Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

Its The results time!!!!

15th Feb..
Two of my friends Paper presentation tomorrow..and I thought I shouldn't go sleep at home like a jerk!So..we went to our friends place and started work..Aunty who always urged us to eat!eat wasn't there at home unfortunately...
We started work..the date of PPT was given months ago but you see students 'born to be lazy attitude..'

We were rushing things and suddenly comes the phone of 'we fought last week we aren't much talking now' friend,I was surprised..why did she call..we haven't been talking much those days.This is the same friend who gives my result every time..It's been 4 years and not once did I see my result with my own eyes.I thought she always gave good results, so tell-a-result job was hers!always!

She said,'Results are Out!'
I always got my results when I am at home.I started wondering..What!Now?I am at someone else's place..I don't want everyone to hear a bad news.

Every time she gave me the results directly,this time she says 'I passed,server's slow..I'll let you know yours..'
University's official site hangs server at times like this..
We tried,tried from our place..I already told the two of them that..leave my results,I am unauthorized to do that.The lucky pigeon would give the good news..u see :P

We stopped working and I sat praying loudly to God..saying-'please God!please..'in my most annoying tones.Other friend played snakes on her phone and another was glued to the screen waiting for the site to display results.

Meanwhile,messages poured in-see my result too!What about my result..I too irritated my friend messaging,calling her every 1 minute 55 seconds.And she always sent a busy tone.

Phone rings!Tring!Tring!
(Not tring tring,my favorite,lucky(I believe) Harry potter tone,which I didn't change past one year)
She tells the same thing's not working properly..I'll let you know.

I kept crying-'Mujhe last year me fail ni hona..main kya face dikhaongi apna agar kuch hoga toh..' and all..I shoot all emotional blackmail dialogues at times like this..coz I feel God's got Power to change things..Here they say-'A leaf wont move without Allah's wish'
so..You see ..I always try to patao God at the last moment.

Phone rings!
Pigeon says-'You Cleared them all..pass!'
I drank the glass of water which I kept aside saying, 'I wont drink it untill I hear my results..' :P

Then I again asked,if I really cleared all of them,Every time its the same's been three years,but our lecturers so much scared us saying,'Expect the Unexpected from JNTU!'
And ya..ya..they said it true.
The pigeon said 'You scored 75%'
This one's the highest %le I scored ever till now!I donno..I didn't feel that great..Coz there's much to be achieved,still...other than numbers on my memo sheet.

Ahem!Ahem!Other two friends of mine also cleared all their subjects.

I reached home about ten..and slept!It wasn't like any other results day.All so not happening.

Yesterday..I bunked my classes,you see friends PPT.
I came across one of my lecturer whose class I bunked,I ran out of her sight..
I got to hear from someone that the same lecturer was inquiring about me.My face changed color.

Another lecturer in the class,during attendance..
She started the roll roll no.. Roll no 28!
I answered present..she raise her eyebrows and and said-'Heard you topped in EMI..'
I:I donno...mam I didn't see my marks yet.
She Shook her head in despair 'What men!You donno..'
The back benchers after me muttered-'yesterday mam was asking about her...she wanted to accolade her..'

This was the same lecturer from whose sight I ran yesterday,bunking the class.

I was shocked..EMI was the one in which I thought I'd flunk.And I remember I cursed JK coz he wished me luck before this exam and it went bad..and since then Whenever JK wishes me luck..I say,'Ho gaya satyanash..tu kyun bola best of luck..' :P

I felt great...!!great...marvellous!I felt a bit more like zero after a long time..long long time..

Thanks!thanks ..thanks Mam for letting everyone know that I topped.Though I wonder what she might have gossiped!She never concentrates in the she might have topped?She never writes with a pen,how did she top?Or She never took my notes how she topped? ;P

Friday, 5 February, 2010

Where did you go??mm :O

Swapnil always wrote..'imagine you sitting on a camel and writing a blog..'
He said this when i told him about our trip was supposed to be Ajmer and Jaisalmer and Gurgaon..but...

22nd Jan-5:30 am:
Me flipping through tickets at the railway station.."Mom the tickets we have are of 23rd and its 22nd today!look"(showing the cell for date).
potter sis-"these are Agra to Ajmer tickets..stupid!"

There's no train for Ajmer you gotta halt at Agra and then go!Actually!halt at Agra and waste a day and go!
Mom-"Agra ruk hi rahe hai toh dekh lenge na Tajmahal..jab summer mein kahan kuch dekh paye the."

Mom had her plans of feeding all those bhookhe bhaiyye's waiting to lotofy tourists..
coming back to the station..
Train was as scheduled,thank God!
Loser Guy!
Just before the train starts,me and my sis having a conversation on the platform.She was arguing why Mom booked A/C tickets in winter,from somewhere came a man and interrupted-"train delay hoyegi na tab pata chalega.."
Asked our names,had a normal conversation with him..he came to see off his family.we boarded the train.Each taking a different side of door in the train.
My sis said 'that man looks strange!'
(sis waving at him,making a question mark face..)
We changed our positions.
Man gesturing me 'phone number!phone number!'
I said 'no thanks..'to sound as if he's giving me his,not asking mine!Clever no? :P

After a minute I realized he wasn't waving bye to my sis..he was gesturing phone number!!We laughed and laughed and I think this is the last place I am discussing it here..Told this to everyone.
Loser!came to send of his family!huh.wonder how people can be that bad!

Gossiping Aunties!
Everyone in my compartment slept and I wanted a passage seat,I went sat in one in other in the same boogie.
I saw a man running here and there and blabbering-'Ek minute chup ni baithti..bhagvaaan...!!'
I looked around,only to see a couple of aunties gossiping.
Poor man sat opening his lappy with big head phones on!
Aunties were a big time pass,they never stopped..they talked about every lady in their society.I'd have written their names if i had a paper I thought. ;P

Nagpur came and the train was filled with all North Indians. North Indians!North Indians..what can I say..if i start writing it'd take me a blog and I have NI's in my followers list so they'd sue me of joining the creed of Orange parade.

Thanks to Mayawati!She've so properly decorated the nations heritage with open sewage lines welcoming the roads and the streets playing independent homes of pigs,buffaloes,cows and horses.
Heard about Tourist places increasing our economical status,but how?got to see it now!
Hey!!We bought boots from here!(the only thing i bought in the whole trip plus the key chain from delhi :P)
Saw Taj mahal and Agra fort.
Don't ask me about how great it was!I've never liked visiting historical monuments,specially when you are asked to play a guide showing Charminar,Golconda fort every now and then guest comes to your house.
Our train to Ajmer was delayed for eleven hours,due to fog!
Stuffed a note of 500 and the T.T allowed us to travel in other train to Jaipur.

Miss's Cell phone and her poor boy friend!

We sat into the Jaipur train.
A girl in a black Umbrella frock(that Umrao jaan type dresses :P)and Jotis,Robin Sharma's-A monk who sold his Ferrari in hand stepped in..showing it to the adjacent seat fella saying'waise toh main books padhti nahi..yeh kahin dost k yahan padhi socha abhi continue karloo!'
She sat took her phone and T.T came alloted us our births..we adjusted ourselves,I read for sometime and donno when I slept..during all this the girl kept kept kept talking with her boy friend.
I felt like yelling-"please stop!You are being charged for roaming too!"
Wonder how the man on other side tolerated.Oh..they probably were in love,so where comes tolerance?
Story doesn't end here..Jaipur comes early hours 4:00 hours-our halt.And she again starts on phone!
God!I can never forget her face!
We sat in a local to Ajmer then!The Compartments stinked!Ewww!We all slept.I was woken by 'pardesi pardesi jana nahi.......'Yes!these were people from Kishangadh playing music on loud speakers on their China phones.

24th and 25th:
All the auto fellas sang the MP Sachin Pilot's song here..'Hyd to Ajmer direct train nahi hain..Sachin Pilot ji kar denge..'
The place was 60% better than Agra.
Mum promised that she'd visit the place,if what she prayed was given(Mannat in simple terms).So she wanted to show here.
Again looting people in the name of maintaining Dargah!Throwing visiting cards with addresses to post money.
I felt bad..seeing the ways people earn.
(I apologize here,if i've hurt someone's sentiments,but that's what I observed.)

Went to Jaipur in a local bus from Ajmer.Sis and Jeejs joined us there,they came in their SUV all the way 250+kms from Gurgaon to Jaipur.
People'd kill me if I say"there was nothing to see in Jaipur..' :P
Pa and Jeejs said so!Lazy people making excuses,willing to stay indoors.
There we went to Choki Dhani a Rajastani village resort.The main thing why people come here is,they are served and served food like Rajas Maharajas(Oh..both means the same :P).
Eh!sad thing 'shudh shakahari'(pure vegetarian).And sad thing again all kinds of Rotis,No rice :(
The south Indian Rice stuffer was bored! :P

27th,28th and 29th:
We headed for Gurgaon......
I never thought a place in India like Gurgaon exists.Till this point of my tour I always felt-ah!!Hyderabad is best!Agra,Ajmer,Jaipur are like Villages.I was taken aback here!
Seeing the roads,the buildings I live in a village?

The feeling has to be a special one,when you visit your married sis's home for the first time.Indeed,it was!
Jeej's introduced every little thing.
We kept seeing things and he kept saying'poocho poocho,aur q'ns poocho!'
From a pen to a book,every photo!He answered all the jasoos questions of his saalis.Home meant food!food and food and that's what we did ate!ate and ate!We were here to see Delhi too though.
We only had India gate and delhi heart in our share with the little time left.

The trip more than seeing places was observing people. only thing I enjoyed was different people...and Sis's place obviously!

Sorry all you readers kept you waiting..Lopa,Tangy and all others who didn't make an effort to comment-'missing you.':P
Love you all...