodo to stick on with her chappals abroad.

I wasn’t excited for the Paa company, coz you know Men!!!Hah! I have seen Bro and I have seen Jeejs’s as if we’ll encounter an earth quake  if we don’t shop soon.

You readers must be laughing, at 22, girl talks about shopping with Papa. But  as I am very keen on Promises made/Word Given.. it does matter to me..and it’s not new..

The Last time Paa bought me something was a Citizen watch, when I passed my 2-1 Semester. Potter sis’s face went like a balloon then..and he bought a watch next day which was  + more times good than mine as Papa told Potter see the difference Gold stripes and Platinum stripes…no, Platinum/Gold doesn’t matter..what matters is when I secured  agood percentage why should someone else get the fruit..

Ttwo suits in 2008( Pink with bright blue buttons  and a green)Unfortunately it didn’t fit me and was given to  Perfect/made for only you younger sister(known to u as Potter Sis)
So that doesn’t count…The last time P shopped for me was two suits on Eid-2006( Green and Black which I still wear and Mom says it’s my Trademark  :P)

In 2004- Banglaore, when I met with an accident and was on bed rest, Paa said-‘ even you can wear it..’ when I said,’even I want the same…’when I saw him showing skirts and T’s for Potter Sis.

In 2003/02 when Sis was studying in Pune-Symbiosis when we went to meet her he promised me ten dresses in Bombay, but Mom thought we get much cheap and Best in Hyderabad…. everything can be cheap and best for Sis ,Potter sis, Mums bags everywhere. ya ya..If I have a good memory, there was a new member in family then, Chachu’s daughter and me being very selective my shopping list was pushed in the last and then Paa suddenly realized that it’s Winter and we should take winter clothing for the new born…
Before that was in class Seventh- My last Frock as a kiddo. I agree he shopped for me till I was in Class seventh..Frocks, Shoes matching Hair bands and Socks.
My account ends here.

The last time Pa shopped for Potter Sis was …
2010 July- first week, when everyone on phone were suggesting me to wear this that for my VISA interview. Pa came and handed over  ‘W’ stores cover to my sis, which my sis in turn gave  me thinking it was for me..haha
Last time he shopped for Potter Sis was every time she joined a new college…before commencement of every Academic..
Bags, Sandals, Clothes…

The last time Paa shopped for Sis..
You don’t know Sis..but he never shopped for anybody amongst us in home the way he did for you..
At the boots shop, he took your name first after Hums, me and So were just beside..
Every time he went to Bombay, the best textile of different colors and designs..
Frocks and her very first Jeans when we went to Shimla..

Yesterday, Paa gave Mom a Ten K and said ‘Shop for the shoes, I can’t people do it in peace..’
Today while buying Luggage bags Mom inspite of my refusal asked Paa to come..and answer was the same…it’d take him time to reach the mall..

May be I am selfish, expect a lot but in the end I am a human being and we do need to the other side of the  coin..
Both the girls at home except me  have a perfect figure and a small size or even an M have much variety at stores…so may be I went unlucky here… :)

Aug-updated: Papa brings  a leather jacket couple of weeks ago in which two Nameeras would fit in.. :P